Corner Chicken East Village

721 Ninth Ave STE 1, San Diego
(619) 432-1171

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Tyrone Reed

This place was absolutely fantastic!! First time here and the cashier was very helpful! He was super well versed on the menu and told me that what I was originally going to order xxx was not going to be the best choice and I went with his choice F Hot Chicken Sandwich Delicious! Definitely very well Trained Crew! So thanks again young man you made TJ Reed very happy ?

Frank Paulin

I ordered the two sandwich with fries and a drink. I wanted to try two different spice levels and they were nice enough to fill my order. You are supposed to get both the same. I got one of the hottest and the other the next level down. For the hottest they have you sign a waiver. Both sandwiches were good but I don't feel that the heat level on the spicy sandwich should require a waiver. Service was very good. I would return if I'm ever in the area


Great place to eat really good food however, I have been coming here for quite awhile not to be a bummer or anything but they are now charging .50cents on a simple sauce for 14bucks you'd expect a drink but doesn't even come with it or the sauce what's the point of calling it a combo at that point. Don't get me wrong really good food but the sauce part it should be 1 free sauce then .50cents extra unfortunately I'll just be taking my business elsewhere


Really good hot chicken! I ordered the lit tenders which are served on white bread. Loved it! The sauce they give you is something special. French fries were good and hot. I made the mistake of ordering the mac and cheese which was basically just three bites of Kraft Mac and cheese with a little shredded cheese on top as “disguise” I guess. Not at all what I would expect from a good hot chicken spot.Overall excellent food though! Good beer selection on tap as well. Definitely going back.


This place has the absolute best fried chicken around. It’s the batter that they use on the chicken. I got the Combo #2, Sandos. Just the right amount of food for a party of two. The fried chicken, kale slaw, pickles, and sauce in the sandos are they perfect mix. Perfect flavors with very juicy and tender chicken. The crinkle cut fries are just as amazing. Great seasoning and went well with the mayo sauce.While there’s seating inside, I highly recommend sitting out on the patio area. Nothing beats a nice meal outside in sunny San Diego. They’ve done a great job putting the place together. Highly recommend checking out Corner Chicken.

Aileen P.

Look. I'm the kind of gal who enjoys a nice, firm handful of breast. The saints at Corner Chicken supply a meaty, girthy serving of chicken boob betwixt two savory buns and folks, I'm here for it. I usually spring for the two sandos combo which is, as the name suggests, not one but (count 'em) TWO chicken sandwiches with kale slaw, your choice of heat in the sauce (I go with "It's Lit," which is middle of the road) and comes with a side of spicy, krinkle cut fries. It's a queen's bounty, I tell you. I never leave this place without feeling like I should pick up a pamphlet from the CrossFit gym across the street on account of the inevitable weight gain, alas, I'm always far too chicken laden to make the trek and decide instead to embrace my newly acquired midsection jiggle. No regrets. The restaurant is always clean and they have relatively fast service. Pro Tip: Happy Hour options every day if you go early (11:30 to 4:00, I think)

Elizabeth G.

Don't sleep on this spot! The chicken is so good. Tenders are huge and the sandos are I personally like the flamin hot heat level. But they have everything from mild to super hot. So you have options. I suggest the combo with a single Sando and fries but I can see how someone really hungry could eat the two sando combo. The combo comes with fries that have a great seasoning. The chicken itself is so crunchy and flavorful on the outside and the inside is juicy and perfect. The Mac and cheese side is good but kinda small for what you're paying for. They also have a lot of beers on tap. Fried chicken and beer Great spot before a Padres game too. It's right down the street, fast service and delicious. Definitely check it out if you're nearby.

Natalie H.

Greta location! Stopped by based on the reviews to try their hot chicken sandwich. We ordered 2 combo #2's in "flamin hot" and "feeling it." The customer service was amazing, beer selections great! Everything looked clean as well and food came out quickly. No complaints there. The chicken however, I wasn't a fan of. It tasted too sweet for my liking. It almost had a teriyaki taste to it. The sauce is glazed and was just overall not my preferred style of hot chicken.

Rob M.

Really great spot for a quick hit of hot chicken. We were visiting a friend who is opening a new business in the neighborhood and needed to have a quick lunch. This was right across the street, so it was an easy decision. The menu cuts right to the point - amazing spicy chicken tenders served a variety of ways. I went with the tender combo. It included two Nashville hot tenders served on white sandwich bread with a basket of perfect crinkle cut fries - the KING of the French Fry. The heat of the chicken was perfect for me and they were large and perfectly cooked. The service was friendly and quick and the inside dining space was comfortably cool on a hot day. Corner Chicken East Village isn't in my usual orbit, but if I'm back in the area, or headed to a Padres game, it's an easy decision on where I'm heading for lunch.

Roger G.

My wife and I are in town visiting family for a month. During our stay we have decided to try as many "Nashville" Inspired chicken places as possible. This passed Tuesday we stopped by and got the Combo Sandos and the Loaded Fries with the spice level "it's lit" . We got out order to go and waited right out outside. It didn't take but about 15 minutes. When our order was done though, the young man in the kitchen loudly, almost aggressively, screamed my name instead of taking it out to us like the cashier said they would. We thought it was pretty rude, and off putting. The food itself was pretty good but it looked as if it was just thrown together haphazardly. There was only a spec of cole slaw on the sandwiches, the sauce looked like it was just poured on in a rush. I really wanted to like it because the chicken does have a great flavor, but it was hard to eat since the bottom bun seemed to be soggy with oil? The loaded fries were a lot better, but I would have liked for more cheese to be on the fries instead of atop the chicken. The wife really liked them. The first time we came, the food was put together a lot neater. So I think it may just be a hit or miss. Also thought 4 something dollars for a small lemonade was a bit much. Overall, good chicken, good flavor, hit or miss customer service and food presentation.

Hubert Li

Solid hot chicken their spice level is not too intense so feel free to try the xxx

Hosai W.

Really good place to grab a quick lunch- really delicious fried chicken sandwich- spicy but it well balanced with kale slaw and pickles. The fries are okay.

Joe W.

Lunch Tuesday Noon. Not crowded. Inside and outside seating. When I found out they have 7 day a week happy hour from 11:30AM opening to 5PM, I was impressed. Got Alesmith beer on tap for only $5 on happy hour. They also have some food specials. The chicken is high quality and expertly fried. Tender, juicy and your choice of hotness...starting at none. The fries are super fresh and crispy but not greasy. These people know how to fry food! Reasonable prices, great happy hour, fantastic food. What's not to like.

Frank M.

Honestly, the best chicken sandwich in all of San Diego. I've tried them all and this is the best hands down. Perfectly fried and crispy while being so juicy on the inside and the sauce they give on the side is the best. Employees are kind and proximity to petco park can't be beat. Make sure not to get the hottest option, they make you sign a waiver.

Julie C.

The best Chicken in San Diego: we had a number 2 combo. The slaw is very good and fries are crispy. The aoli sauce was delicious. I had take out and the toast app was very easy to use and upon picking up the order the location was very clean and fun decor. The staff was friendly too.

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