Red Lobster

195 E. Hospitality Lane, W Hospitality Ln, San Bernardino
(909) 888-2288

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Jessica Alexander

Nice place for delicious seafood feast, friendly staff. I wish they offered family feasts on the dine in menu. However, any of the feasts were more than enough for at least two to share.


I got the Monday special all u can shrimp. Our waitress took forever bringing them out and forgot about my refill on skewers and when brought to her attention she acted like she didn't know. I havent been here in awhile and my family took me for birthday everything was great except the waitress on our refills for shrimp and drinks.

Gigi R.

This place is nice and delicious. The servers were kind and service was fast. I do got to admit, it is expensive but that is seafood for you. The thing that I like the most was the salmon and green beans. The shrimp and lobster were a bit rubbery and got cold quick. So i give the service 5 stars and i give the food 3.5 stars. That's why I'm leaving a 4.

Eunice L.

Ordered on DoorDash. Only included one set of utensils for three food orders. No spoons for soups. Pasta is really dry, barely have any creamy sauce. Soup portion is cup portion don't think it's bowl portion.

T.L. A.

8/19/21 I don't understand you show this location closed at 8:30pm I walk in at 8:08pm and Specifically ask the chubby Mexican woman hostess are you still seating she says yes and tells me to wait so I said I'm going to use the rest room because I just came down from big bear lake about 45 miles I come back and then a thin black woman says oh the kitchen closed at 8 wtf, she gives me a look through her eyes likes she is annoyed because they are still wearing the filthy mask I said what I just drove down here, and said why is the kitchen closed and then she said I will seat you by then it's now 8:20pm and I thought no thanks with her attitude I feared what would happen to my food, I also made a suggestion lock your door at 8 pm such BS, I left

Charity O.

One of the best experiences I've ever had. Thomas was an amazing waiter and did above and beyond. The food was excellent.

Angelica T.

We started with the Boston ice tea mango... It wasn't sweet enough for me but then my coworker likes to call me a "sugar monster" CLAM CHOWDER BOWL - it was okay. Next time maybe we will skip. It's sad because I actually prefer the one from yoshinoya LOBSTER BISQUE BOWL - my mother said it was too salty. The crackers made it yummier. ULTIMATE FEAST - we got 2 of these and they really are the best deal. It came with lobster, some fried breaded shrimp, shrimp scampi, and your choice of side. CRISPY BRUSSEL SPROUTS - one of the sides we got and probably my favorite of this meal besides the lobster. BACON WRAPPED SCALLOPS - the bacon was super salty but the scallops were ok. It comes with a salad. GRILLED MAINE LOBSTER TAIL - you come to red lobster for the lobster tail.


Great food with great service. Can't get any better than that! Their sea food and steaks are excellent. I highly recommend this restaurant.

Marco Hoffman

I love the lobster taste and flavor of the grilled with lime, garlic flavor.

Oscar C.

Writing this review makes me sad, this experience and restaurant has so much potential but yet it did not bring any quality experience. I would say it was "meh". The servers were great and attentive, that wasn't the "meh" part. The food just did not hit the spot, the menu seemed limited. I ordered a Drink and man it had such an awful after taste. The food came out warm, and just like it was missing that freshness. For the restaurant quality, it felt and looked dirty. Now I know we are in San Bernardino and it gets a bad name often, I think having a clean place and overall good service can help fight those assumptions. The wall and table looked and felt dirty, you could see it on the walls build up of gunk, and who else knows. Even the table felt sticky. Hopefully management can turn this place around and give it that special touch to make it much better.

Diane Calzo

Very good service, excellent plates, didn't have a long wait and everything was served hot. Waitress was very attentive to her work, very efficient and friendly....definitely will return and refer others to this particular location. Biscuits are a winner ?

Dave Phelps

We indulged in surf and turf for four of us. The salad was fresh Romaine, shaved parnesan and creamy Cesar. Lobster, shrimp and salmon melted in the mouth with perfect seasoning.. steaks were charbroiled on the outside but pink in the centers. The seasoned biscuits were light, despite their nature of dense flavor. The wait staff not only offered excellent attentive service, but there witty off the cuff repartee kept us laughing. All enjoyable.

Jay Price

A breath of fresh air, haven't been out since convid. Food was delicious and service was great‼️

Jason “Jboggie” Urias

Very thing we ordered was delicious.

Price Jay

I had the ultimate feast, it was so delicious. My cousins had the steak & lobster Wednesday special. You see the live lobsters in the fish tank. Service with a smile. Take your family since convid restrictions have are relaxed now. I am still wearing my mask. You have to watch out for other people. I was social distancing before Convid. People maintain people personal space still. Respect one another. Mind your business.

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