22 Chestnut Ave, South San Francisco
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Blaise B.

Wing-stop is the worst in CT, I gave it another try here in SSF. The wings were well done, crispy and dry just like I ordered. Blue Cheese had too much garlic. 10 piece was perfect for me.


I was late picking up my food and to make things worse, the bag broke while in the parking lot, spilling my entire order across the blacktop. I sheepishly gathered up what I could and slinked my way back inside to let the cashier know what happened. Let me make clear, this was not their fault. I was riding my ebike and didn’t notice the back was weakened by the steam coming off the chicken. The cashier who’s name I didn’t catch, but was a tall female and extremely kind. She yelled back to Diego (I got his name because she said, “Diego!”)to ask him to remake my order. They didn’t have to replace my order but they did without hesitation or me asking for it. I appreciate the great customer service. You really don’t whiteness such service often, that’s why I’m writing this review. Thank you!!

Shumaila B.

I ordered wings with extra sauce, corn, Pepsi sodas x 2 and fries. The ordered delivered was dry wings, no corns, sodas were dr. Pepper. Fries had cheese on it which we didn't order. As a courtesy, if they were out of corn, either ask or refund the money instead of just adding cheese. Both the sodas were thrown out because we all hate dr. Pepper and wings were so dry and runny felt like it was sitting out for more than an hr. I have never had such bad service. It ruined 4th of July dinner for us.

cuddy yg

Fast and quick ordering I prefer picking the order up.

Judith Ting

Employees were rude 1 even made a sarcastic comment so instead of ordering i walked backed out who knows they might spit On my food NEVER! NEVER! COMING BACK HERE!!! I also work in the food industry I train my crew to be courteous, friendly n understanding to all the customer what ever race, culture, and specially color. That is why even during the pandemic all of my store store was making mobey

Niki P.

Hi and thank you, Wingstop... I haven't indulged in a long time... Timing was spot on, order was very well constructed, very friendly service, and easy transaction/pick up. I'm an atomic and bleu cheese addict, I've tried other sauces with regards to the wing sauce, I'm forever bleu, never ranch with the wings. Always order extra bleu and atomic... Veggie sticks were abundant and fresh, fresh, fresh. Their bleu cheese dressing is quality for sure. My 7 tenders will last a few days, blissfully so. When you've got a hankering for that flavor, get it on!

Claudette Mclean



They got limited time flavors.

Mauricio H.

They got limited time flavors.

Dreya M.

First and last time here. I order the individual combo boneless with veggies sticks. Man was I disappointed McDonald's chicken nuggets were bigger and tasty with some weathered down celery sticks and 1 carrot stick . For 12 dollars. Not worth the time and money.

Jaynell M.

The wings here are cooked properly an they are well flavored an the staff are amazing an the fries be fresh aa well an they give you a nice amount..... no

Arturo Alderete

Good service

Johanna Keller

Ordered for pickup for my bf and his friends while watching football games. They loved the food and eat all of it. The wings hit the spot

Julie C.

Y'all... this Wingstop is the one. I have been to many (especially the one I westlake) and they always mess but Diego and Emilio have always been the one to help me out. There's been many times that DoorDash ALWAYS messed up our door but they have always provided good customer service and helped me straighten everything out. Bro.. they gave us the wrong order!! Thanks for helping us out.. I always order Wingstop cause I know you guys will always have our order right. Thank you!! I appreciate for always caring about customer service even when it's late in the night !! DIEGO U ARE THE ONE!! Even when DoorDash messed it up. Thanks for alleviating our worries.

Laurean Winston

My orders are always fixed correct and the food is very good!! The staff is friendly!!

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