Condor Club

560 Broadway, San Francisco
(415) 781-8222

Recent Reviews

Alondra M.

Cory the front door man was so nice and welcoming. All of the girls were amazing. 10/10. I loved everything about it. The bartender girls were so helpful. I would recommend.

Joaquin Castillo

excellent club I recommend it

Valeria B

All the girls are super sweet & make it fun ?

Chadthe Pirate28

DO NOT GO HERE!!! DOORMAN TRIED TO STEAL $20 FROM ME BEFORE WE EVEN GOT IN! Stopped by after a Giants game with my fiance, probably looked a little drunk, gave the guy a $100 for the cover ($10 a head), only gives me $60 back! Then I point this out to him and he tells me-nah you counted wrong... Wasn't till my fiance went off on him how we were literally standing there with the money in our hands in front of him the entire time that he finally gave me the $20 he tried to pocket off us! DO NOT GO HERE - DOORMAN IS TRYING TO ROB DRUNK PEOPLE!!!

Mahmoud A.

Place is very nice! Got a bar in the back free before 9 pm usually! It's only ten bucks to get in. The prices are unbeatable, easy place to get to, right in the corner! All employees there are very respectful! Be cool and have fun! Get loud or get up in somebody face bet your out! Be respectful... a bunch of parking in the neighborhood and a bunch of parking garages! Very convenient. {whoever reading this, idc what you got to say/think} Upon arrival make sure you have your ID as it is 21+ Good hang out spot and chill vibes! Definitely recommend it.

Michael S.

Robbed upstairs during a dance. Security sided with the dancers which is their job (lol?) but not cool as a customer. Don't feel the need to show up ever again, and I don't recommend tryin' it. Rip Condor Club

Dan Daemon

Went for the reopening and they treated us like royalty ? looking forward to the next visit!

James King

Great entertainment and fun. See you there

Maxine Cortez

Great place to enjoy $5 buffet (wenesday international) and enjoy the company of beautiful people and eccentric dancers.

Daniel Volta

Nice girls and music

Ron K

I was here last year during my vacation. They discriminate, depending on who u r are, they will let you in. They denied me and many other single guys in the 10 minutes I was around that street. Businesses who does that are targeting certain crowd, and u know what that means, they are after the money only. The way their staff was acting at the door looked like these stripclubs are owned by mafia. They just denied my entry probably because I didn’t look that rich to them... I was on a vacation and would’ve spent couple $100 if the girls were good looking. But to be fair all the strip clubs on this street did the same thing, so don’t be surprised to see the same comment on the other properties.


Nice exp first time... 40 for a lap beautiful girls.. drinks are not too expensive and the customer service was great!

Andy E.

Go there for Amber. My wife and I usually come once a year with friends after seeing a comedy show. We usually try to hit 2 or 3 clubs, but it seems like we always end up saying we should have just stayed at the condor. Our first time there 3 yrs ago, we stopped there after another club that we didn't like the vibe of. The door person at the condor was the only one who wasn't coming at us with a pitch or pressuring us to come in, and the girls weren't as pushy either once we got in. We met a girl who went by amber, a super cute, bubbly girl with glasses that actually had a personality. I turn into an awkward blithering idiot when a girl is grinding on me etc in front of my wife, but she was cool about it and got me to relax. We went yesterday and she happened to be working. My wife noticed her and surprised me with a couples private dance, and I did not disappoint. When Amber asked what I liked the best thing my mouth could get out was "I like your boobies" and then I froze. My wife and her had a good giggle about it and in the end that got me to loosen up. It would have been more uncomfortable if she ignored it and kept try to do dirty talk or something, but she called it out. Long story short, the condor is a great welcoming place that allows everyone to enjoy themselves without pressure!!

David DeRoode

Great place very classic

stephanie garcia

Fun times

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