699 W 2nd St, San Bernardino
(909) 888-1001

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Dan Soto

To the owner to this Mac Donald’s read thisI try to pick up a doordash order made me go to the drive thru this lady don’t know her name but the other person that is a guy the general manager he the best he let me wait and go inside no answers the phone anything I call so many times your workers don’t care and just ignore customers

Dotan Baer (DJ)

I was at a meeting and needed to fuel up me and my Marine! $16.00 we couldn't finish it all.

Fernando Vazquez

Patty on Big Mac looks as if it’s years old, munched on by rats. I also ordered a McBacon Burger and got no bacon.Ordered

Derick Landeros

Nice people drive thru gets a little long so be prepared for that.

Gina T.

Horrible!!! The drive thru was ease even with one line blocked. Waited over 20mins in drive-thru behind someone who apparently had a problem with their order. There was receipts exchanged and money and signing receipts. They should have been asked to pull forward so that they can get on with the long line waiting behind. Apparently they made my food when ordered but they gave me food that waited over 20mins after the idiot ahead of me! I only ordered a large coke with extra ice and a large fry with a coupon. $2.16! It took them entirely too long when the folks in front should have been asked to pull forward! The fries pissed me off so bad! How dare McDonalds serve anyone cold fckn fries! They put too much ice because there was only half a cup of soda! They went overboard! The girl at the window was a complete idiot. I TRASHED THE FRIES!!!!! ;( I'll never go back to this McDonalds!!! Too many fckn bums hanging out! You can't enjoy your own hard earned money because they're in the drive-thru, walking up to our window. I'm sick of it!

Krystal Myers

Disgusting. Drive thru line out the parking lot homeless loitering in the drive thru line. Dining room closed. Parking lot neglected.

veronica wilson

Hot and fresh. Friendly service. Those strawberry and creme pies are the best ?

Charmaine C.

We had a very large order and the messed up on the order. When I called to replace my food the manager was very rude and told me that McDonald's policy was that minors couldn't come outside any longer than it changed to no employees could come out after dark but it was still light. Since I was questioning the Manager he hung up in my face. Needless to money lost, because I don't trust them making my food without doing anything to my food.

Theresa Sandoval

The service was bad I had ordered the 2 big Mac with a 20 piece nuggets 4 mcdoubles an drinks an fries but wen I was given my order I told the girl at the 2nd window that I was missing the 4 mcdoubles she had the nerve to ask me if I was sure and that's not how u talk to people

Ashley Rose

They are ok, I mean I get kids meals, but they sometimes don't forget stuff. I mean I still go there so must not be a big deal.

Lamont P.

i can honestly say this is the worst Mcdonald's ive ever been to. I understand it located in a low income area, but does give you an excuse to sell old and stale food to customers. Regardless of the area people deserve the same quality there as anywhere else.

Dale M.

States to open 24hrs 7 days a week. However they are never open in the early morning and need to change their operations time so people when know when trying to stop along the way to get something for work.

Wendy Holmes

Had to wait n promotion Wasn't Used ? Questionable Customer Service

Theresa Santos

Only the driver thu was available. But still at this time of Cov-19 they may be short in staff. But they are doing there Best. Keep up the Good work?

The Knight

Customer service was real good, I was in-and-out real fast. Although not the fault of McDonalds, I noticed numerous people everywhere, who I perceived to be homeless, sleeping on and around the restaurant property. At first I felt a bit nervous, however that was real brief, due to the quick service I received from the restaurant.

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