Mariscos Kikas

424 E Hospitality Ln Ste B8, San Bernardino
(909) 381-0141

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Victor Villa

Not as good as it looks, very Spicy food. If you like you will enjoy if not, ask for something else that is does not have chile

Becky G

If I can give this place no stars I would! The staff is so rude and disrespectful! As I was looking at the menu to see what I wanted to eat and waiting on a friend one of the crew members approached me and said "if your not going to buy something you need to leave!" Mind you I was there 2 minutes! I asked to speak to the manager and they said there was no manager! And the owner Sheila is the one that set that rule! I felt embarrassed and discriminated!!! Will never go back to this place!!

Paul Andrade

I go to mariscos kikas at least once a week for lunch. On Wednesdays, any surf and turf entree gets you a free surf and turf taco. The portions are huge and perfect for sharing.The fuego fries and papitas are my favorites right now.

ʍøяɓɨđ øղҽ

Good food but a little pricey. The taquitos were really good and my girlfriend really enjoyed them with the beans and rice. I had the campechana and it was good and had a lot of octopus and had really big shrimp in it. The micheladas are ok but overly priced for what they are. I will be back for the food.

Don Griswold

The surf and turf combo on Wednesdays is an awesome deal. The shrimp and carne asada taco and burrito, did one price. Truly amazing food, everything I have been there it is cooked to order, and absolute perfection. Not your typical quick server Mexican food spot. The price reflects the quality of the ingredients and the care and preparation involved with each order. The menus is extensive, alas, I will have to make more trips to try more of it. Go and try it for your self.

Sandy Ortiz

Horrible staff!!!! Don’t waste your time here! Had a bad experience here with staff call in a order for tacos and they put chili on tacos so I took them back and told them they replace tacos and chef started to talk back stating there’s no hot sauce so I don’t have to hear you cry and started to make inappropriate comments FYI these tacos were for my 3 year old.

Daniel Perez

Second time I give this spot a try. The first time I had some tacos and tostadas, everything was good just nothing special I thought. Went back and tried there chilaquiles burrito and fuego fries and was impressed. Stuff was good.

Arin Fisher

Love this place. Drive out to Palm Springs from LA all the time and I’m so happy I now have a non-fast food option. So good and the people running it are super nice.

Pedro Vasquez

This food was bomb. I ended up getting a Campechana and a large Michelada w/ Pacifico beer. The beer and seafood were both served in the same size container. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to finish my beer because I was too full from the seafood (((unacceptableright? Who wastes beer smh))). The Campechana contained shrimp, oyster and octopus with the classic beggies in it like cucumber tomato etc etc. My fiancé ended up also getting a Michelada w/ Modelo and she got a Surf n Turf burrito. We went on a Wednesday so they have a special where if you get the Surf N Turf Burrito you get a Surf N Turf taco on the side. Whatever special sauce they use is freaking amazing!!!

Jessica Ayala Sepulveda

their food was amazing, I saw their spot on someone's tick toc and I had to try it. ❤?

Zoel Krieger

Food was extremely good, prices are a bit on the high side (15 for a very large burrito). Got the Wednesday special surf and turf burrito with free surf and turf taco (normally 6). Most people were taking half the burrito home.Hands down best taste around, but priced that way.

Jake Bandy

YOOO THIS MEXICALI BURRITO SLAPS!!!! Hot sauce right on point! Enough to get your nose a bit runny, but addictive to the point where you just got to have it! Il be telling my friends, one of the best (if not THE best) burrito i'v ever had. Cheers!

Mareena Lewis

Rude cashier. Had to repeat my order multiple times, easy order..., 4 fish tacos, 3 shrimp tacos and 1 carne asada taco..., not difficult, cashier had huge attitude when asking me to repeat. I dont think she was listening, It was as if she had her thoughts elsewhere.The soda fountain dispensed slightly colored water, let the cashier know after several attempts to get her attention. She nodded yes, rolled her eyes and walked away. It was as if she expected me to drink it that way. She did not offer me a new cup or try to put in more of that particular soda. Then the ice machine jammed, same cashier ignored my attempts to get her to fix it as well as 2 other customers. One customer jammed a straw up the machine..., voila! Works, but, now there are ice cubes all over the floor. 6 customers that ordered after me, received their food before mine. I was ignored when asking if my order would be ready soon. If I could have gotten her attention, I would have cancelled the order. I wont be back. I like my dining experience pleasant, this was frustrating .

Laura Rodriguez

Very friendly staff. The food was delicious, and we didnt have to wait long to get it. We ordered the carne asada nachos (which was a huge order) and chicken tacos.We will definitely be back to try some seafood!


the food was good.. no doubt about it.. but the service doesn't give justice for people who only have few minutes to drive and eat.. people choose to order online to lessen the wait time. so if you guys tell your customers that their order is ready on a specific time... please make sure that the food is ready! do not make us wait another 30 mins. 1st time you did this to us we let it slide.. but he 2nd time? oh no... it's unacceptable! we are not paying good amount of money just for good food.. but GOOD SERVICE TOO!

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