1940 Piner Rd Suite #400, Santa Rosa
(707) 303-7750

Recent Reviews

Kyle Franco

Amazing place! An absolute must go to for lunch.

Sandra Velasquez

Good food, excellent customer service and very clean.

Ravi S

Good prices! and friendly staff

Louise J.

Oh my gosh! What a gem we found! We were camping nearby and had 2 air mattresses pop. So we went to town. We looked for a place to get boba and found Bubblecups! It was amazing! We had a chance to also go on our way out (so 2 different visits). Both times, the food was awesome and the boba was fantastic! I look forward to going back next time we go through town!

Spire S.

This place has a wide and varied menu. Everything "sounds" good but in reality I'm usually left disappointed. The food is a bit overpriced, the sauce proportions are too little for the food, and the food is never quite as good as you think it might be. And the lady at the counter seems to be annoyed with having to deal with customers in general. Her tone not friendly as noted by other reviewers.

Sarah Martinez

Service was quick and friendly! I really enjoyed the Bahmi, such wonderful flavor. The Taro milk tea was also very good.

Klepto Bismol

Best Bahn Mi in town in my opinion and very nicely priced. Have only tried one frozen Pineapple Strawberry drink so far but it was delicious! Please support this place!

Gatekeepers classified zone

You got to try the Orange Creamsicle it's the best. They are very friendly people who can help you with your order.

Swaaale C.

I came here as a first time customer and my first impression was terrible. I was the only person there ordering and was no where near busy. Lady came out and was flat out rude. It seemed like she didn't want my business there. I was trying to look through the menu being that it was my first time there and she seemed like she was trying to rush me. She has an attitude problem. It sucks because they have many options on their menu. Won't be coming back. You lost a good paying customer

Auburn N.

This is my go to spot for when I'm craving asian food/ a sweet drink! They make the best dessert drinks I've found in the area and their meals are quite hefty- so it's worth it! The owner is so sweet and provides great service every time.

Vinh T.

Great service. Great food. So many options and tasty treats offered at Bubble Cups I wanted everything but chose a few for now. I'll be back.

C T.

Excellent food and service. After hearing a recommendation, I ordered by phone and drove to pick up Banh mi sandwiches for our family. What a sweet reception I received from the woman at the counter, with all the appropriate Covid safety precautions in place. I was surprised to see they had many other menu items to offer. We will definitely be going back!

Burgundy Vice

I came for the first time. Wow, it doesn't disappoint, and Sophia was a gem. Thank you!!!

Pierce T.

LEGIT BANH Mi It was on the smaller side but was super good quality, tasted awesome! I got the egg and spam banh mi and it was really really good . Everything's fresh and made to order. their Cambodian and not Vietnamese so they have some really unique items on their menu that I'm looking for to coming back and trying. And the service was excellent and super friendly!! It's a jem.

Kenneth S.

RANCID TASTE on the bbq pork and dessert drinks. Lady behind the counter feels overwhelmed and IRRITATED that we walked-in to order and not calling in. Shaved Ice is a total waste of money,it has NO flavor whatsoever,just crushed ice with a squirt of artificial flavor, no real fruit. WEIRDLY-COLORED dipping sauces: Dip for egg rolls is bright-yellowish while dip for crab puff is bright pink! Crab puffs should be called exploding liquid cream cheese things because it has no crab on it whatsoever,not even the fake kind. We were excited to try this place but we won't be coming back. DO NOT waste your money here. Owners must be real stingy not hiring any additional help nor making their food better

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