Spruce Cafe & Patisserie

230 S Spruce Ave, South San Francisco
(650) 634-8438

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Jel R.

Their Rose Latte with Oat milk is the bestest! You can thank me later it's the best tasting Rose latte in Bay Area!

Michele T.

Needed an afternoon pick me up. We were in the area and decided to stop at Spruce Cafe. This is a usual morning coffee stop when going to work and have always been happy with whatever I've ordered, especially when it's an early morning visit for their fresh out of the oven pastry. On a recent visit, I ordered the Affogato ($6). This is the first time I've ordered this drink. Generous scoops of Vanilla ice cream. Don't know what brand was used - not as creamy as others but it was still good. Looks small but it was just enough for me and I enjoyed it.

Sarah L.

Good drinks, delicious freshly baked pastries, nice staff, spacious and clean cafe with parking! Recommend to come here in the morning for some freshly baked goods.

Sean K.

Unfortunately the owners have not figured this thing out . You need at least 2 people working in the cafe in the AM! 20 minutes for a black coffee is ridiculous ( happens weekly) this is not an inditement on staff they try but when the young man is by himself it's a shit show it's like a turtle tournament lol come on owner . The pastries are fresh and delicious but the service is slow! The young lady that is there is the fastest please clone her and hire someone to help or owners get your ass to the front !

Anthony Y.

Tried this cafe for the first time in March while on a mini-vacation with my girlfriend. We were pleased to see a coffee shop open during COVID and have indoor & outdoor seating. The drinks we ordered were good and the food menu ranged from breakfast items to sweets. We revisited this cafe again in May and found that the staff were very kind and attentive (much like our first visit). My only issue with the cafe, and why I didn't give them 5 stars, is due to the fact that they are severely understaffed. One of the employees said it was managements decision due to COVID. Seeing that every time we visited they were busy and the staff was overwhelmed, I don't see the reason to not have more employees on staff. Message to management: LET YOUR EMPLOYEES GO TO WORK!

Vincent G.

The aesthetic and design was the first thing I noticed walking in here. The area in front of register has a lot of open space to view any pastries, cakes and sweets. The lady that took our order was also extremely nice and patient while we took our time what to order. Hazelnut and caramel is usually what I gravitate to when it comes to coffee, so I went with the Hazelnut Mocha which was around $5. The drink was really creamy and had the right amount of hazelnut. Wasn't too strong either with the caffeine. Something random but is also appreciated is that the bathroom sinks are outside (but still far away from the main tables) rather than inside. Reminds me of Boiling Crab. Plenty of seating inside and outside makes this place great for just relaxing. Give this place a try if you're ever in the area and want a nice alternative for coffee or sweets!

Danny W.

Wonderful! I got my favorite leek croissant, and I tasted the same buttery goodness as before. Thanks to Spruce's management; they are humble and really try hard to put out quality products. I discovered the delicious Brulee tart yesterday. Got a dozen & saved $4. Good enough for another tasty croissant.

Eva O.

Three words: flakey egg tarts! O R D E R E D - Portuguese Style Egg Tarts - Pistachio Cake - Mother's Day Strawberry Cake - Mothers Day Chocolate Cake V E R D I C T The strawberry cake cream was so light and fruity, I would definitely have loved more cake than creme but the way I bought it was great. I loved how flakey the egg tarts crust was, reminds me of the ones I had in Asia. The chocolate cake was definitely sweeter than the strawberry cake, I think next time, I would choose the strawberry over the chocolate, just my own preference.

Jennifer O.

Pre-covid, my friends and I would have a table and hang out while ordering drinks and snacks for a couple of hours. Now I stop by to grab pastries and desserts for tea time at grandma's - her favorite is the Leek (+ Spinach and Feta?) Croissant! The Lemon Tart is my favorite but the special Strawberry Champagne Heart Cake was quite good. The baristas are always patient and helpful; sometimes it can get pretty busy but it's always worth the wait!

Camille Kae V.

-Pistachio Ricotta Cake was delicious -nice ambience to do work and get out of the house -helpful and kind workers -awesome cafe that's close to home

Kevin S.

Great staff, great drinks and great pastries/baked goods. Head over here to get my morning coffee fix quite often even though there are a ton of other coffee shops much closer to me.

Hans-Peter G.

This out of the way cafe serves super high quality pastries and coffee in a design environment. Nothing like this place exists in the surrounding area. Give a try...you won't be disappointed

Anushka S.

Came specifically for the coffee, which ended up to be pretty mediocre. However, I did try a slice of their tiramisu and it was perfect (would definitely get that again if I was in the area). As for the coffee, you're better off getting your fix somewhere else.


Hidden gem in south city. They serve Ritual Coffee and have yummy pastries.

Cameron McNally

Great coffee. Nitro cold brew is excellent. Cinnamon rolls too. Sometimes staff might grab the wrong cookie but they're so good I hardly cared.

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