3332 Adams Ave, San Diego
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Andy Kim

Yall better stop sleeping on DAOFu this place smacks

Steph S.

Cute restaurant. First time there and it's safe to say I do not plan on returning. I ordered Pad Thai chicken with only bean sprouts and they messed up my order. Couldn't even send it back because the server didn't return to the table to check on us in over 15 minutes and I was over it. We also ordered a side of rice that never came. My daughter had garlic chicken, wasn't terrible but wasn't great. Took about 30 minutes to get our check. We had to go up to the counter to retrieve the check.

Lina P.

I've had this place bookmarked for a while and finally did a pickup order. I ordered pineapple curry, sukiyaki noodles with shrimp, and stuffed eggplant with tofu. I have attached all pics and even my receipt. First off, it was horrible getting this meal in the evening as parking was hard to find. Prob best to come here doing lunch. For the soup-it was great! Full of veggies and the broth was good with that mushroom umami flavor. I would def get that that again if I come back here. Second was the stuffed eggplant with peppers and tofu: that was pretty good. There was only two pieces of peppers tho I wish maybe there was four. I shared with my boyfriend and we each got one piece. I believe they were stuffed with some type of white fish/ it was good. Tofu was soft with crispy outer layer. Finally, I ordered the pineapple curry as pictured in my receipt and then received pineapple fried rice i believe. Which is not what I wanted, I wanted more broth and if you look at the picture this clearly looks like fried rice. I went online and viewed the descriptions for each and it shows the cashews are for the fried pineapple rice dish which I did not want or order. So that upset me a little. I actually wasn't a fan of this dish. The pineapple was the best part but it just felt very dry. Also, it says it comes with tofu but there isn't any tofu in this item. It came with mock chicken which was ok, the texture was too chewy for me. I would've just preferred the kissing tofu. I'm sad for that error on their part. I still may come back for another try, but maybe try in person dining since I heard great things about their silken tofu.

Paul Shi

Healthy and tasty Vietnamese and Chinese food. Really like this place.

Mandakini M.

Cute place with very nice service, the portions are definitely large and can feed 2 people! I gave it 3/5 because I thought the food was good but not exceptional. We got the Katsu chicken curry, garlic chicken, and mango chicken. Complimentary salad and ice cream were great!

Jess R.

Food is great. Vegan options. Fresh tofu made. The tofu is immaculate. Like, I remember eating there the first time and I literally said "Wow, this is the best fucking tasting tofu I've ever had" and I don't even like tofu. I'm getting food there tonight and I'm excited. I've never been in a restaurant where the owners and the patrons there are literal family. I've seen how the owner interacts with people and she's very much loved and loves her customers back. I def recommend this place. The atmosphere and the food are literally a perfect balance. DAO Fu is truly unique that way.

Vic M.

Fantastic food and service! The owners are so awesome and make sure you have a phenomenal experience every time! Also they offer a free salad appetizer and complementary ice cream dessert. How can you go wrong with that?!!

Ben K.

This place was probably 4.5 stars... back in 1974. Man we were really expecting alot after reading all of the great reviews. Maybe we went to the wrong place but this place was terribly disappointing. To start, the service was really horrible. The waiter would constantly go back and forth, take 1/2 of our order and then come back 5 mins later to take the rest of our order. I almost had to "Shawn Merriman" him in order to get water or some chopsticks. We were hoping that the food would overcome the bad service but it was really substandard. The dishes were bland and weird. The place was extremely dingy and dirty. I felt like I needed to take a shower after eating there. I would encourage people to stay away.

Karen H.

Giving an honest review, I wanted to love DAO Fu and I hoped it would become my new vegetarian spot. I wasn't as impressed as I had hoped. I read the great reviews and saw the food pictures. It just didn't hit the spot for me. The menu is half vegetarian and half non vegetarian. Vietnamese/Japanese fusion. The server was awesome, he was very friendly and had jokes. He offered us a complimentary appetizer of the homemade tofu and salad. The tofu was really good! I wasn't a fan of the dressing so much. I started with a miso soup. It was loaded with tofu and veggies. I actually enjoyed the soup. I decided to order the tofu vermicelli noodles. Since this is Vietnamese/Japanese fusion spot I thought it would be similar to what I'm using ordering. It had more sauce than I expected but it was okay. The tofu was fried and had this odd glazed skin on it. The sauce was a mix of the pink vinaigrette of the salad and another sweet soy sauce. I would have enjoyed the dish better without the sauces it was a little too sweet not as savory as I hoped for. Portion sizes are huge here the two plates we had barely fit the table. My boyfriend had their vegetarian pad Thai. That was pretty good, it was heavy on the sweet sauce as well. We ended with complimentary mint chip ice cream with some fruit. Overall the experience was very good, the staff was nice. The restaurant is clean. The food was okay for me.

Annie Lou

Dao Fu is an absolute local gem. The dishes are so flavorful packed w veggies and bomb sauces. Prepandemic we always came here and you’d get a salad w fresh tofu+raspberry vinaigrette AND a lil scoop of ice cream for dessert w every meal so you just feel all happy lol. We ordered takeout regularly during 2020, and I noticed now w their takeout they give you a little salad again :*). I hope Dao Fu stays around forever- their indoor ambiance reminds me of all the hidden gems in Lower East Side NY :) My go to is the Tofu Rice Pot wild rice. Never ever disappoints!

Omar Tirado

One of my favorite places in San Diego. Great food at affordable prices.

Terry L.

Not saying that it's a dump, but really something that I'm not interested in. I would be happier at Jack in the box.

David O.

When I visit San Diego, this is one of my fav casual restaurants. They make their own tofu. Love the complementary salad with tofu. My go to order is the tofu eggplant with wild rice. So much flavor in the sauce, eggplant and tofu. I recommend getting it mild if you normally don't eat spicy food.

Sandy C.

Good lord! Absolutely incredible food, complimentary starter salad and dessert. I had the nagenyaki deluxe soup with udon and my wife had the Japanese curry and we were both stuffed and so happy. A Normal Heights institution. I wish I had taken photos but we just gobbled everything up. Highly, highly recommend.

Xazzel W.

This place has a great atmosphere, great food and the owner will have you laughing the whole time. I'll definitely be back

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