Wabi Sabi Santa Barbara

38 W Victoria St #119, Santa Barbara
(805) 770-5300

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Eva E.

This is my favorite sushi restaurant now. You must try the Japanese Scallop sushi with black salt and a hi t of lime as well as the Yum Salmon Skin Roll! It's nice you can order by phone and pay and just pick up. Service and quality of food is consistently awesome!

Ella H.

Went here on a bustling Saturday night.. service was fine.. food was mediocre... and it was literally the most expensive sushi I have ever bought fr. I got a rainbow roll which was like 22 dollars or sumthing . wabi sabi

Michael W.

Calls itself a 'sushi bar' but there is no bar to sit at even though the pictures show people seated at a bar. Pick up your order and find a table in the common area of the market. Sushi is ok but no better than one would expect in a plastic box at a supermarket. The prices are equivalent to sitting at a good sushi bar ordering from a chef which are far too high given the above.

Jade Lehrmann Bodine

WOW!! This is the BEST sushi I've ever had!! Thank you to the local that directed me here!!

Emily Nuñez

Small portions especially for how much you pay. Average quality. Wouldn’t recommend it.

Dennis F.

This is long overdue, Wabi Sabi has become a staple of my Santa Barbara food experience! Probably the most underrated sushi spot in town, tucked away in the Public Market. Food - Some of the best bowls I've ever had, highly recommend the salmon and fresh water eel. I will admit it's a bit pricey for a sushi bar that doesn't offer a full dining experience, but I believe the quality justifies the cost. Ambience - The Public Market is an awesome place to hang out and have a bite to eat. There's some tables by Wabi Sabi but I'd recommend grabbing a drink at The Garden and watching the games or utilizing the outdoor space they've created. Service - I've ordered from Wabi Sabi about 20 times and just about every time my order is ready in less than 15 minutes. They're always very friendly when I pick it up and have never had an issue.

Nap Burke

Don’t go here it’s a rip off. The food here is 12$ for a bite of decent food. You’ll spend at least 40$ to have your stomach full. There’s better sushi places in SB. Not worth it

Nap B.

Don't go here it's a rip off. The food here is 12$ for a bite of decent food. You'll spend at least 40$ to have your stomach full. There's better sushi places in SB. Not worth it.

Sassan H.

Seriously! 4.5 stars?!!!!!! I expect the food to be expensive in touristy areas. But this place is not worthy of more than one or two stars. Worst poke bowl I've ever had! Packed with fresh onions and cucumbers and the rice was soaked with hot sauce and it only had tuna. Avocado roll was minuscule and even the edamame was mediocre.

Amy G.

I was so happy to see they took my suggestion by offering a traditional hamachi and scallion roll. It was excellent, and the seaweed was right this time. But the Don't Cry Roll - that is super special! The thin slices, the creamy texture of the fish, the Thai chili! Next time I'm ordering 2. This is now my preferred casual sushi restaurant in Santa Barbara.


This place is in the Santa Barbara Public Market which has gone down over the years but Wabi Sabi was a great place to go after a long hike and we were very hungry. I had the Tuna Poke Bowl, delicious!! Husband had the Tempura Bowl, so big! It really filled him up.

Morris R.

Fresh. Good. Hidden away. Loved this sushi. The crunchy roll and sashimi bowl were both really, really good. Went back a few days later and was only slightly less impressed. The second night the sushi tasted bland - rice wasn't cooked as perfectly, etc.

Olivia Wendorff

sushi is beautiful and tastes frickin good

Quinn H.

I was looking for a Poke Bowl and since I already love the SBPM I gave Wabi Sabi a try. The bowl was good and it came with a miso soup that was also yummy. I wish there was a little more spice or sauce on the bowl, I think that would have made it! Good but for $19 I think I would rather go to a different Poke place. I do want to come back and try their sushi tho!


We had the teriyaki chicken bowl. It was a generous serving and had good flavor. The California roll and Scampi Tempura rolls were just OK. Nothing memorable. Maybe I'm a sushi snob but we have not found great sushi yet in Santa Barbara. Wabi Sabi did not stand out.

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