Azuki Sushi Lounge

2321 Fifth Ave, San Diego
(619) 238-4760

Recent Reviews

Patrick O'Connor, MRKT Real Estate

Great Sushi spot in Banker’s Hill. We really like the “by the border” roll with jalapeño slices on it. And the “vertigo” with a cucumber wrap. They also have a roll with wagyu on it ?. We usually get crispy rice and tuna for an appetizer. Always a good stop, and the servers are always helpful in their recommendations!

Mike Lipchik

This was some of the best sushi I’ve ever had!! We went with a big group and the team did a fantastic job accommodating us. Great food and great service!!

Laura Rubinstein

Takeout service was great. Curbside pickup - drive up and they bring your order to your car (if they see you it works like a charm). Some of the best quality fish I've had in San Diego.


The sushi options are great and staff was very helpful. The bus boys were on it.

Alex Bruens

Wow. You have to come here. Nigiri is amazing. Specialty rolls are amazing. If you want fresh fish in San Diego, come here!We ordered the nigiri and specialty roll “family platter” but it fed us two perfectly. By the border was great. But the star of the show was the nigiri. Definitely recommend the salmon nigiri special… it was fantastic.We brought a bottle of wine and paid the $20 corkage fee, which was a great deal in my opinion.Highly recommend coming here, especially if you’re visiting and want a delicious dinner!

Eryn P.

Wow. Book the reservation. Don't read the reviews, just do it!! Matt and I were in San Diego for a friends wedding and, coincidentally, also his birthday. We needed a good place for dinner, and he wanted sushi, and MAN! Did Azuki blow EVERYTHING I've ever had out of the water. Our server let us know right away about the Blue Fin Tuna Tartare special. Say no more! Bring it to me. We also got dumplings as an appetizer. The Tartare was everything I wanted. It was fresh and the Sea Bass skin it came with made it so much better. The dumplings and their sauce were really good too! Next came the big kahuna, our Nigiri and Specialty Platter. This board was huge! Everything was incredible, though. All the rolls came with a special sauce for dipping. We liked the sunset, kind of a take on a rainbow roll, loved the by the border, it has a little tiny smoky kick to it that I just couldn't get enough of, and then my favorite; the super dragon. The super dragon is probably the best sushi roll I've ever had. It was crispy and smooth and everything just played so nice together. It's a sushi lovers dream come true. We also LOVE uni, and got some local Uni on our platter added as well. The service was too notch, the employees were working so hard and well together it was very impressive. Our server, Cody, was attentive but not annoying and helped make good recommendations. Make a reservation. Wash your hands and tip your servers. I am so sad that this is completely across the country and we will totally have to come back for. LOL! Happy Eating!

Cindy D.

Amazing sushi every time...will not disappoint. I can't tell you about a particular dish because I've loved everything on this menu. I bring out of town friends to this spot and they want to return!!

Mariam S.

Although this restaurant is under some construction at the moment so the seating is all outside and the inside seating is closed I will have to say this was probably the best fish I've ever had. It's typically difficult to come across a place that has this fresh of fish. I was seriously impressed at how amazing this dinner was. Can't forget the amazing sake that we ordered! The food was so good that I ate before the camera did! I would highly recommend this place and we are headed back there this Saturday! Can't wait for some more yummmy food

May O.

The sushi here is amazing! My friend and I came for dinner and shared 3 plates. A chirashi bowl, stardust roll, and a nigiri set with spicy salmon roll. The fish was fresh, and the rice was amazing. I'm not sure why the rice in the chirashi bowl tastes different from the normal sushi rice but it's so good! 3 plates definitely filled myself and my friend (guy) up. The chirashi bowl was hands down my favorite. I would definitely come back for this. It was pretty affordable for how much fish we got too! $24 for the chirashi. Would recommend checking it out! Service was impeccable too! We got seated right away for our reservation and all the servers were friendly, attentive, and informative. :)

Chrissy F.

Great service ! Staff is very kind and accommodated a last minute reservation an hour before opening. Our server was very knowledgeable about the menu and recommended some good choices for dinner. We ordered dumplings as a starter, hon Maguro sashimi, chef special that was not on the menu, Kobe, super dragon, and stardust roll. Cocktails are delicious ! Saru Old Fashion & Jalapeño business along with Sapporo were our choices for drinks. I enjoyed my dinner and although seating is outdoors on the sidewalk, it was a nice experience. I can't wait to have indoor dinning as I imagine the experience to be even better.

Kaye L.

Ok so this by far the best sushi I have had in a while! And the staff is just so chill and helpful!

Yuri Chiba

No imitation crab here! All REAL snow crab meat! I ordered to-go via phone. They ask you to pay over the phone before preparing your order. When I got there I understood why. It was so busy but the hosts were still friendly and attentive to arriving customers. The pricing here is slightly higher than standard sushi places in the area but definitely worth the quality and freshness of the food served.

Yvette Safadi

10/10 would recommend. We got the Super Dragon roll, Kobe roll & Eel and avocado roll.Wonderful! Delicious food and excellent service.

Christina W.

Highly recommend!! It's one of my new favorite sushi spots in San Diego! By the boarder, Super dragon and Blue fin nigiri were delicious! Only downside was we were seated outdoors on the sidewalk due to renovations to their indoor dinning, it wasn't the most romantic environment but the food and the service make up for it! We will definitely be back!

Ethan S.

Probably my favorite sushi spot in SD. Not only is the fish fresh, but the presentation makes it taste all that much better. We tried the smoked salmon skin, scorpion, ru kidding me, and spicy salmon which were all amazing. My favorite though is the crispy rice and spicy tuna. So nice and crunchy! The wait staff was attentive and friendly; I ordered a miso soup for myself and the waiter accidentally made two and gave it to my friend free of charge which was perfect since it was a chilly evening. Definitely a place to check out if you want top quality rolls at a great price!

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