TOGO'S Sandwiches

180 S Airport Blvd #2, South San Francisco
(650) 457-1900

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Chad Turek


John K

My son got the Reuben and I the Pretzel-rami. Pastrami is both plentiful and delicious! Unfortunately, had to eat mine with a fork because there was so much pastrami! Ha ha! You know, these days you have to eat in the car so eating the sandwich conventional- style was not going to be pretty.

Alex S

I get food from here once in a while.... its OK..

Dani G.

Sandwiches are great!!! Staff is always nice. We order pick up and we haven't ever had to wait that long.

Dave N.

Sandwiches are hard to mess up or be disappointed in when made on par but just my overall satisfaction after my recent visit was just meh. My gripe about this place may be the fact that the line tends to be slow. Understandable that you have to make it just right according to customers standards but every time I'm here it's the norm. I guess it's the lunch gods punishing me for coming back to a place hoping it will change. Once I got to order, the sandwich maker asked me what I wanted and when I ordered my turkey and cheddar on wheat bread, I said I would like everything on it. The guy kept pausing and asking me if I wanted this and that, this and that. Bro I said EVERYTHING.........anyways when I got home and took a bite, it was just a dry bite. The condiments were very light.....the only thing I tasted was bread, meat and cheese. The everything felt underwhelming. The extra star is due to the fact that this is on the healthier end. How generous of me.

Dennis R. Huggins Jr.

Fast friendly service and great tasting food.

Dennis R. Huggins Jr. (Orion1437J)

Fast friendly service and great tasting food.

Sir Chalky B.

If the pastrami wasn't so good I'd try something else but I just can't. When I drive over from the East Bay, I stop and get a "Large 9 w/ everything". Always fresh bread, fresh items and tasty meats for your sandwich. The staff also lets you know of any Combo specials.

Jennifer T

Placed order incorrectly through 3rd party app, but the owner was kind enough to make equivalent changes for our order. Thanks for being flexible!

Patrick Burford

had this sign all over and owner is marking sandwiches without one

Ms. T

Best testing American ?? sandwiches ? in California. ?. Totally ?% better than subway sandwiches ?. I choose ToGo every time I feel like ?? sandwiches ?. ?

Linda T.

Best testing American sandwiches in California. . Totally % better than subway sandwiches . I choose ToGo every time I feel like sandwiches .

Orman Anderson

Super service. Great people.

Hank Luciano

Great tasting sandwiches prices are fair portion sizes are good you feel like you are getting your moneys worth. Place is clean fast service highly recommended

Delma L.

My fiancé and I came into this Togo's on the 11th of October 2020 at 630 pm. We patiently waited for the 2 employees to make the sandwiches they currently were making. We waited and then a young guy took my fiancé's order first. He was nice to us, a little quiet but polite. The other employee, a female named "Lorena" was not as friendly and didn't seem to be having a good day. She seemed like we were bothering her when asking for a sandwich. I proceed to order a sandwich with her and say to her "I would like to have it toasted please". She proceeds to make my sandwich and after putting almost all the veggies on, I ask her is she is still going to toast it? She replied with a little bit of attitude saying that the sandwich normally doesn't come toasted and would I still like it toasted? I told her no don't worry about it I'll take it as is. She then went to the back to get the cranberry and was talking to her co worker and was telling him in Spanish that if I wanted it toasted I should have told her, Unknowns to her my fiancé knows Spanish and she told her " he told you to toast it that was the first thing he told you but you didn't so don't say he did not tell you. She started talking over my fiancé with an attitude and told my fiancé she can make me a new sandwich and we chose not to we just wanted to leave. She did not have the decency to apologize, but instead rolled her eyes like she did nothing wrong. We were polite when paying and thanked both employees for helping us and to have a nice evening. We were the bigger persons in this experience. This experience was very disappointing, what are parents teaching our youth? No respect- bad attitude... Where is the great customer service? It's a lost Art. James B

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