Taqueria El Farolito

394 Grand Ave, South San Francisco
(650) 737-0138

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N C.

Best El Farolito I've been to! I live in the city RIGHT by three of them but the service is terrible and food is half-assed. I was waiting for Ben Tre but was too hungry so came here tonight. The cashier to the kitchen staff is amazing. Cant go wrong with super burrito or the flautas. Never had flautas before but it was perfect! I will definitely stop going to the SF locations that are ten mins from my house to come here. It's not even that far from sf.

Chili B.

Not a fan of the grilled chicken super burrito. The chicken was just meh and there was hardly anything else in the burrito other than chicken and rice.

Mitchell W.

We got the carne asada, al pastor, cabeza and chorizo tacos. Very good size tacos for 3.25. Very savory, and comfortable outdoor patio seating, would come again!

Rich H.

I always forget about this spot. South City has a few really good taquerias and this is one of them. I was starving and wanted something that would be thick as a brick and just as inexpensive. Answer: El Farolito. I had my Go-To favorite: Super Burrito with grilled chilled, black beans and no sour cream. WOOOH!!!! I love their grilled chicken. The meat is tender and flavorful. I don't know what they do it, but I crave it like a guy who...craves...delicious...chicken (whah?) The beans, the guac and salsa all come together wonderfully and it is a pity I don't go their more often. That will be rectified.

Steph N.

I usually call ahead and food is ready for pick up in about 10 minutes. All the staff is super nice and their food is really good! I should probably try other things on the menu, but I've been stuck on their super steak burritos!! Fairly priced compared to other local places. I work a few blocks away so this tends to be one of my go tos for dinner after work.

Ovsick H.

Very nice and tasty spot Their juice is amazing tastes so real and good! Very nice Taqueria really enjoyed it one of the best ones that I've tried so far very clean friendly and good quality food

Ken Wong

6-17-21:Came here for dinner and tried the Chile Relleno plate and the carnitas ? + chips and salsa.The tacos had a lot of meat and very fresh ? tortillas. Would get these again! Chips came with two tasty salsas. Both had a lot of heat!Unfortunately, the Chile Relleno was very disappointing. Too much soggy breading which made it hard to eat.Would come here again for tacos and maybe try the ?.

Gail Lynn W.

Best Carnitas burrito ever!! First time going here and everything we bought was excellente. They sure know how to cook their food.

Jeff O'Toole

This is one of my favorite places. I come here regularly several times a month. I like the traditional food choices and have tried many menu items. The food is great and a good value. I appreciate the friendly staff and quick service.the regular cashier remembers frequent customers. El Farolito Taqueria is one of chain of restaurants. I recommend this location. Weekends the parking is limited. Overall a great place.

Paulo F.

Definitely a must try taqueria In south sf. I like the shrimp burrito or the shrimp and steak. Make sure to come here when you're really hungry because they are huge burritos. They also have plate, tacos, soups and sandwiches

Bing B.

Carnitas taco was very good. Green Salsa was good. Al pastor taco was very good. Ambiance and interior made it look the type of place you would peek in and walk by. Don't. It's good stuff.

Donny P

Great place in South San Francisco for some good tacqueria food. My favorite thing to get here is a Super Burrito w/ Carne asada with everything!

Mr G.

Good solid burritos for when you need the food log fix-good salsas and one of the apparently most happy (i envy this) people on earth at the register. We should all emulate the enthusiasm that he brings to his job. Too bad I do not recall his name to put in this review.

Mike S.

Took a friend and his mother here for lunch. Had the veggie burrito and a super burrito and a taco. All were good and the service was great.


Great carnitas super burrito

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