Royal Dumplings House

1689 Kendall Dr suite g, San Bernardino
(909) 880-0829

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Weston Charles

I absolutely liked the food and customer service, great location right next to my residence. The staff members are always very friendly. Will come back again.


I tried to go there around 7:30 pm but it looked Closed. All the lights were off. So much for that.

Dante C.

We avoided this place because "Royal Dumpling House" sounds like NOTHING I want. However, the restaurant posted some pictures on their front windows of SUSHI. It turns out that the restaurant also serves sushi. I went in (but not very far because they have arranged tables and chairs to keep customers in the entryway because of COVID-19), where they took my order and had me wait. The food was good. If I want sushi, I generally go to Miyagi or Meiga, but this is in our hood, so it's handy. It's certainly better (but not as "affordable") than the stuff you find in the cold case at Stater Bros. If you get there and change your mind, go next door to Paco's Tacos and order the best garbage burrito in the city. (Don't forget the green sauce.)

Claudia A.

Their pork bun dumplings are amazing! We also tried their steamed dumplings. Overall both were good but the fried dumplings were my personal favorite. Will return!

Christine F.

I have picked up dinner from this place a few times! Each time I get dumplings and they are amazing!!! The Shanghai dumplings are my favorite. The chili sauce ones are great too!! Last night I ordered both of those items and some Thai tea with boba. I will definitely be going again. The owners are very sweet and the food is always very fresh and hot!

Amber R.

I would eat here everyday if they let me! Place feels like I'm apart of the family! Scallion pancakes are my to go to and I crave all the time along with black bean buns! All made fresh and by hand so please people be kind and patient with them. We had family dinner there and it was the best experience. We had 5 adults and 3 kids (before covid) and got to try and share all kinds of things and was super fun. Can't wait to have more great memories here!!

Patricia Osuna6yğ0

All fresh ingredients really yummy food. It’s a must try


Only reason I’m rating this is because it shows open but when you arrive , it’s closed and dark . Drove from afar , please update your information , this is misleading . Checking out Ranchi Cucamonga location now .

Nancy W.

they reopen like a month ago, this dumpling house is having a new sushi cheif and making great sushi right now.

the sushi cheif has been making sushi for more than 15 yeara, he make great and delicious sushi.

first of all, the rolls that he make is really big and full of good and nice materials.
second, they are serving fresh material, meat and fish are fresh cut and make.
Third, the price is really nice and worth it. They said that because of Covid 19, a lot ppl lost their job, they are reducing the price so customers can afford them. they are really nice and thoughtful.
definitely gonna be back and recommand to pple who love chinese food and jaoanese sushis!!

Fvvti T.

This place is 100 percent amazing the owners were so sweet we loved their dumplings they were so juicy and had so much flavor! I completely recommend this place!

patty sandoval

Food was delicious. The cucumber was the best.

Sarah G.

They are closed until September :( I found them on Yelp and saw recent good reviews, so I thought I'd order a bunch of dim sum for my daughter's birthday. I showed up and saw this sign.


The owners are very sweet! The ramen is amazing, totally reminds me of the ramen I had in Japan! Very authentic and delicious. I love stopping by to get a couple bowls and chat with the couple.

Dakota C.

My partner and I were regulars here for a long time, so this review is long overdue. When it was permitted to dine in this was our favorite date spot. It's a very clean simple dining area and the owners, who do everything, provided very warm and welcoming hospitality. Our hot tea was always attentively replenished. The wait times are a little longer than a fast casual, but I wouldn't suggest this place if you are in a hurry. Usually my partner and I order several different dumplings. The wontons in chili oil is our absolute favorite. It has a very nice mouth feel, with lots of flavor in the sauce. The seared pork buns are a close second. I miss this restaurant dearly and hope to support to go when I have the opportunity. I hope if you decide to go that you go with an empty stomach and open heart, because the owners are so kind and put so much love into their food.

Zoe Orona

Their dumplings are quite good! I am definitely coming back here again.

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