Burger Lounge

1101 Wall St, La Jolla
(858) 456-0196

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Thomas Brushel

It was ok. It didn’t taste my like burger was seasoned at all. The onion rings were seasoned well and were nice and crispy. For the price I was expecting a little more.

Allen Allison

We enjoyed the burgers very much, the burgers were fresh and tasted amazing. Would highly recommend !

batoul alsabagh

Had a great meal with family ? definitely coming back soon ?

Gil Osuna

I don't come her often. But Everytime my wife and I have come it's been delicious!! A bit pricey but worth it! Our favorite burger place in San Diego! Btw- The photo I have is with less of the fries we ordered. Menu is straight forward!


This burger lounge is no longer a burger lounge! it considered like the worst burger in San Diego, there is no taste in the burger, customer service is really bad, no experience, treats you really bad and the most important thing is: No taste in their food at all, the burger shape is miserable! (((WE))) will never go back there again; Except if it goes back like it was before years ago.

Troy Arthur

Had dinner with family.Realy Good burgers.Excellent Manager working with the crew everyone was working together. Impressive ?

Brian Wheeler

A bit pricey but very good. As long as you ask for medium or sometimes they overcook it.

Tadeo T

Stopped here for a milkshake with family which weren't bad. It was enjoyable but seemed to take long to receive our order.We ordered fries which took forever to get and were disappointing. They took far too long to receive and were soggy, flaccid and unattractive. They appeared to have been microwaved or reheated under a lamp because they were just not fresh or delicious.I did not interact with many employees, but the cashier was not friendly and seemed to be in a bad mood. After the transaction was completed I handed her the clip board I signed on and she threw it back down on the table. Just not very welcoming or professional.Unfortunately I will not be patronizing this establishment again, far too many good places in San Diego to give this one another chance.

Joaquin Ochoa

First try! Very good. The fries come with fry bits!!! A little pricy, but it is grass fed beef.

Felicia Hernandez

Best burger I ever had hibiscus lemonade is the bomb?!!

Lauren M.

Okay so- "all" salads were out of stock... and it did take QUITE a while for our order to get to us, (not the milkshake, that came fast) but still giving it 5 stars because the food is just so good. Best Gf burger bun in La Jolla, love their ranch, and chunks of strawberry in the strawberry shake. Great quality. Pro tips: get the 1/2 & 1/2 fries and onion rings for your side, and choose grilled onions instead of fresh onions! Enjoy

Isaac M.

I ordered 45 min ago to eat onsite, my order is still not ready and when I went to the staff and ask what's going on they just offered a refund, I don't want my money back, I want our food. I think if food is taking that long they should let us know at the time we are ordering. I wouldn't stay if they told me food will take 50+ minutes.

Nat D.

After more than forty minutes of waiting for my order, a lady from the staff tells, very impolitely, that that's the waiting time for an order. I was never told this before ordering, which would have definitely deterred me from putting in an order. I don't mind the wait if I know beforehand about it. But what is y acceptable, is the very negative and disrespectful attitude from the staff. Very disappointed from this location.

Veronica Gutierrez Modisette

All of the food was awesome. Burgers were amazing and staff was great.

John Wiss

Really good burgers with great toppings Beer Too!

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