Costco Food Court

7803 Othello Ave, San Diego
(858) 810-5833

Recent Reviews

Julia Groff

Cheap food. No healthy options. I wish they changed the selections because they're old news. They only have two types of pizza: cheese and pepperoni. No veggie or deluxe.

Claudia Haman

I enjoy the different hours compared from the warehouse hours

Christopher Sarno

Love the price of the hot dog and drink that never changed for over 25 years for me. Thanks Costco for thinking of the American people. We appreciate it. Thank you for not being greedy. Wish food prices like this stay like this forever. Lol. Great place to grab a hot dog for a bite to eat. Always.

Brian P

Their pizzas are smaller now and still no combo or veggie option

Nate Shelby

Can't beat Costco food court! Cheap and fairly delicious food and you don't need a membership card to eat here. My suggestion: the $10 whole freshly baked pizzas. Way better than all the national pizza chains.

JoJo Hillman

One thing that I really like about this Costco food court, is that you don't need a membership to get some food here. Even if it's busy, it's generally pretty quick.Parking can be a bit of a mess, but honestly, that's Convoy Street for you.

Antonio Chef

Chefantonio Bigo app .. this neighborhood is known as a Filipino area and I was pleasantly surprised with the vibe of the Costco design and layout and selection

Angela Russell

Love the price and how big everything is.

Ruth Wright

Great prices and great food

Braylon Maszk

Best cheapest food for sure

Dellanira Trujillo Garcia

The best pizza hot dogs and chicken bake ? yummyyyy i love it

FEAR_ Sanchez

This place is great, food is very affordable and it's very good, you can eat all week with $20 dlls, you can't beat that price. And if you want to eat healthy just try the salad is good, not to mention the pizza, I Love the pizza, it's great, people there are very nice and they will provide a great service, I give this place an A+.

Juanita Manichanh

Quick Easy And Delish! Plus They Don't Ask For Memvership Card

Carlos Teran Lopez

Best place for a quick meal!!

So Shadyyy

Quick Easy And Delish! Plus They Don't Ask For Memvership Card

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