2298 Gellert Blvd, South San Francisco
(650) 583-2562

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Jason Glines

Only really doing kiosk ordering

Dseymoe Seymour

Professional staff great slices ,

Ethan Krasner

Everytime we come to this location and they don't have our order ready they tell us to go to a reserved parking space but there always full.So I have drive around in circles hoping they don't give my meal to someone else.

Anita L.

This place checks all the boxes as far as a fast food restaurant goes. I usually only come to McDonald's for one thing - their breakfast. And my go-to is always the #7 - the two sausage breakfast burritos with a small coffee + hash brown. As always, the service was expedient and I got the food exactly as ordered and up to my expectations. The McDonald's hash brown patty is total comfort food bliss - yum. The coffee here is surprisingly good and strong enough to keep me focused for the rest of the day. The only confusing thing about this place is that there are two pick up windows. I was at the first one for a while waiting until a few minutes later, I heard one of the ladies calling me down to pick up at the second window. It would be nice if they could make that part a little clearer.

Wendy H.

After the Daly City McD's have thoroughly disappointed me with their incompetence and lack of service, we gave this McD a shot since we were at Westborough Square. Restaurant is clean- cleaner than the moss pit known as Serramonte. Service was prompt and accurate. We were also greeted by the staff. We went in and placed an order. We did not do doordash nor drive through. Perhaps that made a difference. They followed our instructions by leaving the salt off our filet o fish. This is our McD of choice.

Zac C.

asked for the bts meal and got normal stuff. the bag, cup, and fries were nothing special. i heard a girl ask for the bts bag and the cashier said ok so its like u have to ask for the bts themed stuff in order to get it. this pissed me off

Dana Liu

All 4 burgers are looks like this. Not really happy with it.

Rachel S.

Every time I do curbside pick up they forget something, first time was one actual meal and second time were the happy meal toys. Never again am I going to do curbside. I was too far away to go back just for the forgotten items. Both times I used the deals but if they're going to purposely leave out something just because I use a deal then I think that's wrong.

Kendra 522

You can ALWAYS get ice cream here! Plus employees are really nice.

Marilyn L.

If I could give this store a negative zero I'll be delighted to . This morning May 15,2021 we drive thru order a breakfast & a sweet tea & we have to come back the sweet tea has no sugar at all I have to come back walk in the counter ( bringing the not sweet tea ) to ask for my sweet tea because the one I ordered is not a sweet tea after all then I told the lady that I drop the hash brown going to the store when I came down from my car & she wants me to get the dirty hash brown that I already put in the trash can what ? They had to put inventory as a " waste " that's contaminated already it drops on the parking & to bring it back to the store ? I called even the store talk to the manager & she's so rude as the lady I had encountered. That's why this location is very poor in rating . They don't even apologize for the inconvenience that I have to come back for my sweet tea that's they give me a regular tea. Bad management. I won't come back in this location. Also at the drive thru the guy has a hand gloves taking the money & gives the order when I ask for an extra cup he hold the cup on the mouth not on the edge ,so unsanitary ., really poor management & very low class cheap management.

Christian A.

I wonder if their gonna update their online menu for the drinks like you know take out the fruit punch since it's no longer there n replace it with something that's actually there like the hi-c orange?

Arthur Marcelo

Hot crispy fries and friendly customer service. My order is always perfect here.

Victor Perrin

Great fast food breakfasts. All else, well it's McDonald's.

Joey J.

I've ordered Fish Fillet PLAIN, I specified when I order NO CHEESE, no sauce and it even says on the label of the box, PLAIN. Three times, I got cheese in my order. WHY, when I specified in my order NO cheese, no sauce. Are you saying I need to check every time I get my order to check? I am allergic to cheese and it's so hard to take the cheese out because it sticks to the fish. PLEASE make sure that this doesn't happen because people can choke and die if they are allergic to something.

Tony Q.

If you go drive thru pls double check your order before leaving. Time and time again they always mess up our order or leave things out.

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