Little Dragon Chinese Cantonese Restaurant

178 E Highland Ave, San Bernardino
(909) 883-3663

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Joseph Martinez

Good food and good prices. Was able to take my wife out to a nice meal for two for $40.

Jose Castellanos

Delicious food with massive portions for a great price. Felt a great sense of nostalgia. I would definitely return in the future.

Juan Carlos Vasquez

Great place. I love to eat here after church on Sundays. Relaxing environment and great food.

P Walker

Food was bland. The egg foo young was terrible. I dont know why its made totally different in Chicago

P W.

My first time ordering from this place. Everything I ordered was bland. Crab rangoon barely had any filling. I haven't found any good egg foo young or Chinese food since i moved here. Chicago definitely has better Chinese food

David Vamvakias

The Little Dragon have been perfecting their dishes for decades. The service is great food is fabulous ambiance very interesting you really have to make reservations you'll be glad you did

Saul Lila

Oh my goodness. Easily my new favorite neighborhood restaurant! We discovered SM during the covid shutdowns and their food is so yummy! The front hostess ladies running the place are so friendly and extremely helpful. My husband has a gluten allergy and it's hard to find good Asian food with gluten free options. We can easily order so much great food there and they are very willing to accommodate and make items gluten free for us!

Kelly seymour

The BEST egg foo young lunch around!! Hot & fresh Egg flower soup and egg roll with rice all super yum! Will go back again!!?????

Bryttanny Perez

Although the staff was nice, I have to give it 2 stars. The appetizers are good but not the main dishes.

Ezekiel Thirty Three Six ..

woah, this small mom and pop Chinese restaurant is beyond delicious. my mom, my kids, my wife all said the same thing.

Rosy Cervantes

First off id like to say the owner here is so nice. I ordered today for my whole family since I just had oral surgery and have stitches can't eat many things. I mentioned to the owner that I had just had oral surgery and she made the items I wanted the way I requested. Since I can't eat alot of hard foods I ordered the flowing: black bean sauce tofu, sweet & sour tofu & egg flower soup all with no veggies. I couldn't eat the sweet & sour tofu because it came separately from the sauce so it was too crunchy but the black bean sauce one was perfect. I also orders lunch specials: (2) Mongolian Beef, (1) Kung Pao Beef & (1) Almond Chicken. All of the lunch specials came with an egg roll, choice of rice, egg flower soup and they give you so many condiments. The owner even helped my mom bring out the box to the car. The egg flower soup is exactly how it should be flavorful and delightful. I'll definitely be back soon.

Reanna K.

This is one of best Chinese food places in the IE. Their food is always good and full of flavor. The BBQ fried rice, is the best!! So if your ever in the IE, stop by, you wont be disappointed.

Teri L.

I haven't been here in years. Ordered several lunch items. Kung Pao Chicken and Egg Foo Yung with fried rice was so good. Egg roll was also good. Crunchy and tasty. I did order shrimp egg foo yung and got chicken foo yung instead. Not sure which I paid for.

Sergio A.

First time eating here and it will be the last. The service was good, however the food was horrible. The food had an old taste to it, the pork rib was cold and nasty.... Overall two thumbs down

Trisha Hernandez

Not very good. Tasted horrible if you have to add stuff to improve the flavor than it isn't very good to begin with.

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Little Dragon Chinese Cantonese Restaurant

178 E Highland Ave, San Bernardino, CA 92404
(909) 883-3663