Olive Garden Italian Restaurant

460 E Hospitality Ln, San Bernardino
(909) 381-2747

Recent Reviews

Ron Peters

They always give me a lot of food, I love it here. Everyone is really nice and they have good drinks.

Hector Durazo Gutierrez

The food is always delicious and the manager does such a good job with the hospitality very professional her name is Chaat Tita

Steph Myers

The customer service was great. The food was good. We had to wait on the bread stick because they had none up and ready, only flaw.

Jill Tatum

Celebrated a family birthday. Had a nice round table in the corner, great food, very attentive servers.

Marcel Stuhrmann

Olive Garden, a place for family. What a joke!. Came in with my wife and four kids (party of 6) at 5pm and I was told they don’t seat large parties. I asked them since when and I was told since 5. No problem, I guess I drop my money at Claim Jumpers. Seriously disappointed.

Olga & Stephen

Even tho it took us a while to get seated and the service was very slow we appreciated the kindness of our waitress. It was busy and she was doing her best but never did we see her upset. The food was actually delicious and we did leave her a good tip because she deserves it!

Will H.

Dropped by when I discovered the the nearby Golden Coral buffet was closed despite their Yelp site saying they were open......Grrr. Anyway, the Friday afternoon wait was too long at OG, so I chose to sit at the bar for my Tour of Italy meal with salad and Berry Sangria (excellent). Excellent and attentive service by the bartender/server. Massive salad was big enough for three. The Tour of Italy (chicken parm, fettuccine alfredo, and lasagne) was yummy, although the alfredo was under cooked and lacking in sauce....

Adrian G.

About what you'd expect a Olive Garden to be like. Looks nice, feels nice, tastes alright. If you want something a bit better than McDonalds but don't want to go too far, this place is pretty fair.

Chandler B.

WAITED FOR OVER AN HOUR AND FOURTY-FIVE MINUTES. The front of house was so rude telling us that we were such a large party that there was only one spot for us we then notice there was an open large table and another table full of guest that were done eating. The group had sat at the table for about an hour and the staff told us they refused to tell them to leave. All in all worst birthday dinner I have ever had.

Jamie G.

Our server Melissa made this experience horrible. She was extremely rude and disrespectful to our whole table. We wanted to eat something small and sit and chat but she continuously talked down to us and was horrible to us. I am a server and I would never treat any customer so badly. I even ordered raspberry lemonade then she brought me raspberry tea which then I asked if it was raspberry tea which she then said no to which I then tasted and realized it was raspberry tea so I told melissa that it was not what I ordered and she proceeded to tell me it was out. Why lie? She looked like a fool and it was embarrassing for this whole restaurant.

Monique M.

I made a online order at 8:20pm, pick up was at 9:00pm, I get there and I'm still waiting at 9:30. While all the workers are just walking around doing nothing.

Jerry Adler

As always, OLIVE GARDEN is the best.# 1 salad#1 breadsticks, absolutely superb#1 pick an entree they're all great

Shirley Javor

We had a wonderful night out at Olive Garden in San Bernardino. Food was perfectly prepared, and Samantha was the most delightful waitress!

Andy H.

The last 2 times I bend here. I've had the best customer service from Emily she was very helpful with my takeout order. I'm highly satisfied with her customer service and would recommend anyone to San Bernardino Olive Garden

Br'Ynna G.

Emily in ToGo was sooooo awesome ! Made sure we had everything we needed & just a great vibe!! Thanks Emily !!! The Customer service industry needs more people like her .

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