Teru Japanese Cuisine

1305 State St, Santa Barbara
(805) 679-5835

Recent Reviews

Anh Phan

Fresh seafood with selections from Japan. Great ambiance. The owners are lovely and the service was great. Excellent experience. Best sushi in Santa Barbara.

Nicholas Diehl

The fish was great and prices were reasonable but the service was incredibly poor. Really a shame because the food quality is excellent.

David Botefuhr

Teru (the chef and the restaurant) is incredible. Highly recommend for any sushi lover. The staff is great too.

Elizabeth Burton

Went in Mercato for a late but a light dinner. The bread and lentil/olive dip were absolutely wonderful.I ordered the caperse salad and the quality of the cheese was great, the tomatoes could have been more ripe but still enjoyed it a lot, just delicious I wish there was more basil on it. I didn't try any of the main entrees so no comments there.The service was great and everyone was very helpful.

Alaina F.

This sushi is amazing! We have been ordering "whatever Teru suggests" for years now, starting back at his Sakana days. Not only does he deliver the most delicious sushi experience, he takes the time to remember what his locals love the most and incorporates that into the next dining experience. On top of it all, he's a fun person to talk to and get to know! If this is your first time at Teru's, do yourself a favor and order whatever sushi/nigiri he recommends that day. You won't regret it.

Miranda N.

Ate here last night for the first time and my only regret is not going sooner. The nigiri/sashimi quality is the best in Santa Barbara. The fish melts in your mouth, and they use some very unique sauces/flavor combinations as well. The service was fantastic. I'll be going back again soon.

Takao Hino

I'm a Japanese. This restaurant is certified as a REAL Japanese. The best sushi restaurant in Santa Barbara.The perfect cook with fresh fish. The chef knows the best taste of each fish to serve. Just order the chef's special!A lot of fish are flown in from the fish market in Japan.

Dennis Long

Fresh sushi in town!

Kalen B.

Absolutely delicious. Some of the freshest sushi I've had in my life. Their specials are a must. The seared toro with uni... omg... I'm still thinking about it. I'll be back next time I visit Santa Barbara

Susan C.

We arrived by 6 pm for dinner to an almost empty restaurant, we were seated right away. We had 4 people in our party- myself, my husband, and our 2 hungry teenagers. The restaurant was clean and a nice atmosphere. After we were seated it took 15 minutes for someone to even approach our table, even after we asked a busser to please get our server. At 615 pm we ordered our drinks and food. We were all hungry and trying to make a show at the SB Bowl at 730. At 640 we still had no food, not even the edamame, tempura or miso soup we ordered to start. I asked the server how much longer because we needed to leave. At that point she told me they only had one chef making the sushi and rolls. The restaurant had gotten busier and people that arrived after us were getting food. Finally, at 647 we got the miso soup and edamame and then 3 of the rolls we ordered. By 655 we still didn't have our other food. I had to tell them to pack it to go and we had to pay and leave. We never got the tempura and we had no time to eat before the show. The sushi was mediocre, you could tell the rolls were rushed as they were loose and sloppy. But hard to give it an accurate review when we were trying to shove it in our mouths in the mile drive to the bowl (not the way to eat sushi).

Benjamin Holt

Absolutely delicious! Teru-san serves up some fresh sea urchin and I'm in heaven

Benjamin Ingalls

This place is amazing. Even my 5 year old loved it.

Mr. Black

Sushi was excellent, fresh. Local albacore was terrific. Great special rolls, beautiful presentation and special sauces. Very nice staff, charming sushi chef.

Elizabeth Rozok (Liz)

Great fresh food with a simple atmosphere. Kind staff.

Elliot H.

We are so happy that Teru opened his own place after many years of enjoying omakase by him at the Sakana bar. After getting takeout a couple of times before they opened for dine in, then being out of town most of the summer, we FINALLY had the opportunity to dine in last night and it was such a beautiful and impressive meal. If you're somewhat adventurous, I'd recommend doing omakase so you can get the chef's most inspired and creative food. we got to try new things that we wouldn't have necessarily chosen if we'd ordered off the menu, and everything was spectacular and just to die for. The fish is fresh and super high quality, presented beautifully, snd tastes delicious. The service was super on point, too - efficient, attentive, and friendly. Ashley was our main server but the other gals came by to fill our water as well and they were all great. We can't wait to come again - thank you, Teru + Team! :)

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