Chuck's Hamburgers

5939 Pacific Ave, Stockton
(209) 473-9977

Recent Reviews

Benjamin Campbell (BJC)

Everything you see on DDD is at this place!Absolutely loved it!!Will find an excuse to go back.

David Mckeever

Looking for a hearty breakfast? Chucks is a great option! The portions here are enormous! I personally love their omelets and and hash browns. Oh, and don't forget about the HUGE pancakes. Its almost impossible to eat more than one.

claudia cruz

Service was fast and friendly. Not crowded at all. Pancakes were as I had read in reviews, very big...but in my opinion, not that tasty. Adding the syrup helped though. The hash brown portions were huge. Thank goodness I ordered the half plate but my son ordered the whole and it was ridiculously a lot...half the plate piled high. Unfortunately, no flavor except for the grilled brown part that tasted better. Not sure if they make it plain so one can season it to liking or what .. The ham and eggs tasted pretty basic but good.

Terrence Sims

First time back in twenty years, times have changed. Ordered my usual breakfast meal Tim's omelet just to stay safe. Very disappointed with food quality, too much chicken in large chunks in comparison to other ingredients & hashbrowns full of grease.I had to go to the Clucking Chicken to get right.

Gary H

Hash browns, two eggs and toast. Hash browns crisp on the outside, mushy on the inside. Too thick for the inside to cook. Ordered eggs over medium, they were too runny. Toast was good and service was attentive. A fair meal. Probably will eat somewhere else next time. I miss the old Chuck's.


I went to this place nearly my whole 25 years in Stockton almost weekly. Came back from a 4 year move up north and it was still the same great food and portions as before. Covid hit and lockdowns happened which as we all know effected a lot of businesses. When Chuck’s reopened I was craving a good breakfast from there. What a shame as I found the food had gone down hill and the prices up. Portions are still good but the quality has just flat lined. I have gone back a couple more times after that just to give it a second and third chance. Still the same Denny’s quality food and a stupid high price. I won’t go back unless I hear of improvement.

Jerizalem Tregle

Chuck's has always been good to me. Today was different/difficult due to short staff. Ever sense the pandemic. It's been tough for mom and pop businesses. I still ended up having a good time. With patience and a ? keeping this rating due to their loyalty and hardwork for the support of local families and beyond. Get here early to be first, in line to get service faster just a tip. I say Sundays is always a full house all and all. A great family restaurant with fun and friendly people POSITIVE YYEEESSSS!!!!™️

Martina Howard

Service was amazing! Food was good and abundant! Outside dining was nice except the windows slam shut.

Monnie Reynolds

Before pandemic I went often and they gave good portions an the food was good but this time I didn't even eat not but a few bites an gave it to the steak was dry to hard to bite..grits was thick/dry..eggs almost like rubber..the pancake wasn't so bad but I got it 15 mins after receiving my other food..I give 2 stars because there nice


You are missing out if you haven't enjoyed a meal at Chucks'!From the greeting till i waddled out, everything was perfect..Thanks again..

TheNamelessgamer 2.

Chucks is a kind of restaurant for people that are really hungry the pancakes are huge the waffles are fabulous the fries are chef's kiss. The employees are always nice I'd recommend this place P.s order the chicken and waffles

Monica Reyna

The portions are great, the service is friendly and attententive and I kove that they open early!

L None

Large portion size for the price. Food is good. Steak was cooked to order it was cooked perfectly. Eggs were cooked perfectly everything was great only thing that was slight problem is the table was a little wobbly. Customer service was awesome. Place was very clean. Bathrooms were clean. Had very little wait time on a Wednesday morning will be visiting again and probably again. Three stack of pancakes for $7.50 or so it's like three meals in one.

Mark Bongato

Presentation = goodQuality = not so good, very greasy, Hashbrown was crunchy outside but very mushy inside, eggs wasn't cooked enough and runny on top side and biscuits & gravy tasted like it was very old and greasy.

James S.

Exceptional "Frings" fries and onion rings! Best in town and cheap! You can split as a meal. Great service to!

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