518 Haight St, San Francisco
(415) 638-6124

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Dean Sultani

Excellent food, Superior service!

Allysa Powell

Really great food and presentation!

Iliana F.

My friends and I came here for my birthday celebration and the food and the service were hella dope. We ordered the chicken kaarage (both spicy and regular) and it was super good as well as the oink belly. For rolls we got two K rolls which were fresh and tasty as well as two orders of the sashimi omakase. Our waitress was really nice (I didn't catch her name sorry :( ) but huge shoutout to Brian he was super cool and friendly and gave me some birthday Mochi and took shots with us ! I look forward to coming back again

Desiree P.

This was my first time here with my husband and in-laws for a post birthday dinner and everything was great! The hamachi truffle is my favorite! The flavor and freshness was more than I could have imagined how good it was. I loved the presentation of the blazing glory roll and the hinata was amazing! Probably my favorite from the nigiri omakase plate. Everything was fresh and I just want to say thank you to Bryan for being our waiter and really holding it down. He was very informative and gave us his recommendations on food and sake! Can't wait to come back!

William W.

First, Just let the pictures speak for itself. Where should I start? I am lucky enough able to reserve a table on the same day. According to Brian, the host/manager, usually there is at least 2 days in advance for reservation. It is definitely my faith to have one of the finest dinner of my life. Regardless how I described how good the food is with words. I don't think there is a word I can use to give out the 100% fit. You just need to go there and experience it with your own taste buds. But you have to make sure to go the Nara on Haight Street.

Fergus W.

Great omakase, great nigiri selection. Oysters are tasty starters and go well with a strong sake selection. Service is attentive, with spot on menu recommendations.

Vanessa L.

Came here based on the raving reviews, but was kind of disappointed. First thing first, I LOVE omakase. I knew based on the pictures that the omakase did not seem like the only go-to item. So I had to lower my omakase expectations a bit. Nevertheless, the menu had a great variety in terms of raw fish, rolls, and appetizers. The menu was not overwhelming with 20,000 different fusion rolls and hot entree dishes like some Japanese restaurants are when they want to cater to all sorts of eaters. I ordered their special 10 piece omakase set for $50! That price is unbeatable. I wish I could say the same about the actual 10 pieces of nigiri. I would say a solid 2/10 pieces were good. Some of the nigiri pieces were overpowered by too much wasabi. After awhile, each piece tasted a little redundant. I guess that's what $50 gets you, so should not be complaining there. The Chu-toro nigiri and Amaebi nigiri (both not included in the omakase) were delicious though and almost had me reminiscing of the "real" omakase I always dream out. I can't say the deep fried Amaebi head was good though. Seasoning and flavor were there, but was EXTREMELY salty. I also ordered their half dozen oysters. That was amazing. Tiny, juicy, and sweet oysters they were. Half dozen came with some ponzu, hot sauce, and lemons on the side. 10/10 would recommend. We added an extra appetizer too that had a white fish base with a glob of blended truffle. It had such an oily and heavy taste to it that we were unable to finish. We did not like that combination at all. I think the pieces alone would have complicated different items. Overall food was a 3/5 for me. Service on the other hand was a solid 3.5. Don't get me wrong, servers were very attentive, ALL the servers. They almost reminded me of hawks. They checked in almost too frequently (if that was even possible). If they weren't checking in, they were walking up and down the areas to see if you needed anything without raising a finger. A simple glance over would have prompted them to come over. It was a tad bit intimidating. I felt like I was being rush into making the next decision leading to the final decision of leaving. A couple sat to our right and they seemed to have been taking things at a leisurely pace, but the server kept asking them if they needed anything else every 5 minutes that it almost came off as if they were rushing them to leave. Hopefully next time I will have better food experience with some of the other items on the menu.

Justin P.

Nara is freaking delicious. This restaurant was PERFECT in every way. My group had our reservations for 6pm and was seated immediately. The staff was extremely knowledgeable about their menu, and went over their specials! My table got a sashimi omakase, nigiri omakase, oink belly, spicy karaage, o-toro, truffle hamachi, and two rolls. Before I get into food I just want to applaud the staff on an amazing experience! They really made the whole experience fun, and exciting for our table. The food was fantastic, seriously over the top good. Omakase nigiri was beautifully plated, and each piece fish was incredibly fresh. The rice complimented the fish and the hint of wasabi added a nice heat to tie in the flavors together. The o-toro was melt in your mouth. It was like butter. The oink belly, my god, is a must to get. The fat was rendered down, and the meat was incredibly tender! The sauce was marinated all the way through. The spicy chicken karaage, had a nice spice to it, generous amount of chicken, tons of flavor. The truffle hamachi was a burst of different flavors in one little bite that all worked as one. I highly suggest people try out this restaurant! Not only is the food excellent quality, but the service is top notch. It's the type of place where you'd always talk about when getting sushi!

Taylor Z.

We got the sashimi omakase, big daddy roll, pork belly hot app, and the walu (butterfish). I really enjoyed the toro and the roll! Those were definitely the highlights. The halibut in the omakase was also really good! I wish the pork belly was marinated longer. The sauce didn't really seep into the meat, was more like a coating. The truffle on the butterfish was a bit aggressive but the portions are massive. Love their portion size, honestly way over ordered for 2 people but all in all a good meal.

Shana N.

Love this restaurant! My first time here was back in 2018 and I loved that it was both a restaurant AND a sake bar with a pretty wide selection of sake and wines. Now in 2021 I'm happy to say that I had another great experience. The fish tastes fresh, the prices are reasonable, service is great and the vibes are on point. Our host Bryan and our server Liz were amazing! They gave great recommendations for both the food and sake. Extremely sweet, helpful, quick with our food and kept our tables clean and waters filled. We ordered: * Oink belly ($12) - 4/5 | Extremely tender and tasty, but could probably skip * Hamachi truffle ($16) - 5/5 | Comes with 4 spoons. So many flavors in one bite! I loved this * Dragon roll ($18) - 4/5 | Standard dragon roll, was good but nothing mind blowing * Omakase sushi ($50 per person) - 5/5 | Great value for a 10 pc omakase! The fish were fresh and each piece had a unique touch. I would get this 100% everytime I visit * Uni ($28 for 2 pcs) - 5/5 | I love uni! This was fresh and creamy * Junmai ginjo sake - 4/5 | I'm not great at describing alcohol but this was pretty smooth and complimented all the food well. Finish while it's cold! * Junmai yuzu aladdin sake - 5/5 | Delicious citrus flavor! Would definitely come back! It's a nice casual, fun restaurant to enjoy with friends.

Gary Y.

Been here twice - once before the pandemic and once after. This is a decent sushi joint with quality fish for a reasonable price that won't dent your wallet too much. While the nigiri and sashimi are delicious, don't skip the appetizers - the tempura and karage are done really well. Just one odd experience with the waitstaff: one of the waiter was a real stickler about the whole party being on time - came by twice within a 10 minutes to ask about if rest of our party is going to be on-time when we mentioned they'd be here in 15 minutes.

Joanna B.

I loved this sushi spot! Liz was a great server, very attentive! The fish was SO incredibly fresh it was unreal!!!!!! Also- get the fried pork belly, you are welcome.

Safford B.

We have found our new favorite sushi place in SF, after much searching. The food is top-notch and the staff is friendly and attentive. They also have a well-curated sake list. The breakout favorite for us at Nara was the walu nigiri, which we ordered on a whim, since we saw walu as a component of several signature dishes. If you've tried "white tuna" at other sushi joints and found it underwhelming, I implore you to try it here. It will change your mind. The preparation is entirely different, and the results are phenomenal. Of course, the o-toro is not to be missed, and is silkier than a lot of the o-toro that we've had in Japan. The sake-toro (salmon belly), while not as lavish or extravagant of a choice, is equally satisfying. All of Nara's nigiri is fish-first, with only minimal rice, which really makes you appreciate their quality and craft even more.

Stephenie C.

Came here for an anniversary dinner and was amazed by the quality of fish and service. Coming from LA and visiting the city for a few days, we were craving sushi and this was the best place to get our fix. The service was absolutely amazing as well. The hamachi truffle and o-toro is a must try, and we will be coming back soon!

Albee Condes

Great place. The nigiri is amazing and service is top ten

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