WaBa Grill

1920 E Highland Ave, San Bernardino
(909) 402-4580

Recent Reviews

Steve P.

Rice was hard, not fresh. Chicken was very dry. I was very disappointed with the quality of the food. This is the 2nd and last time that I will eat at this location.

Miguel Rosmundo

No seafood after 7:30 p.m. whaaat ?My waba bowl was still very tasty

Midnightmoon 23

Worst waba grill around, run out of everything and never bother to put a sign before people get stuck in the drive through. No atm just cash yet no sign and line long on top of that. Really needs improvement and a sign!

Lucy E.

So I've been here before and the food is good I think the building is actually nice and spacious but really what got me to write a review was the customer service. I did not prepare my meal for the day and so I had to find a place that could accommodate my current diet... which required weighing my food and a specific amount of rice and protein. The staff was very accommodating and literally to the exact amount measured my food for me as needed and this was during lunch hour. And to be honest the food is good, it's healthy but I actually like how the tofu is seasoned. And you get to watch them make it so you can see if they are being clean about it. I will for sure go here again if I ever forget to meal prep again.

Karen Bee

I went on my break from work a couple weeks ago and they were closed early due to being short staffed they said. The following week I go and they are out of steak. 2 weeks in a row there was an issue, so I think I will not waste my time anymore.

Pete Kontogeorgis

I typically try not to be negative however this is the second time in the last month that I have attempted to visit this location prior to listed closing time, only to be told by the employee that they were already closed, and I feel this must be addressed. Earlier this month (on a Friday) I arrived at 8:05 PM, and was told at the drive-through that they had closed for the evening. Tonight I arrived at 8:17 P.m., and was told by the young lady working that they had closed for the evening. This is extremely disappointing. I would kindly request that you update your hours on Google, as well as your hours physically posted at your store location.

Cesar C.

Every time I come to this location I always get very rude service from the cashier but this only happens when I go thru the drive thru..... never happens when I go Inside

Jose Arevalo

This is how this location treats customers?

Fred Valencia

Steak and chicken bowl was outstanding, the service was fast and friendly. No wait.

Dylan Bjork

Friendly staff. Quick and tasty food.

Sergio Machado

Waba bowl. With veggies.

Brandon Jehoich

Service is hit or miss. Food is decent.

Veronica C.

I work 5 minutes away (past 3 years) so when I want to eat healthier I choose this place most often I find myself disappointed because if i don't state a chicken "breast" salad I end up getting dark meat in the salad .. this has happend many times ... I keep going back ... finally I state a chicken "breast" salad (as their huge advertisement in lobby is pictured) and the excuse is either ..our shipment didn't come in or it will be 15min the grill needs to warm up ... I say shouldn't your grill always be on ? I'm confused.. then it's .. well the chicken salad isn't ordered often so we don't cook it.. ok well does that mean I have to wait longer ..how long? no answer (when I drive thru) because they won't bring it out and you can't go in ..when they do open the lobby some weeks there's a huge poster advertises this chicken breast salad!! I guess no one at this location ever orders a freaking chicken salad ..I'm done ..el pollo loco it is.. or bring lunch from home :/

Family Account

The lady taking order asks anything else after every item u order. Its really annoying. But the steamed veggies were awful!!! Flavor was even horrible. Weren't steamed enough. Was charged extra just to add the steamed veggies & they made the entire meal bad. Sauces they charge u 31 cents each & u need like 3 just to lightly give flavor. Was 1st time visiting but I will not be back.

Meesha- MiCheLe

The guy was nice.. Carrots under cooked. Chicken over cooked?

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