Sonoma Valley Bagel Co.

2194 Santa Rosa Ave, Santa Rosa
(707) 579-5484

Recent Reviews

Brittany S.

The food here is fine but the woman working here is so incredibly rude I won't ever step foot inside the door again and will bring my business elsewhere. $12 for a blt on a bagel and someone to ruin your day on the side. The extent of how rude she was unprovoked is unbelievable and unacceptable.

Tom & Sandra Barajas

Scored Garlic has been my fave since I was a youngin.

Rich Smith

Came here this morning to grab a bagel before hitting the road and what I witnessed absolutely irked me. The woman behind the counter shouted at an elderly homeless man, who was being very respectful and had already PAID for his coffee and bagel and was waiting for his order, to “get out of here” I assume just based on his appearance. Disgusting behavior, discriminatory and rude. Do not support this business!

Alicia Gurrola

I checked out the menu online because I have guests over. Once I had everyone’s orders I went to place our orders. When she rang me up the prices didn’t reflect what was online. It was almost double the price as expected. I went to look on their menu board to see if it was different from the website and I’m guessing the owner put masking tape covering all their pricing. I won’t be coming back to this location. I highly recommend going to the Sonoma Bagel in Montgomery Village. The shopping center on Santa Rosa Avenue needs to get rid of this bagel shop. The lady is rude and her pricing is all wrong.

Blake Pitts

This place is pretty terrible, maybe mediocre on a good day. They never have enough people working and it takes forever to get your order, and the owner/ lady at the counter is not very friendly. Santa Rosa needs better bagel options.

Joe Gutierrez (Jawagas)

Great Bagels!! Decent coffee. Plenty of options and toppings

rottiestrut Paythadrzbwoy (Patreee ceee ahh)

This place was nice...they have good salted bagels..?

Kalie G.

I LOVE THIS PLACE. Great selection of bagels and amazing customer service, I'm not sure why this place has such low rating it's soo good and so affordable definitely recommend coming and checking it out ( i come all the time for my lunch break at crumbl)

rottie strut

This place was nice...they have good salted bagels..?

Jason Ellis

Pricy and abrasive customer service. While the food was not bad, I won't be back.Be aware of .75 "premium" bagel upcharge. 10 dollar minimum for visa.

Ben Archibald

Ok bagels. Consistently horrendous service.

Ryan Bolach

Website says they open at 6:30, got there and they were closed, paper sign on door set new hours at 7:30. If you are going to change your hours, update your website

Abril T.

I was the first one to order and the last one to receive my food witch didn't bother me but she had only made one sandwich out of two , attended everyone else n gave them there food , she even had expressed how she was worried in getting their food out , made me really feel less valued :( I'm sorry I'm sure other days might be better just not today

Abbey B.

I have no idea why this place gets bad reviews. Their bagels absolutely slap every time

Alejandra S.

Was a little worried to get something here since it only has two stars, but it was really good! There have over 10 different types of bagel bread to choose from and they have a variety of bagel sandwiches. They also have a lot of drinks. I got a bacon & cheddar onion bagel and it was delicious! FYI they have a $10 minimum for cards so bring cash! The reason I did not give five stars is because it wasn't AMAZING, like I would probably go again but I wouldn't rave about it to people.

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