El Ranchito Taco Truck

1440 San Mateo Ave, South San Francisco
(650) 422-9595

Recent Reviews

Alvaro Perez

Great taste, convenient

Kayden Orr

At the first moment you arrive in this place the waiters give you a great feeling. Very comfortable crew, it is a nice place to enjoy with buddies or with your date. delicious cuisine, creative chief cook and stuff, decent price and excellent service. Highly recommended.

Anthony Contreras

One of the best burritos I have ever had

Edo Perez

This place is great. Tacos are great espaecially carne asada it was taste that you cant forget

Danny Thomas

Food always fresh people always polite

Grant Boyd

quick, cheap, n' easy

William L.

Good food if you're on the go. They're quick, friendly, and the food is always on point. Definitely try the Carne asada, chorizo, and pastor.


Omg awesome Tortas.

Daniela Cuevas

If your in the mood to eat some good Mexican food come here!!! Amazing service and great food :)

Crystal Henderson

No buenos and they racist. If your not a white man or of Latin decent don't bother. There food isn't good. I got a veggie burrito and all it on it was lettuce, beans and rice for $6. I want to be reimbursed and my money back. I promise to copy and paste this review everyday until they reach out with an apology and a replacement burrito or my money back. This happened on El Camino and Jeneven (Wendy's) about 3:10pm 11/14/17

Kiel Eribal

Always hot super burrito with free chips😋😋😋

Steve L.

Conveniently located on the corner where there is parking right behind the truck. Friendly and fast service. Be careful that if you order your tacos with hot sauce, they are indeed hot. The street tacos are made with two corn tortillas and whatever meat you ask for. Also fresh chopped onions and cilantro. Expected a little more meat for the $2 tacos but nevertheless tasteful.

Robin Manhollan

Tacos were out of this world amazing!

Favian Liscano

Burrito was one of the best burritos I've tried

Adrian G.

I've been coming here since I was really little and I always loved their tacos. It was close to my house so I went often. They used to sell tacos for 1$ and they were really good with juicy meat. Then as years went on, the prices increased and the quality diminished. They are at a 1.50$ price point per taco now and I just went today to see if they are any good still and I was greeted by the lady with attitude and presumes to make me wait 15 minutes to take my order even though there was only one other person there. She eventually takes it and I wait about 5 minutes for my tacos to be ready. I take them home and sit down to eat. Open tinfoil and was amazed the tacos literally looked like they had a half spoonful of meat and they just overlapped the tortillas to make it look flush. So disappointed ate the tacos and it was 80% tortilla and 10% meat and 10% sauce. Go to Fluffy's Kitchen it's a block away and they stuff tacos with meat. And have amazing customer service (oh yeah they also take debit and credit cards)

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