The HoneyBaked Ham Company of San Bernardino

707 W 2nd St Suite A, San Bernardino
(909) 888-6267

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Tyler J.

This place always makes a huge mess and does not know how to pack anything. I wanted a Sadie of fruit with my gobler combo and I got a white mushy mingle mess. Also the side salad was just mashed in the box and not on the side. They really do not care about what they do inside of the store. Sandwiches are good they're usually pretty responsive but little details go along ways. It seems like every time I go in here I'm disappointed with this place. I only go here because it's close to my work and it's better than subway.

Justin Spinks

Customer service was good made the order and was out of the store in no time..

C. Hudson

Honeybaked Ham & Co. Have a great Club Sandwich. And it's always been Satisfying to me. In & out in 20minutes

Melissa Dennison

Very nice staff and delicious food. Well worth the trip!


Came in on Saturday before Easter at opening time a few people in line doors opened got 2 hams out in 15 minutes. Best part about Easter is the kids 2nd best is the HB ham

Chris Lambrecht

The staff are always friendly and helpful when it comes to ordering and picking up. Especially when you have questions about sides etc. They never disappoint! Love ordering from here and getting a sandwich when I can!

Carla Welcome

Great customer service. The food is absolutely delicious. The salads are worth every penny. Especially on Thursdays when they are $2 off.

Shelly Page

Food here is great,when you are tired of tacos,burgers etc. Nice change to have a GOBBLER a great sandwich with a side of tater salad, thats so good...just yummy.try it. And the ladies who make all that food are great,very nice and make all of it worth a few bucks more!!

Kimberly Sutton

Food is fabulous but the reason I go back is because of the exceptional service. Employees at this location are incredible!!

Priscilla Williams

Wonderful as always! I ordered Thanksgiving luncheon for the crew. It was easy to pickup the meal the day before the holiday. I'll order again probably in 2021. I went back in December just to order half a pound for myself for my dinner and it was absolutely awesome!!!

Rose Washington

Yes, The HoneyBaked Ham Company of San Bernardino has the best sandwiches, but it also has so many great things going for it. It has a great selection of Italian foods and drinks and the olive bread is delicious. The staff is friendly and make you feel right at home. I am so glad that they are nearby.

katrina gutierrez

Can't wait for Christmas dinner. Excellent customer service. So friendly! It took all of 15 minutes to pick out our ham & pay. Thank you! ?


I love this Ham! It is worth the 2 hour wait, next year I will be paying for it online so I can drive up in 10 minutes instead though ! Lol I didn’t know that was an option not sure if it’s because of Covid but that way seemed a lot faster. Even the turkey breast is amazing! I’ll be back for more next year ?

Zachary F.

I came in to reserve a prime rib roast a few weeks prior to Thanksgiving. They gave me a slip and told me to come back the Monday before Thanksgiving. The line wrapped around the building, which was fine, but when I finally got to the front, I gave the guy there a slip and he came back with a rack of ribs. I tell him that's not what I ordered and he puts it back and grabs what looks like what I ordered and puts it in a bag before asking what else I wanted. I ordered a few more items and go on my way. It wasn't until I got home that I found out that it was a tri tip instead. Not wanting to go back, I dealt with it. It was fine but not what I wanted after nearly an hour in line. It almost feels like the reservation was pointless. We planned ahead for Christmas and ordered ahead online instead.

Russ Caldwell

Super impressed. Thought we would wait a long time, but to my surprise, the line moved very quickly. The staff is super friendly. And as always the food is amazing.

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The HoneyBaked Ham Company of San Bernardino

707 W 2nd St Suite A, San Bernardino, CA 92410
(909) 888-6267