The Original Pancake House

3906 Convoy St, San Diego
(858) 565-1740

Recent Reviews

Carlos H.

The most awesome breakfast place in the world. The Belgian waffles are better than the waffles you get in Belgium itself. Good coffee and Orange juice.

Xiaoye Liu (Ysera)

Always crowded here so had to wait for our foods for a while. Foods okay. But the decoration and dining environment are their pros. And they have various foods options, which is nice.

Alexander Collins

The aged exterior of the place was worriesome at first glance. When entering though, the decor is light and airy, with candelabra instead of your usual loud neon, nice wooden touches and with flowery details that changed my mood.The menu is straightforward, the service curt, and the plates well appointed.Will come back!


Avoid this place! I wish I could give it negative stars! It took our waiter Robert 15 mins to come to our table after being seated to take our order. Even the host took our drink orders. The glasses for the drinks are incredibly small for the price, at least you get free refills on some things. There was people coming around regularly to fill drinks but one of the girls filled my spouse's water but not mine even when I said i needed more. The glass that had my water in it had something brown stuck to the inside of it and I couldn't see it until I drink most of the water! The waiter was nice and professional but was slow and forgot part of our order. I got the bacon and eggs which they give you about 3 eggs and 4 pieces of bacon. The 3 pancakes that come with the bacon and eggs are incredibly small. You get charged 3.25 more just for them to be chocolate chip but they are still small no change in size. You would think being the PANCAKE house they would have at least normal sized pancakes! I swear the pancakes were bigger at other Original Pancake Houses that I have been to in other states. I don't know if you order pancakes by themselves if they get big or at least normal sized but still priced too high for the amount of food you get. Even my spouse's omelet was huge took up most of the plate. It was probably 3 times bigger then the pancakes! Paying for tab took at least 10 minutes, no one at counter and the employees and manager just keep walking by even tho 3 people were waiting to pay their bills. Do better!

Brendan Simonelli

Customer service exceeded expectations, staff was courteous and made sure we had enough water/coffee multiple times! Food was very good and fast. There was a short wait, but I'm very happy I did! Will be back for more delicious pancakes!


First of all, their large and small sizes are the same size. Paying 3$ more for the same size drink. Secondly, they only give you one waffle and it’s dry. The flavor you want isn’t inside the waffle it’s poured on top. They serve you your butter, whipped cream, etc. 10 mins prior to giving you your waffle or pancake Their sausage taste extremely weird. Has a strong after taste. My 5 year old niece ate one bite of her chocolate pancakes. Kids love anything sweet so that should just tell you enough there.

P H.

This would have been a 5 star rating because the food was good as usual, but they made me wait an additional 40 minutes for my order I called in. They said 20 minutes but I had to wait a hour for our food. If it was going to take a hour they should have told me up front, then I wouldn't be so pissed off right now. Especially since all we ordered was a spinach, mushroom, and cheese scramble and a veggie omelet with a sise of bacon and pico de gallo (which they forgot to include). You need to be honest about your wait times

Stephen R.

Good pancakes but our bacon had hair in it and our server got our order wrong so we ended up waiting for another 15 min after we finished to eat the second half of our food. Also kind of rude and told us that if she heard meal instead of just the item she would have asked about the eggs. It's our first time here lady and I specifically said meal, the other diners with me heard if you don't have to be rude about your mess up I really didn't care until that point. Anyways pancakes are worth it just don't expect nice people.

Ronald C.

The food is great, but customer service is awful! Lady who runs the cash register just walks away and leaves a line of customers waiting for about 5 minutes.

Laura A.

Amazing omlettes loved the pancakes . Great fast service . Feels very homey. Will be back.

Rachael Wilson

Had the apple waffle which was lower in calories and a side of bacon. The bacon is definitely the best. Fresh Orange juice is always so tasty... love the pancake house. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Selene Arellano

Food was good not exceptional. Portion is HUGE. Very friendly service.

Kimberly McCown

Fluffy, tasty, perfect pancakes that bring happiness!! Delicious food with real homestyle cooking in a comfortable homelike setting. I really enjoy eating here and I so wish I could make pancakes this great! Truly joyful experience here that I highly recommend.

Mary Lewis

1st time visit. I've lived here ally life and never heard of this place, so I decided to try it. I had a "so called" pancake. It was an apple pancake that tasted mostly like eggs and this sticky oohy-gooy apple syrup. I scraped it all off and tried to eat it. After 3 bites I was done. Called the waitress for the check. I told her I didn't like it ALL. She allowed me to swap. I chose regular buttermilk pancakes (she was super kind and I thought that was awesome). Y'all! It was still disappointing. Go to Denny's instead. You can get 2 really big buttermilk pancakes for $2.00! Your tummy and wallet will be much happier.

E. C.

The Original Pancake House is one of the very few places open for a dine-in breakfast on Convoy Street. Fresh, hot food! Hungry diners should note that the Egg Specialties & Combos include pancakes along with the eggs and meat. Service is solid given the packed dining area, at least on one September 2021 weekday morning. The inside dining area could benefit from a freshening up, and the checkout routine can be confusing since the servers do not accept payment.

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