El Zocalo Restaurant

1633 El Camino Real, South San Francisco
(650) 992-1482

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leonor patel

The food is good but the place needs a good deep cleaning . The owner have a diamond in the rough but doesn't know it , or doesn't care. The place has a great location , great clientele, but drips in dirt all over. Bad service also.

Jessica R.

They charged me for tap water after spending almost $50. In addition to charging me for tap water staff weren't wearing gloves, weren't sanitizing between people... I'm shocked this place is still open since the SF location closed

Lalo Lalo

Sticker shock Wow! prices too the roof, even 25 cts per every item take-out fee, not to mention the 1 hour wait outside in the car, ta hell is that? Place way outdated and uninviting. It's the only salvi place in SSF unfortunately. However the food it's good:)

Alan M.

The food is delicious, made quickly, and it's consistent. They even package it nicely. I love the pupusas , slaw, chicharron and yucca!!

adalberto aparicio

Don't get the pupusas of chicharron with cheese.,Why?They are always super stingy with the chicharron, barely any, it was like eating a tortilla . I refuse to pay $3.50 for one tortilla. I took it upon myself to take the recommendation of my friends from El Salvador and try the pupusas from Los Panchos Restaurant here in the city on Mission St. and was so happy with their generous amount of succulent cheese and chicharron.Plus many said the other options at this gem are yummy and the staff are so sweet, sweet. And guess what folks, $3.00 a pop. Thank you Jesus!!!!! P.S I read many of the Google reviews and many said the same. See you all at LOS PANCHOS !!!

Luis C.

Food is good if you want to wait for a very long time, when ordering over the phone they will tell you 30 min but in reality its 40 to 60 minutes. Customer service improvements extremely needed.

Veronica B.

Huge rip off, I check the most current up to date menu with prices which is posted a few days ago but when you order they tax $6!! Crazy how a combo is 14 dollars but somehow comes out to $20. Food is ok and customer service is horrible!!! Los panchos in sf is way better. Never coming back again.

Luis Rosas

This place doesnt take the order that I wanted very unorganized! I ordered different types of pupuas and they were all together I had to see which was which at home frustrating also too much beans in them i also got a horchata and it was not it more like a champurado - it was not a horchata do not get.

Kylie L.

I always enjoy eating here. Although I do miss there old menu before COVID. There pupas are sooo good.

Lolo P.

The food is good but ur hours online and even on the store don't match what you have on your voicemail. I rather go to burgerking than wait for you guys to open. Is it 9am like it says online , 11am as it states on the window or 12pm as it says over the voicemail recording.

Pam H.

Charged me extra 7 dollars for tips without my consent ! And still asked me to tip cash. Soup was at the point of cold.

Clarissa S.

I remember the old El Zocalo on Mission Street as a fixture of my youth. Little ladies at the stove patting these lovely pupusas into existence until 4 in the morning while I drunkenly devoured these El Salvadoran delights after leaving bars and clubs in the area. A decade has passed and El Zocalo in South City is now a part of my adulthood as I pass it all the time when going to Costco. Oh how times have changed! The one thing that has not however is the quality of this food. I don't know why folks rate this location so low, but it surely can't be due to the food. These are just as wonderful as I remember them being. Yes, they are made to order, so be prepared to wait a bit and stroll around Grocery Outlet if you must, but my pupusas were made hot to order and with the care and consistency that I would otherwise expect. Prices are still relatively low at $9.50 for a very generous combo. The guy behind the counter was wonderful and set proper expectations on my waiting time. He even gave me a call when my order was ready. Happy that this place is still around despite COVID. I look forward to frequenting as much as I can!

Core H.

Not happy about the quality of the this food. Don't think I would come back to this place. Sorry.

Tommy R.

Went there today and got some pupusas. Had to wait 1/2 hour. got home and the pupusas were just barely warm. They were probably done 15 minutes before. Much smaller than they used to be. For $4 bucks each they just ain't worth it. Won't go back!

Nicole O.

Called ahead. They said it would be an hour until the food was ready. Got there an hour later and waited another hour. If it wasn't for my pregnant wife wanting these, I would have left.

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