In-N-Out Burger

4375 Kearny Mesa Rd, San Diego
(800) 786-1000

Recent Reviews

Hunter H

These guys are on it! Had 7 "complicated orders"lol - bon que que.They knocked it out of the parkHad some shakes, all about $66.Drive thru was fast.

Mary P.

Great price for a fresh, basic burger. Quick and convenient. Don't like the fries cooked in sunflower oil.

Bradley Kay

Always awesome eating In N Out for lunch.Great service and great burger.You have to ask for ketchup for your fries.

Irina Barnes

Love their burger and fries. It's nothing out of this world but it taste good, and it doesn't make me feel sick like many other fast food burgers do.However I wish their patty was a bit bigger.It's too small and you end up with bread lettuce and tomato only at the end.Be prepared to sit on the long drive thru line for a bit and it's always packed.


In n Out is the best fast food restaurant in the Southwest. The only real downside is the amount of salt on the burgers. Its just extreme. I think In n Out could reduce the the salt and help save lives via less coronary issues. Aside from that, its a good place to try at least once.

Misty B.

The burgers and fries are delicious when you get it right away. Go during the less business hrs and you get that for sure.

Ryan Furcini

Walked in. Place was busy. 12 o'clock lunch hour. Ordered 8 original cheese burgers. 1 cheeseburger protein style, no onion and one cheeseburger animal style. 10 fry. 1 large fountain drink. Had enough time to leisurely drink half my beverage by the time order was ready. Not bad for any fast food chain, let alone the freshest burger and fry offering in the country.

Faruq H.

Great service by Shanon!!!! Luv the smile and attitude that was provided One of the other employees was a bit rude to shanon about dropping a cup but honestly there needs to be a proper manner of how you speak to your team members and especially in front of customers. Of course shanon took it in and was the better person by keeping a cool and resounding with great respect informer of the customers. Shanon is leading by example!!!

Isaac S.

This is the worst in in out location I've been to. I travel around California because of my job and in n out is always my go-to spot to grab lunch. In the 10-15 times I've come here the amounts of lettuce and tomato they put in each burger is so different I end up asking for extra lettuce and tomatoes on every order. Something I've never experienced at any other location. Today a piece of plastic wrap came out of the double double I had. If you're in this location please go to another in n out. There are already plenty of other bad reviews for this one in Kearny Mesa. The service and quality at this one deserves a no star.

Corin Edwards

Inn n out is a classic west coast fast food chain. They're competitively priced, efficient, and delicious. If you show up later at night, I recommend going in since it's almost always faster.

Damario Willard Sr.

In N Out Burger is one of the best fast food restaurants in the San Diego area. Always fresh, I have yet to be disappointed.

grey fox

Long lines but I don’t mind. It’s all fine and divinely served. You’ll get get yours

Kellen “Kal” W

Standard in and out which is what I would expect from any in and out location. However, the service was a little over my expectations which is always a good thing. A very good location as far as I'm concerned. I did only go here once so take it with a grain of salt. Enjoy!

Paul Smith

First off, I LOVE In-N-Out. Yesterday, however was very uncharacteristic. One order taker outside was just leaning on a car when she should've been taking an order. Then our 'to go' food was put in a box instead of a bag. Then, when we asked for a bag, the girl offered us another box. We explained that we didn't want to put the box into another box; we wanted a bag to keep the food warm until we get home. She gave us an odd, confused look like she didn't even understand the concept. Once we convinced her to give us a bag, she did.So, we get home (6 minutes away) and found the food was all completely cold. The burgers were just 3 degrees above ambient temperature (yes, I measured). We've always had our food still hot when we get home.The positive: We took it back up and the manager promptly fixed everything! She was nice and made everything right. (And the food was still hot when we got home!)

Ken Wilson

This place is insanely popular with lines often down the street. It does move quickly though. These guys are organized very well. And the burgers are well worth the wait.

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