In-N-Out Burger

4375 Kearny Mesa Rd, San Diego
(800) 786-1000

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Ari Rang

This place is super. Kids (one from Denver and another one from DC) had heard about this burger chain so we gave a visit when passing by.This San Diego restaurant service was just great, their burgers are really good and price is affordable. If I compare this to Five Guys I visited in Virginia, everything was so much better here. Maybe In-N-Out pays better salary or something because these people were smiling and looked like they enjoy their work.They even have lemon slices to add to your drink. Small details.

Jason King

I'm no in n out cultists. I enjoy the burgers for sure. The fries I can totally take a pass on. Sure they are fresh, but they are just not that flavourful. Guess preservatives and chemicals go a long way. Double double animal style no tomato is how I do it. Pretty good value for the food as well and everyone won't agree with me on the fries so go get you some and know for yourself.


Yummy Double Double... For It being Father's Day, there was no one here... That's odd for an In-N-Out Burger! ?

Intrepid Traveler

Very clean. Employees all working hard, pleasant and helpful in a fast-paced environment. Food is fresh, prepared to order, and delicious. While many fast food restaurants in the area like McDonald's have drive through only, I appreciate In-N-Out allowing dining inside.

Javier Rosete

Excellent place to visit. All in and outs are great. This location was clean and friendly. The people had an upbeat attitude and the kitchen was bustling. A bit tight on parking but the easy to find a space and street parking was ample.

Andrea McInnis Bain

Food is delicious , fast service. So happy I tried it whilst I was visiting California

Key Roberts

Wonderful workers ,always amazing burgers,but no shakes when I went

Nikki Francis

Literally the BEST drive through burger you’ll ever eat. Fresh Pattie’s, grilled to perfection, a lightly toasted bun, ample crisp lettuce and beefsteak tomato, and If you like it wild, ask for grilled onions (I get both raw and grilled!). If you ever wonder why there’s always a line around the block, one bite will tell you! #best #burger #sandiego #fresh #melted #cheese #foodgroopie

Jacob Ryan

We all know in-n-out drive thru lines easily stretch the lengths of the Great Wall of China. Not the case here so much. Besides the lunch and dinner rush this in-n-out is relatively quick. From the dozen or so other locations I’ve been to, I’d have to say this line is the most doable. Kind of an awkward parking lot and drive thru wait line though. That being said, I recommend

Grant Muenchow

Went in at about 5:30pm to try and make a large order to pick up at 11:30pm. I was hoping to order 50 double doubles all the same. I would've called but you have to go in person no matter what for IN N OUT. I've done this at other ones a handful of times no problem. The manager told me he could do 25 then went up to 30 and suggested I then go somewhere else to get the rest of it. He wasn't professional and I've never heard of a business let alone one of IN n outs stature turn away business?? I even told him they didn't need to be made all it once that they could take their time to accommodate other customers. Chick-fil-A is going to handle the order for me instead. Not a problem whatso ever. Not going to rat out the manager with his name, but c'mon man

Thomas J Corelis

Late night (10:30 PM) order, dine in.They lost my meal ticket! After nearly 25 minutes and hearing them call #s after mine, I went up to the counter and got puzzled looks from the personnel. It was like the order never existed! They took my receipt to the cooks and promised to make it right away.The order was ready in another 8 minutes. So it was about 30 minutes from the initial order until we got our food. The food quality was the usual high quality we've come to expect at this chain of eateries but this experience was not normal.

Rod Gullo

The absolute best burgers, fries, and shakes! Great secret menu items. My go to secret menu choices at every In-N-Out location are: 1.) 4x4: medium rare, animal style, protein style, extra tomato, and whole grilled onion. 2.) 3x3, medium rare, animal style, extra tomato, and whole grilled onion. 3.) Extra crispy fries. Love their chocolate shakes too. Unlike other fast food restaurants that use frozen processed potato fries, they make their French fries from fresh whole potatoes as you watch. Every ingredient is super fresh and naturally tastes great, with no need to add fillers and artificial flavor chemicals like the mega fast food chains. The employees are super friendly and eager to help in any way they can. The restaurants are always spotless.

Mark Trinidad

Food is great! Fries are best when freshly made but not after sitting around for an hour. Drive-thru is always too long which makes me skip them sometimes. Order their burger animal style. So good.

Karan Verma

Service was good, but the food not so much. They are known for their burgers and i was with a family member who eats burgers and decided to go through the dive thru. She ordered a burger and i ordered a veggie burger (which as informed by staff existed). But when i received the order i noticed that the veggie burger is just bun with lettuce (no patties). We were laughing. The regular burger was ok as informed, but nothing to write home about. Please add a decent veggie burger to your menu.

Gerald Jerao

The service was fast and friendly. The place was not too crowded when we went for dine in. The drive thru though was busy. The food as usual is awesome. I was going to give them 5 stars but the dining tables were dirty and somewhat neglected. Everyone was too busy behind the counter. No one was checking the dining room or at least wipe down and sanitize the dining tables and chairs. That's why I'm only giving them 3 stars.

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