Lidia's Delicatessen

Sunshine Gardens Shopping Center, 1148 Mission Rd, South San Francisco
(650) 225-9494

Recent Reviews

Dave Lau

My favorite deli in South San Francisco. I have been coming here for many years. The owner is very nice and kind. Every items on the menu are must try. The ingredients are always fresh. The Godfather is my all time favorite.

Jeremy Medina

Nice Deli. Good service and nice owners and good prices. These guys are nice and friendly. Definitely come and get some food.

Nicole Sargent

I've been getting sandwiches here for 20 years. They were great way back when Pops was the owner and they're just as great now. The family who owns the place are amazing people as with the rest of their staff. The sandwiches are so fresh and delicious! The pastas and antipasto are yumm! The desserts are awesome! My wife and I try to make it a weekly stop. She used to be a die-hard LL fan...until I introduced her to Lidia's. And we never looked back...

Leslie V.

Best sandwiches in the bay. I come from the #1 city of gastronomy in the US so my standards are pretty high. This is my first review ever, as I have never been so moved by a sandwhich to make the effort to write one. I ordered the Kicken' Chicken and my vegan sister the Eggplant and lentils soup. Let me tell you, that chicken was kickin! Exceptionally crispy veggies, creamy sauces, and fresh bread-- overall a very well rounded and flavorful meal. Not only that, the staff was also very kind to us and generous with their portions. It's the type of place where you can tell the food is made with a respect and appreciation for the culinary world. Lidia's Deli went well above and beyond all of my expectations.

James B.

Excellent people. Excellent food. Anyone that even attempts to rate this lower than 5 stars clearly does not know what they are talking about. I am from New York and I know what a good sandwich is. They have perfect proportions, fresh produce, and they are doing it right. For the most part you cannot get a place this good anywhere else in California.

Benjamin B.

This is a friendly shop. Great service and fast. I usually go with a custom order with roast beef and turkey on sliced sourdough or wheat with some mixed veggies and different cheeses.  Way fresh and it usually takes me two meals to finish the whole sammie. I've also tried their potato salad and a lunch sized take home spaghetti and meat sauce which was also good warmed up. I think it's because covid but the only complaint is they aren't open long enough. If I'm not working from home I never get home in time to walk down and order. Definitely worth a shot and great to keep things local.

Lynnelle E.

I have been going here for years now and have not had anything there that wasn't good.

My usual go to is a godfather on ciabatta bread with onions. So weird,  I am not a fan of vegetables but everything that is in this sandwich I eat .

I usually get sweets like smores, but they don't have that anymore, now I go for the key lime, carrot cake, and espresso brownie.

During the holidays I order a tray of lasagna and they are always a hit.

I've always enjoyed going here because they treat you like family and they are always welcoming even when it's crazy busy during lunch time

Sergio A.

You literally can't go wrong with Lidia's! Their sandwiches are fresh and delicious, and the staff is friendly and kind to everyone who enters. You tend to always hear about Little Lucca's being the talk of the town in south city, and don't get me wrong, they're good as well. But in my 20+ years being born and raised in South San Francisco, I have only been to LL's twice. Lidia's however, I find myself visiting at least once a month. Whether you order a cold sandwich or a hot one (make sure you tell them you want you sandwich toasted!), you won't be disappointed! Their side dishes and desserts are also quite good. One of the best!

James DeMars

Good food, good service. Locally owned.

Alex C.

I really like this place and highly recommend it! Great food, great people working there. My go to is the Hot Honey Club aka "the Ronnie Special" you know that cute short girl that's always hustling in the back? She created that masterpiece of a sandwich. What sets this place apart from any other place, is the love they put into every order. For example - most places when they include bacon they'll throw on 2 microwaved strips that pull completely out of the sandwich on the first bite and you just hate life for a moment when that happens.. That doesn't happen at Lidia's and i'll tell you why.. At Lidia's, they chop up the bacon into small pieces and layer it on there so you get a nice mouthful of crunchy bacon every time, guaranteed to make you moan with every bite.. with that said I'm moaning right now and my colleagues are concerned but hey that's love man! Also, the lasagne is by far the best I've ever had in my life, I never have any regrets when I pick one of those up for dinner. Plus they give you garlic bread! Oh heavenly lawd i'm going to wake the neighbors when I eat that tonight. Try Lidia's, 5 stars.

Nancy M.

I never gone, I do have a friend that has gone three to four times with his brother. They love the service and the people there. He has asked me to please check it out.He would give them 5 stars. He come's from Martinezes to order food his brother live in Richmond,I live in El Cerrito. I have a hard time when it come to food. If it good I will go back and till friend Now if I don't like it I never go back also till people. so I will take my friend words, he know how I am. He told me the food is great.

J N.

Their Sandwiches are made fresh everyday. My son & I love their Turkey on Dutch Crunch.

jmikka ligs

The staff is very nice. Sandwiches are made fresh before you.

Roxanna Restrepo

Good sandwiches. I work nearby and I decided to try it. I was pleasantly surprised by the taste and the friendly staff.

Brian Watkins

Great neighborhood vibe with solid sandwiches. Got the Godfather on soft and would suggest it. Good meat to topping to bread ratio. Overall ?

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