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Andrew Sielen

Great food, I have no idea what I ordered but it was good.Would love if the menu indicated ingredients a little more. My pescatarian wife wasn't sure what she could eat. So maybe some indicators or what contains fish or meat or is vegetarian would be helpful.

Joanne Ichikawa

Needs seasoning

Israel Navarrete

(Translated by Google) I like(Original)Me gusta

Robert Chen

The place is very clean. The foods are delicious and aromatic. The service is good.We dine in and take out also.

Louis Lam

Good place for Cantonese and HK dishes. Busy location makes it difficult to park nearby.

Terence Lee

Decent but food came out a little cold

Jack R.

We had high hopes for this place. Especially since my brother realky likes tge Chinese doughnut wrapped in noodles, but they didn't have any and said they don't serve it ans won't serve it in the future even though it's on their menu. First off, service is super slow. It took an hour for them just to put duck on rice and get our food out to us. The jook was salty and the duck was average. They serve huge portions of noodles though. So if you order noodles here such as chow fun, it's a good sized portion. The beef chow fun was super plain and boring and add to the the maddening parking and slow service. No thanks.

Judy K.

So many good memories of walking into Hing Lung on Broadway as a teenager and staring at them fry fresh "yao tews" thru the window. The first time I ate "yao tew" wrapped in rice crepes with the warm sweet soy sauce, I thought for sure it was the greatest invention by mankind. Needless to say, I'm so glad they re-opened!!

weitang zhang

(Translated by Google) Good taste and affordable(Original)味道好价钱平

Tomy T.

I have been coming to this location regularly since they opened during the bad timing of the pandemic and I wanted to help support local businesses. The food was good and portions were decent for the price. I went today and it seems they raised all their prices (not sure when this started but based on previous reviews might have been very recent, if not today). These prices are unfortunately not reflected on their online ordering system. Sadly most items are now about $2 more than before. I get that everything is becoming more expensive now but a $2 increase is a bit rich. It makes Hing Lung now more on the pricier side for what you get. I may have to find another "go to" place.

Amy C.

The food here is really good! Came around 11am (opening time) on a Tuesday and there was plenty of nearby parking. They weren't too busy and we were able to get seated right away. They have an extensive menu including breakfast items like you tiao and congee, and then a large regular menu including noodles, seafood entrees, and even roast duck and Peking duck. We got the you tiao (~$3), congee (~$13), and Peking spareribs (~$15). The first two items can out quickly, but the spareribs took over 30 minutes to come out. However, the wait was worth it! The spareribs were delicious - crispy on the outside and tender and juicy on the inside, with just the right amount of sweet and salty in the sauce. Highly recommend. The you tiao was also crispy and the congee hit the spot too.

Peter L.

Really wanted to give it a 5-star but...perhaps we came at the wrong time. The congee was solid but the other items were just average. beef congee (4/5): excellent flavors, some might find it a bit too thick but I liked it that way. They gave us a great amount of meat, the beef was tender enough but it needed to be more thinly sliced. An elderly with limited teeth or jaw muscle might find it difficult Hing Lung 3 treasures (3/5): fried bread, fried donut and fried pan cake. Fried bread (youtiao, 油条) was gigantic and puffy, but it wasn't as doughy and airy, which meant it was not as fresh. Then again we were ordering these classic breakfast items at 1:30 pm. Ox tongue shaped fried donut (牛脷酥) had the best flavors of the 3 and it was our favorite. Fried pan cake (咸煎饼) in Chinese means salty fried pan cake, someone forgot the salt so it was rather bland. Marinated ranch chicken (3/5): meat was tender enough, a little bit of red at the bones which is the standard but might frighten away your average Panda Express diners. Normally the dish is served at room temp or slightly cool, but ours was really cold, suggesting they just took it from the fridge. Overall this place has a lot of potential, we will be back to try their breakfast item next time but will come in the morning. I am also tempted by their selections of clay pot rice as well as other dishes on the menu.

Doriee L.

This is like a dream come true. I have waited years for Hing Lung to re-open ever since they shut down their store on Broadway. My family and I used to go for their 牛脷酥 (ox-tongue pastry/fried donut) and fried bread. I even introduced it to some of my friends whenever they visited the Bay Area and they have all loved it. It's one of the only places where things always came out delicious. Due to COVID, I haven't been able to visit the Bay Area but we were able to do a quick trip recently. Came here for an early lunch with my husband. We got: 牛脷酥 (fried donut) Pork and preserved egg congee Rice noodle roll with XO sauce Everything came out fresh, hot, and delicious. The congee had great flavor -- not too salty. They put it in a clay pot too so it stays hot until you scoop it out into your own bowl. The fried donut is amazing. It has been a very long time since I had a good version of it. Definitely worth getting. The rice noodle roll was great! They had chilis in it too so it gave a good kick. This also came in a clay pot so it stayed hot! Would not hesitate to come back.

Jeff H.

Indoor dining 4/27/2021. I've returned to Hing Lung to try their other dishes. Tonight I had their wonton lo mein $10 and Hong Kong style spare rib $13. The wonton lo mein tasted great. You can tell how good a Hong Kong style cafe is by how well they do the simple dishes like the noodles, porridge, rice and wontons. They didn't provide oyster flavored sauce (Lee Kum Kee) that usually accompany this dish. I had to ask for it. That might be a good thing because some people just like it with the side of soup. By Hong Kong standards, the wonton sizes here are adequate. I personally like bigger ones, but Hing Lung gives EIGHT wontons in their lo mein. The bigger wonton places, at most will give you three to six wontons. The HK style spare ribs were not bad. It tasted like deep fried ribs with orange chicken sauce poured over it. I wouldn't order it again. Overall, a great meal. Service was as expected for a HK style cafe.

Edwin F.

On a sunny but windy day, it was a relief to be able to sit inside and sip on warm tea and eat piping hot food. The interior of this cafe is all very new and slightly modern, but very bland walls. However the food was anything but bland! (minus 1 dish we had). Everything was clean, sanitary, plenty of parking, and the staff was all gloved, masked, and friendly. H.L Fried Donut (A2): -Highly recommend! It's crunchy, lightly sweet, and chewy. A lot of people come to eat this when it's freshly fried. Sticky Rice with Cured Meat: - Cooked in a clay pot, the rice was nice and chewy and when burnt a bit, tasted amazing. Still tasted great even the next day. Curry Beef Stew Clay Pot (R4): -Chewy, savory, full of umami. A little spice to it but nothing that will get your tongue sweating. I really liked how there was a mixture of fatty and lean cuts to eat from. HK Style Beef Chow Fun (L7): (would not recommend) -It was just ok. There was not a lot of beef, and the beef itself wasn't flavorful. It looked like it was just cooked on the side without seasoning and tossed separately. Pea Sprout w/Garlic (S1): -One of my favorite dishes! The pea sprouts were creamy, garlicky, and there was so much to go around. By far one of my favorite dishes from here to eat. Honey Walnut Prawns (M6): -Perfectly fried, crispy, and the walnuts were nice and sweet. They do it well over at Hing Lung. Overall, we had a good experience at Hing Lung cafe. The service was fast, the food was quick and excellent, and the total bill with 6 items came out to $81 after tax and tip. The portions size to price ratios were definitely well worth it. Come check this place out for Cantonese food as they are pretty new and just opened up recently.

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