China Bowl Bistro

1940 Piner Rd Ste 600, Santa Rosa
(707) 570-0688

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Concepcion R.

I have loved the food in this restaurant. However when they opened, I had my dinner and ordered my favorite pan fried noodles. It was so salty and the flavor was awful. I politely complained to the waiter and he told me he'll tell the cook. He asked me if I'd like it to be boxed to go and he removed it from the table. My friend and I waited for him to come back and never returned. When I asked him about the box, he was surprised that I asked for it. I even commented that if he has already thrown in the trash, never mind. But he said he'll give it to me. I obviously just tossed it out in the garbage as I couldn't trust whether he has thrown it in a dirty place and just packed it for me. He wasn't apologetic at all. I think he's the son of the owner. I would expect some decency and manners particularly that customers are returning to them after the lockdown. But I think we are just numbers in their eyes.

Jazzy Oliver

This place is absolutely delicious, I come here multiple times a month and the service is great . Never gotten sick once I definitely HIGHLY RECOMMEND this place if your looking for a good place to eat come here . Don’t listen to any of these other comments trust me when I say it’s worth giving it a try .

Zeke Rosas

You want good Chinese food, consider going to Royal China it’s the next shopping center on the right. Definitely do not recommend!

Zeke R.

You want good Chinese food, consider going to Royal China it's the next shopping center on the right. Definitely do not recommend!

Sherrie T.

This place was super yummy! We dined in and ordered General Chicken, Orange Chicken, Sweet & Sour Chicken l, and pork fried rice. It was all really good but I need to stop ordering Orange chicken since it is basically the same as general chicken. The server was quiet but very sweet. He was attentive without being annoying. The chicken dishes were all really good with no gristle. I liked there spin on fried rice that is a bit simpler and with out soy sauce.

The Chief Cornerstone

Last time I ate here I got a really bad stomach ache. Maybe I got food poisoning.

Loren Hackett (Cutty)

The best real Chinese food ever in santa Rosa

Denise Blanks

This is my Prawns Fried Rice. White fluffy cooked rice. No fried rice, no fried ingredients. It should say Prawns and white rice. VERY DISAPPOINTING....

Loren Hackett

The best real Chinese food ever in santa Rosa

Grace H.

Their delicious food was ready when I arrived. We both enjoyed it. I especially liked the orange peel sweet and sour and prawns with lobster sauce. The seafood wide-noodle dish was my favorite. Sometimes we find that restaurant food is too salty. This was not.

Janine H.

Lousy and disappointing for 80. Delivered by Grubhub. Chicken salad as wilted as it could possibly be. Pork bun off flavors inside. Not normal flavor. Pan fried chow mein with beef and tomato full of sweet syrup sauce. Noodles the little skinny ones dried out/ not good pan fried. The broccoli beef good, but tons of sauce so broccoli a little mushy. Finally the egg foo young was very eggy with the shrimp on top instead of traditional inside. Hardly any bean sprout.

Denise B.

So I decided I wanted stir fry vegetables, decided on Chinese food, then reviewed menu and decided to also order Prawns fried rice, via Uber Eats delivery. The rice had about 4 prawns in it, but what I found most disappointing was the rice was WHITE, not fried, just fluffy white cooked rice. I'm accustomed to all the ingredients sautéed together, rice looking fried in oil over heat. I called and he stated 'not all people cook fried rice the same'. I wish I could post the picture.

Lauren A.

Delicious, fresh, and good prices. Lunch special is a great deal. Love the potstickers and broccoli beef. Quick too.


Ordered take out, and their food tasted fine but was put into styrofoam boxes right after the food was cooked. Boxes were all melted due to the high temperature, and I believe styrofoam is toxic for your body.

Joel Alexandre Seeley

They have fresh food been coming here since 2017

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