Baysider Cafe

290 Utah Ave #6801, South San Francisco
(650) 952-4662

Recent Reviews

Zedar 2

Pretty good local spot for a good breakfast.


No complaints they got me in and out and the breakfast was good

Carlton J.

The first thing I grabbed when I entered the store. My first San Francisco restaurant on this trip. Unique and delicious if I'm back on the West Coast I'll definitely return.

Angelique Presidente

This place is so yummy we have been there 3 times in 2 weeks. Their chilaquiles are hella good ? their burgers are 1/2 patties and fire !! Try the banana cinnamon pancakes, you won’t be disappointed ?

Patrick Burford

Fast service, clean location. Everything fresh made to order. Big plates

Bradley Spurlock

Really good local joint. It's a hot spot for people I work with to go to for lunch!

Chris S.

Used to come here when I used to work near by. Great options and great salad bar. Good service and location. Had hot plates daily. Only catch is that sometimes the sandwiches would be too dry. A little pricey.

Harriet Schneider

This restaurant is where we wanted to have our breakfast. It really was a nice start to our day. We enjoyed the place and the meal. It was really cozy and friendly. Amazing food!

scott burner

Love the food!! Service is excellent and the owner is very friendly!! If you are looking for a breakfast or lunch in the area make sure to drop in. You will be happy you did!

Keith Place

Good food good service.

wilder m

Witnessed several people walk in without masks. I asked owner and they said oh I didn't notice.Several minutes later I see this.I don't care if you don't believe in this pandemic but please comply with state/county rules.Food is ok

William Harris

Deliciously fresh food an friendly people

Chess L.

Ingredients were not very fresh looking. For sandwiches go to Luigi's sandwich palace, it's a favorite of my coworkers and me. Curly fries were good.

Khoi B.

Came into town for vacation and wasn't sure what to expect. Best breakfast burrito I've ever had! They had a house salsa that really complimented it and had a good kick. My husband got the hot pastrami with cheddar on sourdough and it came out way bigger than we expected. The prices, service and vibes were great! I highly recommend!

Mat Turner

Great little spot with good food and great staff. Definitely a spot you don't want to pass by with their convenience and many options to choose from.

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