Star Crab

242 E Hospitality Ln, San Bernardino
(909) 381-3008

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Nelson Y.

Arrived at 6:45pm. Was informed a 45 minute wait. 90 minutes later, after complaining about the wait time, they sat me at a table. I received service at 9:00pm. The AC was working overtime. It was around 65 degrees in the restaurant. I didn't receive any silverware, I had to ask for it 30 minutes into my food arrival. And it was plastic. I ordered 1lb. Pealed shrimp and 1 cluster of King Crab. Just the crab was $67 dollars. It was B level crab with black spots and very soft shell. I spent $108 just for me and lost 4 hours of my day. This is not worth the visit.

Chrislene W.

Excellent for seafood for lunch or dinner mmmm Probably the best in the area & staff is cool they're normally not busy during weekday early evenings

Starlena Jones

The star crab bag that I got was really great it was fulfilling for a family of four only thing I would change is I got the 911 sauce and it was very hot it sticks to its name so if you hot lovers like me and my family just be aware that that's a little too hot

vlog's with bB

It was Really Good, Me And My Family had It For A birthday, But the Forgot To put our Lobster Tail.

Coral M.

Great for and great service Sabrina was amazing so helpful and attentive that kinda serve makes me want to comeback and I will. Food was hot and tasted great.

April E.

Worst service ever, waited 20 min after being seated to get our drink order taken. And another hour after that before our food came out. Had to ask our waiter (who was avoiding the table) where the food was. It wasn't super busy at the restaurant and we were only a table of two. When I had asked about our food. They said "ooh let me go check" and came out with it 5 min later. Like they forgot to put the order in.

Laurence McGowan

customer service good food was good as well.

Marylou E.

Service was too bad the last time I went. I understand they were busy but I waited hours for my food and no one would pick up the phone. I even went and tried to ask if my order was ready but there was already a line of angry customers in front of me so I left then came back. they gave me my food. When I got home and took my food out everything was cold. At this point I didn't care I was starving had waited hours and paid a lot. Didn't really enjoy the food,was cold, flavor wasn't there, over priced, bad service, just left really disappointed.

Jalai M.

I picked up my order on the way home from work, and it was completely wrong, I'm really upset because I don't want to drive all the way back. I ordered crawfish lobster tail and muscles, I believe maybe I got someone else's order because when I got home to check I received 1 lobster tail, shrimp and clams. It wasn't even close.

John Parmely

Shrimp was way over cooked. And the clams were tough like leather. The crab is about the same as the class. Its a tough plate to stomach. The seasoning is decent. But the food prep is very poor. Would not recommend.

Michael Castillo

The place was clean and service was great. I just think that it's way over priced fir what you get. Would not recommend.

Destiny Grimaldo

Other than to longer wait time it was an overall good time. Our server would check on every chance she could and the food was delicious!!

Pha S.

So, there are 4 people dining at this place and it serves up to almost 100 people yet there is an hour wait for a party of 8???!!!!?? The staff are unaware of how a business is operated due to the lack of experience in customer service. I asked for a water while waiting but was told that i cannot drink water due to other reservations before me but there was inly 6 people eating at the time?!?!?! THIS BUSINESS IS AWFUL AND SHOULD RE-EVALUATE THEIR BUSINESS!!

Anita McCrimmon

Server very pleasant. Had lobster crab shrimp sausage potatoes and corn. Enough for two. Was brought to table nice and hot

Dorian P.

Horrible customer service!!! Went in and they wanted to charge us 18% gratuity although we weren't going to sit together. The waitresses were rude and the manager was worse!! I didn't even try the food and would never come here because of their attitude!

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