Lotus Restaurant

258 E Baseline St, San Bernardino
(909) 383-1526

Recent Reviews

Jorge Gonzalez

This is a twice a week or more place for me. A hidden gem in San Bernardino. Great food and great prices.


This was my first Pho Restaurant when I moved to the San Bernardino area. And I must say it is one of my favorites. Always great food and service

Maria Rocha

Food is great, and the price is low. Vegetarian options are very tasty, and the lemonade with soda is a must try!

Katrina S.

Today I went to see what all the hype is about and I must say they do have some pretty good pho. I got the Vegetarian pho, it was delicious. The server was nice too. Overall, great place to go to, the prices are so cheap and the food was delicious. I'm a happy customer.

Katrina D.

this spot is so good! I called in my order for the P1 & the owner told me they did not have any meatballs, but added more meat. The price was very affordable & i was given more than enough food. I will definitely order again

sharon garcia

Went with myself nyhusband and 3 kids Really great soup and great food overall! Super cheap prices too! And they are all sweethearts! We will definitely be coming back! Our favorite new spot! We spent 40$ on 4 drinks 3 soups and 2 other plates of food!

Judy Winston

Loved it very friendly, can’t wait to go again

Guillermo Vazquez

I love the wonton soup and the vegiroll, I definitely come back to try more food.

Anthony Alvarez

Great food, quick and friendly service, reasonably priced. Would gladly eat here again

Kevin Mabry

The food was really good. I had beef stir fry with rice, I would recommend this Pho. The service was good, and the food didn’t take very long to prepare.

Anaid Salazar

1st time Goin. I love my chicken pho ♡

Karen V.

Food is great and prices are even better. Good portions and good service they are all very nice and accommodating. Would definitely recommend this place to anyone.

Johnny M.

A hidden gem!!! Authentic cuisine with fantastic friendly service. The prices are ridiculously affordable with fresh seafood and bright produce. One if the best meals I've ever had!!! Don't judge a book by it's cover with this one. The area looks a little rough, but everyone around was respectful and kind, and the private parking was ample. Great experience. Will definitely come back to patron this fine establishment.

Angela L.

We were waiting forever and no one took our order or even said "we'll be with you (later)"

Lillian P.

Let me start off by saying I was skeptical to come here because of the area. But this place is a little gem. There prices are insanely cheap, the owners and staff about the nicest and the food is delicious. You have to check this place out

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