Los Metates

237 Lux Ave, South San Francisco
(650) 589-4282

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Joshua J.

This place is super delicious. I love the carne asada y camarones a la plancha. It's super good and the people are quite nice! And they are ready to give you some really good Mexican food and hospitality! Once again the food is great and the people are stellar, give them a shot if you are looking for a new spot or even better a reliable place to get some decent Mexican food.

Diana B.

Love their chicken mole! I haven't had a good mole in a long time and was excited we got this here. The horchata was good too. We visited close to closing but the staff said we can eat inside if we liked and gave us extra tortilla chips.

Gamaliel Reyes

I been “Los Metates” customer since 1999 and always enjoy the delicious “tacos”. Highly recommended!

Michael H

Great Mexican food. I suggest the burrito.

Richard G.

Food has always good,even very good. Hadn't been by during COVID so decided to return today. NO MORE! I asked the guy (the owner, I think) for four salsas. His response, "I can't do that, only two." Telling a customer that, a once regular, is wrong and comes across as rude and cheap. Sorry I left a tip, too

Jk J.

Good salsa, great portion sizes, free chips. That's about all I need from a small Mexican place like Los Metates. Vegetarian options are a huge plus.

Steve Ingelfinger

Had the ceviche It was quite tasty but my chips were stale. The environment was nice, quiet and the staff was very pleasant.

Jorge Alfaro

very friendly place the food is really good

Omar Vazquez

Great food and at a good price.

Alexio V.

In a 'hood with so many taqueria options, this is the best taqueria around. Their burrito de pollo en mole might be the best mole burrito in California. All the stars.

Emiliano R.

I bought 3 chicken tacos for my wife on 1/31/21 and they were full of chicken bone and cartilage. Beware when picking take out food up here and restaurants that would served there customers chicken with bone and cartilage tacos. We will never go back to Los Metates! La Perla is way better anyway!!!

Nicholas Dibble

I admire this restaurant! They have great dishes, their menu is large, The chef in that spot is very experienced, I enjoy very much tasting all their dishes. The dishes are consistently of high class, the attitude towards the guests is agreeable. I go often to this place and I not even once was discontended. I recommend this place.

Angie P

Customer service is excellent, food is good

Manuel C.

For take out today we decided Los Metates.  We ordered a Super Burrito de carne asada, Chile Relleno dinner (comes with rice and beans), and Steak picado (also comes with rice and beans.  The burrito was delicious -Carne asada, rice, whole beans, cream, guacamole, and cheese, all proportioned just right.  Every bite had a mixture of all.  It was good, and tasted fresh and it was big enough that I'm saving the other half for lunch tomorrow.  The other dishes we ordered were also well served, and for what I can see, they were also good because all I see are the empty to-go containers.  

Los Metates also offers a variety of other dishes which are also pretty good.  Tacos, ceviche tostadas, and caldo de res, are a few I can highly recommend.


*They offer a variety of dishes
*Take out is available
*Local business that's been around for quite a while

*Sometimes they change cooks, but mostly they're consistent

Savannah J.

I used to come here once a week as a treat, when I worked in South SF. I moved to LA and lived there for 6 years, all the while missing my beloved Metates. I finally moved to San Jose a couple of years ago and while closer to Los Metates, I could never find a reason to drive up and taste the carnitas I'd been craving for literal years. Yesterday I had that chance and Los Metates fulfilled every scent and tastebud memory which had been haunting me for so long.

I felt like the food critic in Ratatouille when he took his first bite of Remy's food. Los Metates forever.

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