Mombo's Pizza

1880 Mendocino Ave Ste B, Santa Rosa
(707) 528-3278

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Said wear a mask yet failed to follow their own procedure? Comedy haha.

Josh Grahek

They're back! Great pizza, great lunch spot.

Anthony Ortiz

One of the best pizza places in Santa Rosa! Prices are pretty affordable and there are many options for toppings and many different combos available. I've been there multiple times and have gotten a different slice and whole pizza every visit and have not been dissapointed at all! Very pleased with service and food!

Jilly L.

While I was surprised at first by the remodel, and sad to see the old wall go, overall it was still just the same old wonderful pizza place! I can't wait to go again!

Madam McSpam

I called this establishment to order a pizza for delivery and was told they would deliver my pizza through DoorDash in 30-40 minutes. An hour later I called to check on my pizza and was told the DoorDash driver had just picked it up and would be delivering it within minutes. Twenty minutes later I called again to check on my delivery and was told that I had to call DoorDash to find my pizza. When I said I had called this location and given this establishment my payment information, I was passed to someone else, who informed me, “this is probably a situation where the driver just took the order.” They offered me the option of another hour-long delivery through DoorDash, waiting at least another hour, or a refund. Cool. Thanks for absolutely nothing. Fire DoorDash if they steal from your customers.

Rodger Busack

Love the new look at the Mendocino location, but was very disappointed with the product.

John Ferguson

Big upgrades, nice

Randi N.

Grubhub delivered. Good pizza. Crust is on point. Would get this again over the local chains.

Lee Papier

Great, tasty NY style pizza is back! After closing back in March 2020 for renovations and CoVid's Shelter Order, Mombo's is back.I've been back 3 times and tried the cheese, sausage and pepperoni slices and they are tasty and satisfying. The new decor is clean, high-tech and the staff is friendly, helpful and caring.Great job!

Terry Y.

A couple weeks ago we got a Mombo Pizza and it was real good yesterday on our way home we stopped and got another one I held it in my lap even though it was very hot (we had our dogs with us and I didn't want them to get it) when we got home and I handed it to my husband and get out I noticed a LOT of grease had come out of the box all over my good backpack I had at my feet, I have tried to get it out but it's ruined, I keep thinking if that was my leg I could have been burned by the grease. I would NEVER recommend this place or will I ever go back

Lee P.

So glad that Mombo's is open again. The new look is clean and high-tech. The staff is wonderful and sincere. The owner is there making sure everything is right and Charlie is doing a great job all around to take care of the customers. I visited the place at least 10 times before they closed in March 2020 and I am enjoying their pizza again. I've been in 3 times this month and it keeps getting better as they are getting back into their groove. I read a few reviews that said the pizza is nothing like it was, and that is not my experience. I think it is great and tasty. The cheese, sausage, pepperoni and specialty slices I had were delicious and hit the spot. Thank you Mombo's.

Debbra T.

I have been so looking for this place to reopen. I ordered 2 slices of pizza. The service was fine but was extremely disappointed in the taste of the Pizza. Extremely bland. My mixed soda had more zip. I got through one half of pizza and called it quits. I dumped the rest in the trash outside the door. I hope that they get back on track. It seems the focus is on a sports bar setting "13" large screen TV's far a small place and not the quality of their food. I will wait quite awhile before trying again. Hoping for better..

Muriel L.

Ah... where do I start? After waiting a year for this place to reopen I finally tasted their new pizza. I hate to say anything negative about businesses. But I must be honest and admit that their pizza is far from where it was. The dough is too bready and worse my slice was lukewarm, a terrible sin in my eyes! Yes its decent pizza but who wants decent pizza from mombos? We want the best of all the pizzas in Sonoma county! Are you going to deliver or what???

Anastasia J.

Welcome back Mombo's SR! You were SO missed. Saw you were open and went in yesterday. You didn't disappoint--and I only got a slice. Same yummy pizza with some new flavor combo's. Your new menu looks amazing--much more diverse. I'll be trying lots of it over the coming months. Best NY style pizza in SR is back. Yay!

Michael D.

Mombo's Santa Rosa is back -- mostly -- and we are all better for its return. Mostly. Let's call it "Mombo's Santa Rosa 2.0" -- evocative, but not exactly duplicative of its worthy predecessor. The pizza quality is at least as high as it was, but seems slightly different. Could be different recipes, different ingredient suppliers, or hazy memory. But if the difference isn't a clear improvement, thankfully it's at least as good as the original. The wings are even better than the original, although the ranch dressing we got was thin, weak, and oddly flavored. The pasta, salad, sandwich and dessert menus are expanded, and the key lime pie and chocolate peanut butter cake are both pretty good, and pretty good-sized portions. (Missing in action: Fiorello's amazing gelato and the original Mombo's tasty blue cheese dressing.) Delivery is still challenging as of this writing. Both GrubHub and DoorDash offer delivery from Mombo's. But neither app or web site allows you to build your own pizza by selecting individual ingredients. When I called the restaurant, the helpful, friendly person who answered the phone said I should list the toppings I want in the "Special Instructions" box. I did, and we got the toppings we wanted -- but had no way of knowing how much our pizza cost before confirming our GrubHub order. (I tried ordering from DoorDash first, but the site refused my order, citing an unspecified error. Turned out to be a good thing, as Mombo's menu prices for delivery were lower at GrubHub. Your mileage may vary ) I hope Mombo's Santa Rosa works out better DoorDash and GrubHub menus and/or signs up with Slice. But if you're dining in or picking up, you can ignore all this noise, head over to Mombo's Santa Rosa, and enjoy a style and quality of pizza Santa Rosa's been missing for far too long. An update: encouraged by our pizza-and-wings experience, we ordered the roasted veggie pesto pasta and the lasagna the next day. They were OK...mostly. The pesto was oily, and both were under-seasoned. And despite what the delivery menu said, neither came with garlic bread. Good, but not great -- nor as good as the pizza.

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