Tokyo Sushi & Bar

2278 Westborough Blvd #201, South San Francisco
(650) 808-9898

Recent Reviews

J C.

$110 take out of bento boxes and sushi rolls. Sad to say this time the food was not fresh at all. Rolls have weird taste. One plastic bento box was cracked and teriyaki sauce dripped all over. No sauce for tempura and fried veggies. Miso soups had no flavor. Tonkatsu over cooked. Perhaps just too busy on weekend ? Not happy.

Caryn Ng Dela Cruz

Good portions, good food, good service.

Rachel Sitchon

Waitress was rude n did not specify what was extra on charges

Andrew S.

Pretty conveniently located in Westborough square. For the price, their appetizers and non-sushi items are across the board a bit overpriced. $8 for garlic edamame, $3 per bowl of miso soup, $12 for a few shrimp, broccoli, and a few starchy tempura mixed veggies. The nigiri is fairly well priced for the size and quality. A bit more rice than usual, but an equally large piece of fish to match. All in, a pretty large bite. Updated +1 star since my first visit.

Kamal B.

Delicious food, in-time delivery, wide variety, good quality! I liked it and I am surely going to return! Thanks!

Hadil D.

They used to be really good, my family and I would go there almost every single day. Unfortunately, they started to rise the price and give us less food. For instance, a bento box is $18 but they give little chicken, beef, and salmon. I'm very disappointed with this because now my family and I need to find something else.

Diane F.

Been here couple of times pre pandemic! Love their sushi and bento! I like the sauce they use in their salad! During pandemic i was still able to order delivery via doordash! It was good they charge extra fee if i requested food to be deep fry which is totally fine! Food is always reliable and good! So if me and family is craving for some bento and sushi Tokyo sushi bar is the way to go!

Shey D.

This place was just ok. Nothing exciting, just ok. The takoyaki was too doughy and not the normal airy texture. Their miso was good and flavorful. The bento box looked empty. The kids bento was bigger than the adult bento box. The chicken Katsura was dry. The salmon teriyaki, chicken karaage and tempura was good. Some rolls were just ok. The hamachi was not fresh and because of the fish not being fresh, I may not try them again. That is a deal breaker for me.

Justin Price

I was pretty excited to try this place but ended up leaving because some delivery guy talked me out of eating here. He started criticizing the menu while I was reading it. Told me this wasn’t real sushi and started laughing at me. He wasn’t with me and I didn’t ask him for his opinion but the waiting room was getting crowded and I changed my mind after being pestered by some third party app delivery person that was above this place.

Spencer Wilkerson

We came to this place for lunch. we heard about this restaurant from quite a few people. Well, it was very nice. the crew were so friendly and we had a great feeling. The food was just great. We had a great time and we will definitely return to this restaurant. Highly recommended.

Amabel Y.

Had lunch with my fiancé's parents here for Mother's Day and it was busy! Staff weren't very friendly as they were understaffed. Food was decent and did not disappoint! We ordered three bentos: chicken teriyaki, tonkatsu, and teriyaki salmon. Everyone enjoyed the bento and best of all it came with miso soup on the side! Seaweed salad - large portion and very tasty. Not fishy at all! Ikura nigiri (2pc): excellent. This is my fiancé's fathers favorite nigiri. Unagi nigiri (2pc): My fiancé mother ordered this and she enjoyed it as well! Spicy tuna roll (6pc); it was flavorful but the rice was a bit hard like it's been sitting out for awhile. Overall food is flavorful, but recommend coming on a less busy day for better service!

Frank N.

Lady taking orders over the phone is rude. When asking questions she interrupts you with ok thank you bubye. Stop her to ask the question again and she keep saying thank you ok bubye.

Alli W.

Ordered sashimi combo (chef's choice) that had 3 salmon, 4 tuna, and 3 hamachi slices. They were fresh and delicious, and pretty big slices compared to other sushi places! Honestly thought it was worth the $25! Ordered it through uber eats on a Sunday and picked it up when it was ready with no issues. Would come back here again.

Marilou E.

We have been dining at this place before the pandemic and has been ordering for take out since covid started. They always have great service and great food. There were more people picking up food this time as pick up wait took a little longer this but the lady who gave my order was very apologetic.

Wendy H.

Tokyo Sushi is located in a small mall in SSF. We ordered take out bento boxes here. The wait was about 25 minutes. Food came out hot and was still hot when we got home. I got a chicken katsu and chicken Kara age bentos. Portions are huge. Food is good enough for two. The chicken was fried just right. My only complaint was they stuck the sushi next to the rice and you couldn't tell where the sushi ended and the rice started. Good food and prices are alright.

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