Milk Tea Lab

630 El Camino Real, South San Francisco
(650) 745-8612

Recent Reviews

Michael G.

Ive only been here once, so maybe they just had a bad day. Ordered the jasmine milk tea and it was so watery. The boba was not sweet at all. Quickly is better than this place. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Rahul Narayan

My favorite place to go to grab me a Mango Lovers drink.

Sad O.

One of my go to milk tea spots. I want to say how they make their milk teas, it's pretty consistent.

kyra d.

This is so long overdue. Milk Tea Lab is definitely our favorite milk tea place to date so far. Not only are their drinks solid but the people who own the place to the their staff are are very friendly and wonderful! It's like family already here. I go every1-2 days with my 17-month old and we are greeted very warmly by everyone. Even my little boy loves their drink. He even gets a freebie egg pudding from the owner who is just kind and very friendly - she always welcomes you with her beautiful smile! My go to is the Large Organic Jasmine Milk Tea with Egg Pudding and 50% sugar. I order 2 every time and it feels like it's not enough which is another reason to be back again :)

Genevieve L.

Good boba, nice staff and story nice owner, fresh taro, big portions, good value, and fun times!

Joselyn M.

Great taste!! Glad we made this last min pit stop after the Giants game. I def recommend the Tiger Milk tea, w/ the classic milk instead of whole milk & popping mango boba for a nice added touch. Thanks for also staying open late too MTB!! Keep up the good work.

Judy Paige

.""""hey everybody this place is not stingy with the bulba toppings. """""" (people u know what im talking about)All in allGood place to grab sum bulba !

albert fang

Good place for boba tea

K A.

Fav drinks #1 Large Honey Roasted Milk Tea with grass jelly $5.50 - normal sweetness and light ice (regular size $5) & #2 Large Organic Jasmine Milk Tea (no toppings) $5.50 - normal sweetness and light ice (regular size $4.50). Select drink, drink size - regular or large, preferred percentage of ice and sweetness. Non-dairy powder used for majority of drinks. Reasonably priced AND opened til 11pm - which is later than all the other boba joints in the area. Call in your order if you want it ready when you arrive. Loyalty card PER visit - don't forget to type in your phone # when you pay and stamp the screen - WISHED stamps were per drink - could've gotten lots of free drinks already from ordering here all the time! Recommend up-sizing it's worth the really large cup filled with milk tea goodness!

Linda Trevino

They make the best flavored bubble tea . Plus they give excellent advice of tea that keeps us healthy! Mine is kumquat worth shot of lemon ?, no sugar & mango bubbles. ? ? ? ? ?

Zac C.

a nice boba place locally. drinks come well prepared. i get something that isnt really common at many boba places ive tried which is the mango boba. "mango lover" is probably one of my favorite drinks there. definitely will go there for another quick boba run

Osama I.

I always get classic boba. I call them to get it ready before picking it up and they're almost always on time. The drink is always delicious, but they maybe could work a bit on making the boba have a little sweeter flavor.

Melissa T.

The boba here is so addicting! I usually always order the Passion Fruit Green Tea with boba and lychee jelly, and Milk Tea Lab never disappoints. The boba is sweet and chewy, the jelly has just the right crunch with a perfect flavor and the tea is never sickly sweet. I especially love how they don't skimp on their toppings. A large is a small bucket, yet there is plenty of boba and jelly, so you don't run out of either before finishing the drink.

Kalei T.

unbelievable! After we drank it, we actually had diarrhea. This is the first and last time I drink.

Vincent G.

First time trying it, love the decor and the attention to detail. Will come back if I'm in the area.

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