Cafe Bunn Mi

226 Grand Ave, South San Francisco
(650) 745-8883

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Anna Roz

Cons: felt like the Pho was missing something in the ingredients. Not as good as I thought it would be. Pros: large portions and the flavorful Beef Carpaccio.

Ramona Hawkins

I always stop by when I'm in and mood for a Vietnamese sandwich I really can't find any in San Bruno in the city I live in and I really enjoy this one try it really try everything there you want to enjoy it

Josie U.

So good! I used to venture out to the inner Richmond location but was beyond excited to see another shop nearby in SSF! I usually grab two grilled pork sandwiches (extra fish sauce) and a crunchy nem roll. Their garlic noodles are also hella good. Treat yourself with a Thai tea or Vietnamese iced coffee! Pre-covid, they used to run out of sandwiches by 5-6p. Not sure if this is still the case, but definitely grab one if you're in the area!

Lisa C.

Great Vietnamese place in downtown South City! I called in my order on a Thursday at around noon and by the time I picked it up around 12:20ish, it was already ready! I ordered a garlic noodles with five spice chicken, a five spice chicken Saigon noodles, and a grilled pork Saigon noodles. The dishes were all delicious and definitely hit the spot when I was craving Vietnamese food! The chicken was nice and tender, the garlic noodles were garlicky, and the imperial rolls were nice and crispy! The portions are pretty big as well! Parking is street parking. Overall, great place to grab some Viet food in downtown SSF!

John William

Superb garlic noodles even better bunh mi.

Rebecca C.

The lemongrass steak Saigon vermicelli noodles is super delicious! I had Cafe Bunn Mi saved in my bookmarks and we were in the area so we decided to get some lunch here. My order came with a generous portion of noodles, steak and an imperial roll. The imperial roll was crispy on the outside with a flavorful filling. It was a nice addition to the order. My boyfriend got the traditional banh mi and was raving about how good it was. They have a pretty big menu. I would like to try some of their appetizers, pho, and one of their banh mi's. Their service is quick. Currently they are only offering take our. Hopefully by our next visit we can dine in

Becca C.

Ok, When I say this spot is good, IT IS REALLY REALLY GOOD. I have been looking for a new Banh Mi spot that can imitate the taste of the sandwich that is made in Oakland on International. I have failed to find a spot that was equally as good. Until I found this spot. The PORK BELLY BANH MI is one of the best sandwiches made here. I just tried it now, and every bite was delicious. My soul left my body and came back. I will definitely be returning. Please keep up the good work and I hope everyone will have a good experience just as I do. Thanks for reading.

Jazmin C.

Bread super hard, leave u hanging on the phone then unhook he the phone waste of money

Justin A.

I love Vietnamese food and I am very pleased to find Bunn Mi just around the corner! Delighted of how flavorful their selections are. I would say this spot goes on my top 5 places for Vietnamese food! Needless to say their signature Crispy Duck Banh mi, and garlic noodles really set the bar high. Ide come back again! Customer service is excellent. Our order was off 1 item and they replaced the order with the correct one and threw in a Thai tea beverage on the house! No questions asked, the girl up front was extremely polite about it. Thanks!! I give this place a 5/5!!!

Christina L.

Crispy Duck Banh Mi was good, but not super crispy. Good flavor, filling and had a decent amount of duck. This duck was on the drier side though. Nem nuong was NINE DOLLARS for two. Since it has a decent crispy wonton skin, I'm going to compare to Brodard's. -- Number of rolls was only two, as compared to four at Brodard's. Granted rent is higher in the Bay, we've still found other places that serve four together for $9. -- Crispy wonton skin was great, and was the length of the cuon. -- The sauce that comes with the nem neuong at Brodard's is missing, but that's really a big reason ol for what makes the nem neuong. -- Avocado is a nice and different touch!

J-nine I.

Some things are best simple. This simple cafe has amazing food! The menu isn't overwhelming like other Vietnamese restaurants I've been to. I love the 5 Spice Chicken Bunn Mi and my husband gets the Combination Bunn Mi. We've tried their soups, sides, and noodles too! All food is simple and yummy! They sell Vietnamese Iced Coffee and Thai Iced Tea. Workers are all so nice and friendly. If you haven't, go try it!

Justin G.

Love their Tofu Buddha bunn mi. I pair it with the avocado smoothie. Soooo good! Quality spot, if they had more vegan options I'd be there all the time

Ashlee C.

Wanted something quick so we had ordered a couple of banh mi's and spring rolls. I added pate to one of the banh mi's (an extra $1.10 ) but when I got home and looked at my sandwich, there was no pate :'( it doesn't taste like normal banh mi's, but it's good. The banh mi's that we tried were not traditional banh mi's, it's more of a fusion restaurant. Also the prices have gone up a lot! -1 stars for quality and missing pate :( The updated menu March 2021.

Henrik Ong

Fast and convenient place to get Vietnamese sandwiches in downtown South San Francisco.

Jasmeet Kaur

Pretty great sandwich, not the best I have had but still pretty tasty

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