Toma Restaurant & Bar

324 W Cabrillo Blvd, Santa Barbara
(805) 962-0777

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Vida Harrison Reid

wonderful ambience, yummy food, good wine recommendation, excellent service. reservations required.

Richard Fung

Quick SummarySolid dinner to add to the many wonderful options in Santa Barbara. Would recommend to make observations, especially due to limited seating during COVID-19 restrictions.Food- 4.5 starsEverything was delicious, starting from the bread and ending with the dessert.For my first impressions in any Italian restaurant is to see the quality of their bread and butter; and both were solid. Now, onto the rest of the mealGrilled octopus- it appears this dish is the new Ahi tuna. It was cooked perfectly and enjoyed every biteSeared scallops- the scallops were cooked perfectly. It was served with a risotto with asparagus. The asparagus was a bit overpowering, so the risotto was good for the first few bites and then lost its luster, so would definitely recommend ordering the scallops to shareGnocchi- this was the jewel of the dinner. It was so delicious and well done. Would recommend to order this if you were deciding between entreesCitrus Olive Oil Cake- this was goodService- 5 starsWe were well taken care of throughout the whole night. We were greeted and seated immediately, and each staff member struck a great balance of being attentive without being overbearingValue- 5 starsLarge portions without breaking the bank. Good food at a competitive priceParking and venueStreet and neighborhood parking, which was easy to find and relatively close to the restaurantBottom LineGreat food and fantastic service. Will be coming back when I have a craving for Italian food in SB

Kathryn Kelley

The service was excellent but wow is this place overrated! The restaurant decor and the food are basically a nicer — and far more expensive — version of the Olive Garden. The food was fine but I’d expect so much better at these prices. The ravioli was bland. I tasted the other pasta dishes my family ordered and they were absolutely nothing special.

Erin Zanussi

We love this restaurant and visit every time we're in Santa Barbara.

Anise Fuller

My goodness! This place was absolutely perfect! It was my Bachelorette weekend and it was a perfect way to end the weekend. Food was absolute perfection. Staff was spectacular and outstanding as well. I can't wait to visit again with my hubby.

Robert Dulskis

Friendly, attentive service. Food was very good. Overall an excellent experience. Outdoor seating not recommended (despite the pandemic protocols) due to the close proximity to the busy Cabrillo Blvd.


This was quite a memorable meal! The staff was extremely courteous and knowledgeable, the ambiance was welcoming. I had the stuffed zucchini blossoms and roasted asparagus-both incredible, and my husband ordered the salmon in an amazing creamy sauce. For dessert we had the pistachio phyllo filled with a variety of thick fruit sauces. I would definitely recommend this restaurant to anyone in Santa Barbara!

Shay M Mason

Great customer service and delicious food!

Lynn O.

My friend and I loved this place! We were vacationing in Santa Barbara and we were delighted with the food choices, the service and the ambiance. Everything was delicious and I just wish I lived in Calif. so I could go back more often. The place has lots of tapas choices and me, being vegan, had no trouble getting several dishes that met my requirements and my palate!

Priscilla House

Very attentive staff! Food was delicious and beautifully presented. Highly recommend!!!

Ben R.

Fantastic dinner last night. In town celebrating the wife's birthday and went to the Italian restaurant by our hotel. It was great. Got the grilled octopus and shared the gnocchi with shrimp and the phyllo crisp for dessert. I was a little worried about the octopus but I shouldn't have been. It had tremendous flavor. And the gnocchi was super soft with some of the best sauce I have ever tasted. Service was good and the ambiance was very nice, just across from the harbor.

Erica P.

On vacation in Santa Barbara. My party is all adults. Walked by last night, food smelled amazing, asked if we could get a table. We were denied for not having a reservation despite the restaurant being 3/4 full. Alright, no problem, made reservations for tonight (the following night). Waited to be seated for about 20 minutes. Watched multiple people get denied a table when there were tons of open tables which remained open the entirety of the time we were there. The hostess with short blondish hair is beyond rude, pretty much makes everyone feel like they are not welcome and should feel privileged to sit down despite having a reservation. Alright, don't judge a book by its cover right? Finally get seated. 15ish minutes before the server comes by to offer water. I order a ginger ale and we order dinner. Dinner arrives somewhat quickly. I have now asked three people for the ginger ale which is still not here 30+ minutes after being ordered. It does finally arrive (yay). Food was mixed. 3 of the dishes were pretty good, one was inedible due to the pasta being so undercooked that you couldn't pierce it with a fork (I wish I was exaggerating, alas I am not). Waiter comes back eventually to clear the plates and finally asks how everything was - at which time he was told the pasta was too undercooked to eat, to which he replies "you should have said something at the beginning then". Firstly, literally two noodles were eaten due to the inability to eat more. Secondly, NOBODY EVER CAME BACK or we probably would have said something. The taste of the food was fine, it was literally just the pasta being undercooked. I would definitely not come back to this restaurant, mostly because of the completely rude and unwelcoming staff/service (especially that hostess). If the food had been cooked to the point it was edible, I would have given 3 stars just for the food. Save yourself the headache and go literally anywhere else - there is so much great food in this area that there is no reason to spend your time or money at a place who very clearly doesn't care if you have a nice dinner.

Melody V.

First, try to get Colin as your waiter. You'll have not only GREAT food but an evening of laughs! It was as much fun as I've had in, well, a couple of years!! I'd pay extra to have him as our waiter!! Back to the amazing food... Every single dish was perfect. And, follow Colin's recommendations!! A simple arugula salad, incredible! Tuna cones. Yes! Perfect scallops. Chicken with mushroom risotto. As promised, the skin was crispy. The sauce, amazing. I could have eaten loaves of the fresh, salty bread. Great find!

Helen L.

Found sand in several clams in the black spaghetti! It's the worst when you are initially enjoying your dish and crunch realize your clams have sand in it. Every bite of a clam is a guessing game, praying It doesn't have huge crunchy sand in it. For the price of the dish, I expect not to be dining on clams with sand. Service was lacking (seated second and was waited on last in our section). We will never go back.


We celebrated my birthday at Toma and were fortunate to get a reservation -- no others to be had. And am I glad. Starting with the classic negronis (perfect) to the squash blossoms (a little too under flash-fried but still tasty) and the gnocchi rich with rock shrimp. I often judge Italian eateries by the hard-to-turn-out dish. Surprised by earlier review abut skimpy portions. We took gnocchi left overs home, and I had another meal of it. The piece de resistance, however, is that the owner, Tom, traveled to Croatia during COVID and managed to find a connection for their wonderful wines (ever done the wine tour there?) I enjoyed the white Posip. Service was excellent; Tom was gracious. And a friend from Santa Fe surprised us with the warm chocolate torte for dessert. This has now become my No. 1 in Santa Barbara. If you like, you can sit on the patio and watch the boats.

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