714 Village Ct, Santa Rosa
(707) 568-4404

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Ignacio Gonzalez

Wife got the chicken, I went for the hamburger ?, it was exquisite ?We got mac and cheese for the kiddo

Take Back Roads

We had an absolutely fantastic experience here for dinner. The atmosphere was a nice blend of elegance and comfort, and the service was prompt, professional and friendly. The food was all excellent! We weren’t fans of the bourbon peach drink, but the wines and aperitifs were very good.We split the burrata and smoked salmon rillette. Both were phenomenal. The salmon app came with so much meat that we ended up taking some home with us!We split the flat iron steak between us. Between the heavy apps and portion size of the entree, this was enough food for the two of us, though we did end up stuffing ourselves with the lemon tart!Though the presentation of the entree was pretty unappealing aesthetically, it didn’t matter much: the steak was tender, juicy, and very flavorful. The pan sauce was a delicious add on, and the fries were bursting with flavor.The lemon tart was a nice dessert to share, and we both enjoyed the limoncello and Lillet.My only real “complaint” is that nearly all of the local wines available on the menu were roughly double the price of the imported options. We much prefer to support local vineyards, and are aware that top flight wines are going to hit you in the wallet, but it would be much appreciated if there were a few additional mid-range regional options on the wine list please!

Sabrina f

Great outdoor dining, heat lamps & not too breezy but light jacket a great idea. Indoor social distanced tables. Reservations needed for sure. Service was excellent! We (5) had entrees and 1 hamburger meal. My Flat iron steak wonderful but I'd get a side to go with because they looked great. Martini start, press espresso coffee to end. Too full for dessert(s) but menu looked awesome!

Maarten van Royen

Consistently great food and service.Excellent atmosphere.This is one our regular favorites.

Sean M Brown

Very tasty sensational touches one the menu. Thank you for a lovely meal.


Try smoked prime ribs, pomegranate-glazed pork ribs, oak-roasted chicken, succulent auburn skin, seasoned flesh, heirloom carrots, smashed fingerling potatoes and crisped pancetta

Carola Bartz

I met with a friend for lunch here. It was busy, we had to wait a few minutes for a table on the lovely patio. Service was prompt and friendly. They have a tasty hibiscus pineapple cooler which is my new favorite non-alcoholic drink. Food was delicious, good portions, prices fair.

Erika Marquez

Awesome bistro type location. The outdoor area was perfect for a long, relaxing afternoon meal. The food was exceptional, I loved the deviled eggs and the corn succotash was very flavorful. Nice cocktails and the prices were reasonable. I will definitely be back.


Overall one of my favorite restaurants but lunch wasn’t great as usual. Perhaps a new server? We’re regulars and our simple requests seemed to be too much for her I.e. fresh cracked pepper for one example. She looked at the pepper shaker and said “there it is”. I had to explain no it’s not, she then said she’d go find the other one. Seemed to be an inconvenience for her. It was a bizarre experience. Not going back in a Monday again. The food is always delicious and it’s a great place to have a long, relaxing lunch. I highly recommend!

opentable dinner

Great to sit outside and enjoy the beautiful weather. Our meal was delicious and I would have given 5 stars except our server tried to take my plates before I had finished my meal. She had already taken my husband’s plates. It would be better to ask to clear our plates when everyone has completed their meals. I really do not like it when servers rush to clear the tables. The traditional sign that one has completed their meal is the fork and knife crossed on top of the plate.


My wife and I have lived in Santa Rosa since Feb of 2015 and never heard of this eatery until last week. We took some friends, that are moving away, to lunch as a going away gift. They had lived in the area for over 20 years and just never got around to going there. We all had great food and beverages, great service, and an overall great time. As an old-timer, the noise was a little noisy for me but it was a Sunday afternoon after church and they were very busy.


It was all surprising good. My only comment? There was not much chicken in my chicken salad compared to what I have been served elsewhere. That said, I will be back!

opentable dinner

Meeting up with old friends after 4 years. Sitting in patio was fresh and airy. Excellent service from wait staff.

opentable dinner

The only complaint is that even now, I'd like the wait staff to wear masks or identify if they're vaccinated....not feeling safe right now to be around un masked people with unknown vaccination stays


We enjoyed our outdoor dinner at Monti's, great atmosphere.

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