Raising Cane's Chicken Fingers

1857 S Tippecanoe Ave, San Bernardino
(909) 478-0001

Recent Reviews

Scott Reed

My first time here! Very impressed

Scott Baker

First time trying it, it's good food, good prices. The cane sauce is pretty bomb. Cole slaw was ok, chicken was bomb, fries were good. No complaints

Karen Middleton

The food is awesome! Easy menu, the lines are usually long, but move quick. They are on it, keeping their lines moving. The only thing that would put this place over the top, is if they get a little sweet something. Prepackaged slice of cheese cake would be super! See you guys next Saturday!

David Gomez

I love there food i also love salt. And I think the chicken is always a little too salty. Yesterday I drove through and got my usual meal for the family and they screwed up my kids drinks when I made the worker aware she rolled her eyes at me. So disappointing then when I got my food they forgot my meal specifically. Meh I always come back but as seldom as possible. To not deal with the drama.

ArnIe Tencer

The best tasting chicken great recipe, so tasty, service was great too. Clean. Nice peoplr!


Decent price for the taste but I wish they would give more then one packet of sauce

Savannah M.

They seriously need to figure out a better cross walk situation for pedestrians crossing from the restaurant curb to the parking lot. I can hardly see around the corner without stepping out into traffic. Almost got hit by a car and had to yell at the person as they sped off. Do better raising canes. If someone gets hit on your property you'll be paying for it.

M Minier

They have the BEST chicken, moist, tender, always hot and the sauce THE SAUCE PEOPLE! I don't get down to this area very often but when I do I beeline it over here. The staff is always so friendly too.

Tim W.

Clean Store, excellent customer service, food was hot & delicious! LONG WAIT-1* Recommend Canes to everyone!

maria diaz

Really good fries, chicken strips, sauce and bread. The lemonade is good just has a weird after taste to me, but it’s good enough to drink with your food. Fast service when I went and the employees are really nice. We’ll definitely recommend and go again.

michael agnew

Chicken was juicy and flavorful. Amazing customer service. Also one of the best Arnold Palmers (tea/lemonade) you can get sweet or unsweetened. The only reason I didn't give the 5 stars is the slaw was sub par. Didn't like the taste and didn't finish that. But loved everything else.

Sergio Cardenas

Food is good !! Coleslaw was different today for whatever reason my wife and I dis not eat it

David Bashar Ellis

I didn't think much of it. I don't know what the hype is about. The chicken had no taste unless you dip it in their sauce. The fries were bland. The Texas toast was good. It's a bit overpriced as well. Service was great and the place was clean.

Pablo Ruiz

This fast food restaurant was amazing. It is best known for crispy chicken meals, along with it's side and drinks. We could visit there when it's lunch. Raising Cane's was close to Costco.

J8ff Shin

I tried using the caniac app to place an order. the poor lady at the register had to manually enter the card number 5x . In the end her manager gave me a new card. A+ for effort. Still haven't rolled out qr code readers?!

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