Lucy's Mexican Restaurant

4151 N Sierra Way, San Bernardino
(909) 883-4638

Recent Reviews

Laura Bailey

Really enjoyed the food and service tonight. We haven’t been there for awhile, glad we went

Debbie Romero

We arrived at Lucy's and there were customers sitting in booths with menus. We got seated on the opposite side of restaurant. The young waitress sat us and walked away. She continued to sit other people that walked in. She finally came with chips and salsa, and took our drink order. She brought me the wrong drink. My brother told her and she grabbed it and walked away. My brother said she threw it in the sink station. She brought me my drink. I told her thank you. She took orders from customers that were seated after us. She finally gave us a menu after my brother asked her for one. After waiting awhile she came and took our order. We sat there eating chips and salsa. The restaurant filled up. We waited 30 minutes and my brother asked our waitress when are we going to get our food, and she asked him are you ready to order. He responded we already ordered. She replied there are only two servers and two cooks, it's going to be awhile. I took my money out and I was putting money on the table to pay for our drinks. A lady sitting across from us saw us getting up. This lady was seated after us. She said don't leave her a tip, my brother said we've been here 45 minutes and still haven't got our food we are leaving. She said don't leave her a tip she is rude. I said it's not a tip, it's to pay for our drinks. She said I wouldn't even pay for that. We left the restaurant. Server/waitress was rude, didn't smile and it showed on her face that she wasn't happy.POOR MANAGEMENT, NOT ENOUGH STAFF.I've been here before when the service was better. Food is usually good. Not sure if I will ever come back on a Sunday.

Janet McMains

Food wasn't as good as usual. All new people working that didn't know the menu so the service wasn't what I expected either.. Pretty disappointed.

Fernando Coronel

Please eat here! This place is great I've been coming with my S/O for 3 years and we've never had a bad experience. The staff is kind and very accommodating!

Porfirio M.

While looking for a place to eat, my wife found a little place that said it had indoor dining as pulled in noticed it was outside so pulled away! That's when we noticed across the street Lucy's decided to give it a try Jackpot we hit gold delicious food and very friendly prices and the staff was great! Met Lucy very nice lady, definitely will be back

Elyse Buchelvansteenbergen

Food is good, but the service was lacking. They were short staffed in both the front and back house. Only 2 cooks when I was there, made the wait for my food like an hour and a half.

Robert N.

Quality of service unfortunately has gotten bad from the last time I ate here which was about 2 years ago. Before that I was a regular there. I would go there 3 times a month. Today I ordered a deep fried burrito and waited about 30-40 minutes for my order. While waiting, the staff came by and informed me it will be a little while longer due to having no clean dishes available. Well I finally got my order and it was the wrong order. Totally new staff and it shows.

Josh Paine

Great food that I’ve enjoyed for 30 plus years.

Eric G.

Had a delicious chili verde burrito that took me back to my child hood memories a delicious flavor chips n 2 different salsas the red was awesome.... Definitely coming back with the family

Norm Hutton

So friendly and helpful. Love the owners and the employees. Food is the best Mexican in the area - better than any on the mountain. Old school charm. Great salsas

Becky Honesto

great service Great food great people great staff and owner Lucy is the best

Jay Ramos

Best around in SB... Good food always... Specially people are real down to earth

Allie Viera

This place was delicious. Everything that we got was super tasty and the service was great. You can tell everything is made so fresh. I definitely will be coming back!

Sal guaraggi

The best quality and Taste no other Mexican restaurant touches this place every time I come to California from Louisiana I eat here


This was one of our favorites Mexican spots to eat. The service has went down hill quick. Messed up our order several things. Taco’s were really small. Over charged us for kids drinks when the come with their meals. Also Never got our margaritas , so we just canceled them. Over hear our waitress tell the other one we canceledOur drinks. She said good I didn’t want to make them anyways. Very rude.

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