Mariscos Kikas

424 E Hospitality Ln Ste B8, San Bernardino
(909) 381-0141

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Giovanna D.

Came here for dinner and was not disappointed! Everything we ordered was delicious and tasted fresh. The shrimp tacos were packed with flavor, and the diablo shrimp is actually extremely spicy! I love spicy so it's rare when something is so hot it has my eyes watering. They have beer on draft, as well as craft beer cans and hard seltzer's. You can't go wrong with their oysters either. They season them with Tajin and the oysters are a decent size. They also give you plenty of juicy limes to go with your meal! The fish tacos have a very classic taste and they don't skimp out on the fish. I can't wait to go back to try other items on the menu!

Milly P.

Long overdue review. I've been here a few times and have always enjoyed my food. I've had the shrimp tacos, fish tacos, adobada tacos, shrimp quesodilla, and a couple of the breakfast burritos. I was satisfied with all. However, they lose a star because how loud it is in the restaurant. They have the music so loud the cashier can barely hear you, and forget having a conversation inside the dining room. Turn down the tunes and you'll have 5 stars from me. The food really is delicious.

Terry H.

Great food, good prices, but VERY noisy and slow. Instead of handing you a little number to put on your table, they walk around with trays yelling numbers over the din. I'd get it to go, but there was half a dozen people sitting on stools waiting for their to go orders. Seeing as it took me 20 minutes to get my food, I don't think I'd would enjoy that. I tried the cheese quesadilla and the potato taco which were good, especially the taco.

David B.

I saw this spot through an Instagram reel. My girlfriend loves mariscos! We decided to come to this spot. I really don't like seafood all that much, but when I saw that they had quality Mexican food I was amazed. I ordered the carne asada nachos and I can testify that those were the best nachos I have ever had. Great quality of meat and so savory. The crunch of the chips, freshness of the guacamole, the creamy white sauce, and of course the beans were on point. I will be coming back again. This will be one of my spots to go to eat. Would highly recommend

Eddie M.

Come out to the area to work from San Fernando and won't lie while there are other options around this is the only place I tend to eat at while out here. Foods great and full of flavor, beer battered shrimp the way to go in my opinion along with any of their ceviches. Asada is also very good, not too greasy or over seasoned. Piece of advice though call ahead and place your order during lunch hours.

Martha A.

Well... first food is great authentic and fresh what is a concern is lunchtime and the music playing is as loud as if you were at a club on a Saturday night not great to eat in for lunch take it to go if you really want to eat here

Jeanette H.

Looking for delicious freshly made sea food, this is the place to go! So good and everything was so fresh! The beer battered fish tacos were just the right size and you definitely get what you pay for. I'll be a returning customer!

Mel K.

BEST shrimp ceviche! Mmmmm The grilled shrimp tacos, carne asada and grilled fish tacos are my fav! It's a family owned business and the food is always amazing! Would recommend- you won't be disappointed

Rose P.

THEY DO NOT SERVE CHILAQUILES AFTER NOON!!! I wish they did because that's what I wanted to try (thanks Tiktok) but I settled for the fish burrito. There is a sign that warns that your food could take up to 40 minutes during their peak lunch hour so plan accordingly. The burrito was large and tasted good. The staff were friendly. I went around 1pm and didn't wait longer than 10 minutes. I will be back for the chilequiles! Before noon

Elizabeth Contreras

very clean and the food was delicious,I had surf and turf and tried el Diablo shrimp with fries if you like spicy thats the dish to get.

Fabian T.

I looove chilaquiles, and this place has the best ones in San Bernardino County. Made from scratch so when you bite into them they're crunchy and fresh. Highly recommended!!

Natalie T.

I've checked this place out twice! Omg the food is so fresh and yummy! I have gotten the same thing twice, aguachiles with the half dozen order of oysters and for $25 plus tax it's worth it, happy hour I paid total of $21. Will definitely be coming back!

Danielle S.

Had the surf & turf fries. I was a little shocked to see that it was $14 but was pleasantly surprised when I got my order. They use quality ingredients and everything tasted fresh, not to mention the portion was huge and was more than enough for 2 to 3 people to eat from. The fries were loaded with meat and about 6 large shrimp. Needless to say I don't mind paying $14 for this and will definitely be back to order again.

Rita Beall

Shrimp cevechi tostada was delicious. Beef bowl great too and had plenty of beef. employees were friendly. Place was clean .music was great .we will b back ?

gracie sosa

Everything is fresh and delicious at Kikas. Their staff is friendly and are always happy to see you. They dont hold back on anything that they serve!

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