La Torta Sabrosa

439 Grand Ave, South San Francisco
(650) 952-2790

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A Aguiniga

Biónicos were missing strawberries- instead, they substituted with a whole lot of papaya and pineapple (weird)…. AND not enough condensed milk.Tostilocos were very dry and didn’t taste right. NEVER AGAIN!!!

Aldo Garbick

Had pigeons Wali g and yi g inside the restaurant. Food was terrible, how hard can a taco to serve...

Mistalee Wang

The food was delicious ? ordered a super steak and shrimp burrito, super wet burrito with red sauce, 2 papusas, 4 chicken taco, 1 super taco. Everything tasted good. The salsa wasn't very hot. They have a huge selection of food to choose from. I'll definitely be back.

Anthony P.

Food is always fresh and hot. Only one time they did not give me chips and salsa. Taco are great.


I got Camaron de Ceviche Togo. U can also dine in. Very good , friendly fast service

Carlos Bonilla

great mangonada at a fair price

Paul Vellucci

Food is great but the service is slow best to order ahead i have wasted a few lunch breaks just waiting for my food

Carlos L.

Man. Came here for lunch. Ordered a chorizo and egg burrito over the phone. I come in to pick up. I go to pay for my burrito, and I forget to mention I wanted a bottle of cola. So right before the lady who's helping me swipes my card on the card reader she gets my cola from the fridge. Brings me my receipt, I sign and then she says she want to swipe it again. I'm not sure why at first, and then I realize she's trying to tell me she didn't add the cola to my order before she charged my burrito. So I say no. I'm not gonna let you double charge me because your pendeja and didn't think to add my drink to the order before you decided to charge me. I take my food and leave. I open the burrito, and it's filled like "over filled" with nothing but chorizo. The proportion of chorizo to the tortilla was way off. The taste was bad. It literally tasted like a frozen burrito you would get from the gas station. ABSOLUTELY NO FLAVOR!!!! First and last time I give them business. Definitely left a bad taste in my mouth. My advice, don't go to this place. Customer service is bad, the food is bad. You won't come out with a good experience.

Jessica de la rosa

My order was missing a taco and they refused to give me my money back. I normally don't make a big deal about it but the taco was almost $4 and they're pretty small. (My husband got his).

gilda M.

Execellent food !! & service. I wanted to get the quezabirrias and I found this places that had a variety of delicious desserts I had the choco banana and the Mangoneada the tostó locos ohh my gosh all the food was excellent. I recommend this place I give it a 5 star.

Brenden Myers

They serve large dishes and for reasonable pricing. kind owner. I recommend this place.

Hiram Waller

The place is wonderful and spacious, the food was delightful and the prices were very affordable. quickly, effective service and very personal staff. I highly recommend this place.

Jonathan Torres

Great food and great taste! Nice people and recommend coming by

Corinne C.

Torta de lomo (spicy pork) w/mayonnaise, queso fresco, and everything on it - heaven. Rich pork layered in with all the fillings (pickled jalapenos/carrots, lettuce, tomato, onion, avocado, cheese), with the bread toasted on the grill, then smashed together so the flavors meld beautifully. These are HUGE. I eat half of a torta and a mangonada and am happy. Save the other half for second lunch later, then food coma here I come.

Ashley H.

I got the quesabirria taco and it was bomb. 10/10 would recommend. Service was great even tho I ordered through grub hub. Seating area is open now which is nice.

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