Tempe House Spicy Food

24984 3rd St, San Bernardino
(909) 889-2222

Recent Reviews

Carolyn Usher

Great food. This place does not have the ambience of those chain reataraunts. This is a mom and pop pick up and take away food shop. It has great food in a very unassuming location.

Marheppy Simbolon

Restaurant is small but lots of authentic Indonesian dishes. With air condition would much better.

Devi R

My 2nd time visiting this restaurant. Always get ala carte take out for few items here so I can stock up for few days. This is an Indonesian homemade food so nothing fancy just everyday food that your mom cook back in Indonesia. A homesick remedy for me. The lady is super nice and I really like their tempe, combo also lapis Surabaya. If you want their fries stuff, come in around 1pm so you got it when it's still hot.

Enaliya Sudartama

Lovely food and good service! I love Indonesian food…

indie 08

The place doesn't have AC , and looks dirty. All The food tasted sweet

Lexi Barnes

I love their food, even though I don't know how to pronounce any of it! Very spicy, but that's Indo food for ya.

Melina M.

They have the best tempe and most authentic taste of Indonesian foods in LA. I love their Rendang, their chicken dishes, and tempe oseng.

FitnessInThe Making

OMG!!! This place has THEE best Indonesian food on the planet!! Very authentic and just bomb. Words can’t explain.... Just get up, put your shoes on, hop in your car ( or the bus) which ever one, and give them a try. I recommend The coconut beef with extra juice along with the kale and don’t forget the shrimp chips to deep in the juice.Thank me later ?

Henny Limanto

I was excited to try their foods as I had not eaten certain kind of Indonesian foods for so many years. I bought yellow rice & coconut rice with 3 sides each. I was very disappointed with both rice. Both were tasteless, almost like regular white rice. The fried chicken was ok, a bit tasteless too, could put more spices. The sambal goreng kentang, tempe dish & the spicy chicken were probably the best. The rendang was kinda watery, tasted ok. The pukis was horrible, it was stale. I didn’t recommend their kastengel. Their nastar was ok, but pretty pricy. $10 for a small container. The same price for kastengel. Overall I was disappointed with their foods.

Daniel B.

Best Indo food near la. Get the chicken Rendang and the Tempe. Spicy level is perfect for Indonesia, Im so happy right now. Yum

Angie J.

Food was ok, most of the food is more on the sweet side... The lady that was helping me was kinda dirty tho. She has her mask down under her chin and scratch her nose right before helping me... but im already been craving for the indonesian dishes... lol but i keep an eyes on her finger and make sure it did not touch my food.. but i wont come back anymore... Im scare im going to get sick.... and their health score is B.

Hendarin Kusumadilaga

Delicious food! Amazing Tempeh! Get in!

Ariella L.

Open for take out and limited inside dining . As the name implies, spicy and vegan friendly. Cheap, customer bathroom available, and fresh food. Yum. Perfect stop en route from LA to Big Bear.

Andersen Kusuma

One of the most authentic Indonesian restaurant in the area. Their fried tempeh is so good! Their price is also very competitive. I LOVE THIS PLACE!

Nico Ekasumara

Amazing little mom and pop Indo restaurant, rare gem in San Bernardino! The food is very authentic and delicious and the price is also very good, they stuff so much food in the container, each combo is at least 2 full meals. Definitely try the fried tempeh and tofu, always fresh and crisp

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