1198 Coast Village Rd, Santa Barbara
(805) 969-0834

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opentable dinner

Amazing experience!


The salads were very tasty and good portions. The flatbread was good. The restaurant needs more entree type meals that aren’t spicey. Left the restaurant feeling hungry.


The most amazing vegan food I have ever tasted.


Lovely restaurant, excellent food, superb service and nice ambiance.

opentable dinner

Excellent experience! G


Small restaurant, but lovely al fresco dining. Delicious vegan food. My non-vegan husband was pleasantly surprised at how tasty every dish was.


Girls trip!


Food presentation was outstanding ! Each dish was delicious and we can’t wait to go back ?

opentable dinner

Delicious. We were here two years ago, and were happy to return.


Food was tasty but absurdly overpriced ($23+ for 4 mouthfuls of cauliflower..$20 for mushroom ravioli with literally only 4 pieces of ravioli, so swimming in tomato sauce no mushrooms could be tasted in or outside the pasta ... Waiter was friendly but the bussing service was poor..small sharing plates several times did not come with utensils for two (without us asking), plates were not changed in between without us asking (and once we could not find any wait staff in sight so the next dish had to be eaten (while still warm) in the sauce of the prior food item. The tables were disgustingly filthy. --the bumpy textured plastic was FILLED with months or years of grime. I've never seen restaurant tables that dirty. I can't believe they are allowed to serve on tables that are grimy in appearance. They should consider table cloths or do a good solid bleach based true scrub down. Also the women's washroom sink water was not working, and when I told the staff person nearest, outside at the cash register, she did not apologize, did not offer to show me, or send someone in to show me, simply told me "oh it's a bit tricky, you have to waive your hands in a certain angle underneath! (I tried a half dozen ways..if it is so rare/unusual why do they not put up signage..and at the very least show some courtesy to a guest who is reporting an issue). I'm a vegetarian for four decades and know my vegan foods! The waiter assured us we ordered "the best items on the menu" and we were so disappointed.


Vegan or not, this is amazing food. I’ve been vegan for 37 years and they blew my mind with flavor combinations. Oliver’s should be on everyone’s list 2Vegans2Wheels


Delicious food Always our favorite place when visiting the area


The food is excellent - except dessert! We did not enjoy the "Key Lime Pie" at all. Our waitress was lovely and made great recommendations otherwise. They will absolutely make it known when you have overstayed your welcome so be prepared!


Had a reservation for 8:30 and was promptly seated once I got there. The service was quick and server was attentive. Never felt like I had too look around for our waiter. Food was great, my favorite was the Thai curry!

opentable dinner

Oliver’s Burger! It is why I come here. Actually, I also enjoy their flatbreads and salads as well as the Brussels sprouts with avocado and pecans. The crab cakes are a favorite.Billy makes truly special cocktails, too! Lots of love and care in this restaurant!

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