Hawaiian Drive Inn

128 Hazelwood Dr, South San Francisco
(650) 871-2836

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Jeremy Y.

This is probably the best Hawaiian BBQ place I've been to in the Bay Area. The Chicken Katsu plate is sooo good. Unlike other Hawaiian BBQ places I've been to (where the katsu can be a little chewy), the katsu here is crispy on the outside and tender/soft on the inside. Super affordable for the Bay Area and they give very generous portions (the regular plate lasted me 3 meals).

Zelong Z.

Tasty Hawaiian bbq. Prices are a little higher than others. Portion is about right. This mini size is enough for my lunch. I also like the Hawaiian fruit drink. Will most likely go to this place again when I want some Hawaiian bbq.

Mark G.

Their food portions are great. My wife and I ordered the BBQ mixed plate, spam musubi and Portuguese sausage musubi. Their food portions are great, it ended up being 2 meals for the both of us. Larger portions than L&L's and cheaper. No seating available, you can walk in to order and wait outside as it's pretty small.. This place is CASH only. The mac salad was a little bland but not bad either. It is street parking only and across the street from Smart & Final.

Rebecca A.

This review is more for the catering side of the restaurant. Maggie was sooo amazing to work with!! She was very caring and genuine!!! I had a retirement party I needed catering for and she was more than accommodating to our needs!! The food was very delicious (Ono) and we had a ton of compliments asking where we got the food from. After trying to lie to my guests saying "I made it" and them giving me the yeah right face, I came clean and told them Hawaiian Drive Inn! If you need catering in South San Fran go see Maggie!! You will not regret it!!


The place smelled like rotten cabbage.i left

Thomas Mendoza

Chicken Katsu with 2 scoop rice and mac salad. Onolicious. You get your money's worth, I made 2 meals out of this.??

Dreya M.

Was looking for another Hawaiian bbq place got tired of L&L with poor quality food and bad service. But this one just like it. Order look Moko and got home smelled raw meat from it. It was cooked just be marinated in meat blood. Totally lost my appetite and 60 dollars. Oh well just wait till I hit Hawaii again for the real Hawaii bbq.

Jai JB Jr

Nice lil spot


The ladies who work here are so nice. They give such big portions too. Will definitely be supporting these local hard working small businesses!

Andrew S.

The best musubi in town, maybe anywhere in the bay area. It's owned and operated by the same family for years, and you can see the prices have barely changed since opening. Musubi from here is definitely very cheap and so worth it. Be sure to bring cash though.

Justin A.

I'm not kidding, i would rather come here than L&L BBQ. Why? Maybe it's because this shop has been my go to since high school or maybe their food is just that much better. Let's start off with the chicken katsu regular, the chicken is usually not burnt and most cases they give enough portions to feed TWO people. Also their macaroni side has a good Mayo to Mac ratio. They include veggies in the bottom which in my book is wonderful! OMG also their locomoco is to die for!! The meat and rice just go very well with each other. Hawaiian food at its best. The meat is very rich in flavor and it pairs well with the rice. Lastly let's talk shop environment, place isn't spacious and even more so since it's covid 19 protocol. If your going to order be ready to order and wait outside or in your vehicle. Usually seating is available but we all understand the hardships of stay at home and social distancing. The owners are usually sweet and get your order done quickly and efficiently. They smile and give your the food your order with no questions. I usually recommend this spot because it's cheaper, better food quality, and down right mom and pop. So support the local shops right?!! Chicken KatsuSpam Musubi

Joanna Lem

Love everything I've had here. Really good value and quick service.

Eli Castello

I Googled this place, drove here on a Monday and the time says it closes at 9pm. I got here at 7:50pm and the person was already closing. Unreal! I've been wanting to try their food but they closed early than usual

Rodrigo E.

I really like this place. It's near my orthodontist so this is usually my post appointment treat. I don't think my girlfriend would like this place because it's not really her thing. But I really like the food here. They have a good Mac salad :). Never mind my girlfriend is hovering over my shoulder and she said she likes Mac salad. I think she would like this place.

Mike C.

I visit Hawaii often and am a sucker of that style of cuisine. This location was probably my first Hawaiian meal outside of Hawaii ages ago. I will say the food on the mainland has improved over the years, and while other places can do a better job, this place is nostalgic to me. First, it's cash-only, which a bit of bummer. It's a small hole-in-the-wall joint with a friendly staff, and the food is made-to-order. It's definitely a step up over L&L, and rivals Ono's and Hawi. Hana for me is still the standard, but overall, they do a good job here.

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