Woodstock's Pizza SDSU

6145 El Cajon Blvd Suite 3P, San Diego
(619) 265-0999

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Oli Treadwell

I've come here for dinner two times. Really big fan of their garlic bird pizza. They do a heck of a lot of cheese, more so than I'm used to. Last time I came had a great quiet evening they were about to close, that said Melissa did a great job of taking care of me. Definitely worth a trip and a Tip for the workers


They brought out the wrong pizza, we told them and the second one they brought us still had the incorrect toppings. Other than that it was amazing. Tasted great and a fun atmosphereEdit: Went back a second time, order was correct this time and the pizza was still amazing

Hiep Huynh

Friendly staff and good service. Pizza is very good. They sometimes have BOGO deal, which is even better.

Jeff Pun (JP)

The gluten free crust was great and they have a vegan cheese option too. The normal pizza crust is chewy not crispy so it will come down to personal preference. The red sauce I quite liked, has a little kick and isn't sweet at all.

Rick Pernell

Good pizzas, Good salads, Cold Beer, Assortment of fountain drinks, Great service but I didn't like the music. Could have used some Stevie Ray Vaughn or Johnny Lang to make it PERFECT. Otherwise this is the #1 pizza place in San Diego and has been for more than 20 years.

Tami Wilkerson

Oh, my goodness! I tried their spaghetti last week; we bought online and had the delivery delivered right to our home; we no longer had to worry about dinner! We had a fantastic time during supper. I've already requested that my mum arrange another order for the following week. The spaghetti and sauces are delicious, and you should try them! The crew is also very nice and helpful.

Rachael Hart

Excellent atmosphere and functioning, as well as a fantastic choice for playing music. The meal was wonderful, especially when paired with their own red wine. The comfort of the house was very relaxing. It's almost as if you're in Italy. During the night, the employees were really friendly and pleasant. I will certainly return to this site.

robert johnston

We're never disappointed by Woodstock's. Added bonus we just found out about is alumni get 15% always!! Love this place. The pizza sauce is the best in San Diego and the toppings are fresh as can be. It's our go to spot and we live in east county, so it's a bit of a trip to get over there. It's that good!!

Gary T.

Hands down one of the best pizza spots in the area. Their customer service great which sets a nice vibe. And their pizza is even better! I primarily hit this spot up for their Pint Nite events and I always have a great time. My only gripe is that they stopped weekly brewery rotations and favored a monthly rotation instead. I would much prefer trying new breweries to have a different experience every week. Overall, this place is a great spot for friends and families to hang out.

Tom T.

Pint night is a major reason I go to this spot. Pizza is also super good here. The only thing I miss is how pint night was pre-covid. The rotation of beers every week made me want to go every week. But since the current pint night keeps the same rotation for the month, I feel more inclined to go to other spots. Really hope they go back to the weekly rotations.

Kristin L.

Best pizza in San Diego by far! My boyfriend is very picky about his food, especially pizza, and Woodstock has never disappointed us.

Beatriz F.

Always great, fresh ingredients and great customer service. Yummy vegetarian pizza every time :)

Merrick Evans

We like a lot eating out. Last night we visited this excellent restaurant which friends recommended to us. We had a beautiful experience there with superb dishes and a well-trained team and an impressive cuisine. We put this venue in our list and we shall certainly visit again soon. Highly recommended.

Zack W.

Without a doubt the worst pizza I've ever had. And I've eaten at dominos. The dough is only cooked halfway, the crust isn't even a crust. Just a folded section of dough with sauce inside it. Presentation is a 0/10, flavor is non existent. Soggy raw dough, cheap flavorless sauce. The only thing not messed up was the cheese. Good job not screwing up cheese.

Timothy Michael McClure I

I've been going to Woodstock Pizza since I started going to college at San Diego State University back in 1991 . I love your pizza great craft beers and you can sit out on the back patio watching sports events and they'll bring your beer and they'll bring your pizza right to your table clearly thoroughly enjoyable five stars all the way.

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