Hog Island Oyster Co.

Ferry Building, One, #11, San Francisco
(415) 391-7117

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Bryant Pascua

They have quite the variety of oysters. Most worth the 45 minute wait. Service was good, they always checked up on you .

Persephone Cat

Lovely food, views, as always. We went during happy hour which we probably won’t choose again. A big corporate group reserved the nearby area and let’s just say the space was smaller than their group size and soon it felt as though their group was enveloping ours. ?


Being in the seafood industry this place has risen to the top in their market. It’s easy to see why, everything was delicious well presented and the service was great despite being very busy. If you are into this kind of cuisine, it’s a must try!

Shannon H.

This review is purely for the clam chowder. I can't even call this chowder because it was more like seafood milk with butter. I'm giving it 2 stars instead of 1 because there were a lot of clams. The soup was super watery and tasteless. It was nothing like what we know as a typical clam chowder...it wasn't thick, the potato was undercooked and cut into huge pieces, and there was barely any bacon even though it's listed as an ingredient. Additionally, the presentation was inconsistent because I got carrots on mine and my friend did not. I expected a lot more from a renowned restaurant like this. I guess it's only good for oysters.

Melanie R.

Wow the food here is to die for. Obviously the oysters were so delicious and fresh. The clam steamed dish was also very delicious. The grilled cheese was fi by we licking good too. Can't wait to come back!

Fadi I.

I got the seafood stew and let my friends try a bite. They ordered 3 more.It was so hearty and tasty!Oysters were incredibly plump and fresh.

Kay L

Quick and efficient service. Multiple workers checked in regularly to make sure you were well taken care of. Grilled Chipotle Bourbon oysters are a must have. It was bustling during Saturday lunch, but we were in and out in no time.

Hillel Posner

Good oysters, good environment. The hearty soup was a bit too salty. Good, but not 5 star

Nadia R.

Disappointed and wouldn't recommend. Was about a 30 minute wait on the weekend but a lot of shops to check out. Grilled cheese - flavorless and not really much to it. Wouldn't recommend Shrimp po boy - shrimp was good but was in a hamburger bun, expected it to be in a roll at least Mussels - this was actually good but messy to eat. A lot of leftover sauce, would have been good to pair with pasta Fish and chips - mediocre, do not recommend Oysters - these were fresh but expensive for the type.

An Tuan N.

Wished we could have gotten out door dining but indoor dining was still really good & quicker table seating. Very nice decor and ambiance. Service: good, but they forgot one of our orders for like 30 minutes into our meal. Food: highly recommend the Hog Island oysters, Clam chowder, & the Rustic Seafood Stew. The side of fries def helped cut the seafood w/ some starchy carbs. The chipotle bourbon oysters were OK. The dressing they give you for the oysters are nice and sour, cuts out the briney fishyness of the oysters quite well. Clam chowder, bomb, lots of clams given. The rustic stew was also plentiful yet light and easy on the pallet. 100% recommend for seafood lovers.

Jean B.

Really great, meaty, oysters with a dipping sauce that tastes like fish sauce plus water, lime, cilantro and onions. The oysters were slightly salty but didn't taste like you got them straight from the ocean a few minutes ago. We liked the hog island sweetwater oysters the most as they were bigger, little less salty and better texture. Clam chowder came with a lot of clams but it was a small amount of work to scrape the meat off, well worth it though. Oysters Rockefeller were just okay, I think I could've done without. Texture was there, having been grilled, but the flavor I didn't enjoy so much. Watermelon wake, pink drink was really refreshing and the dried pepper came through. My boyfriend enjoyed the oyster stout. Great place with great service, dog friendly, and yummy food.

Michelle C.

Hog Island is one of SF's staples, located in the famous Ferry Building. I don't know how I've lived in the city for so long but I'm glad I finally got a chance to sample their famous seafood. I really enjoyed the clam chowder - the clams were super fresh and there was a generous portion too! The chowder is buttery and creamy, just the way I like it. I was expecting a thicker chowder since I'm a New England gal, but Hog Island's thinner broth did not take anything away from their delicious and rich flavor. We also ordered the steamers, which included more yummy clams, sausage, and add-on noodles. I absolutely loved this dish, it was savory with hints of aromatics in every bite. The white wine also pulled all the flavors together. I'm so glad I finally tried this SF staple. Expect to put your name on the waitlist when you arrive because this place is popular! We put our name down for two at 4:30pm on a Saturday and waited ~1hour which is pretty standard.

Alexis B.

We got two orders of the sampler, where you get a few of each type, they were all pretty salty. I've had oysters before and I really don't think they're usually soooo salty, that being said they were delicious and we ate them all. The geoduck ceviche was really delicious. My sister said the chicken sandwich was not as good as Jack in the box (debatable). The clam chowder was so flavorful and fantastic. The fries and bread were good as fries and bread usually are. Definitely a great place for a fancy date, a anniversary and things like that!

Vanni C.

I am so sad I was looking forward to eating here but was disappointed. The food was really bland.. .the seafood stew broth was very thin. I've had this dish before and I prefer the tomatoe broth to be thicker.. in lieu of thickness there were tomatoes chunks.. but the stew over all didn't have much flavor .. I also ordered the clam chowder it was extra creamy and hardy with clams.. it definitely needs black pepper Fried oysters you're better off going to a hood chicken & fish spot.. they are fried in a cornmeal batter & served with Aoli dipping sauce .. the didn't have any salt.. All of their cocktails are served in cans The bar view is amazing. When we came we were told there is a 45min wait we were seated in about 20/25. I was surprised at how the food was served i expected oysters and small bites to come out first but the stew was the fist dish and the oysters followed one by one . Despite the crowd they were really good at getting people seated served and out.

Jennifer Cleary

It was really buisy and I waited in a line. But, defiitely worth it!! And service was surprisingly good considering...

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